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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 31

Field of Screams (1)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 01, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Field of Screams (1)
Recovering from his duel against NightShroud, Jaden is too weak to take on the next approaching member of the Shadow Riders. Worried that he is too weak to win in a duel, Crowler tries to flee but ends up face to face with Vampire Camula, the second of the stars. As his Medieval deck does up against Camula's Vampire hoarde, only one duelist will be left standing.moreless

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  • m

    the second shadow rider has arrived. she arrives right when the episode starts. it is jaden's dream but it is really happening. a weird lady rises from a boat. she has bright red lip stick on her mouth. then she rases one of her hands. many bats fly out at the night sky. then the students start hearing about her. the vampire duelist. a mystreios castle then appears on campus. this is where she decides to live. her name is camula. jaden still is not ready to duel he is just to whipped. so do you think crowler can beat her?moreless
  • Good episode, very good. We finally can see one of the most powerful Shadow Riders in action.

    When Crowler dueled by the first time, I thought he was a regular Duelist. The episodes went away and the Shadow Riders' saga came; with Crowler as guardian of one of the Keys. Naturally a duel was going to come. And this duel came. Crowler faces the Vampiress Camula to protect his key and his... pride? Well. This is the first time we see a really serious without Jaden (well, he duels Camula two episodes after, but it's not important now). Here we can see Crowler's development. Before, a mean professor of Duel Academy. Now, a mean professor of Duel Academy AND a Duelist that faces a Shadow Rider. (and we still have Banner's PERFECT way to face vampires...)moreless
  • Crowler vs. Camilla: the 2nd shadow rider

    this was one creepy episode. with the whole vampire thing and the field card that she played are examples of why it's creepy. but i also got to see more of crowler's cards. i thought it was weird when Crowler said something nice to Jaden and not having to say it.
  • Can a lepord realy change it's spots?

    This episode shows a side of Crowler I never thought I'd see.We now know that he dose care about his students and isn't half the coward we think he is(I do mean half.).It was a pretty cool episode and it wasn't badly dubed.Bring on "The field of screams part two" or as I call it "Revenge of the Cyber dragons!"(Hint hint.)
  • For an episode with Crowler in it, pretty good.

    Now then, let me first say these few words "YES!!! 4KIDS KEPT HER A VAMPIRE!!!" Now then, onto the episode. At first, I thought that Crowler was what Alexis say he basically was: A professor but a horrible duelist. However, he definately had more skill then Alexis let on, considering that the Shadow Rider had an obvious advantage, Crowler pulled out a couple impressive tricks. Though I must say that while the speach was not exactly perfect, 4Kids did pretty well with this episode. It was interesting to see that Crowler does seem to really care for his students after all. It is a little sad after that admiring speech he was turned into a doll. However it is time to move on to part two. Dragons VS. Vampires. Who will come out on top?moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (Jaden wakes up from his nightmare)
      Syrus: Jaden, are you okay?
      Jaden: Oh, man! Weird dream. I saw a girl.
      Syrus: A girl?!
      Miss Fontaine: You must be feeling better if you're dreaming about girls.
      Jaden: How's Nightshro-- I mean, Alexis' brother?
      Miss Fontaine: I'm afraid he hasn't woken up yet. But still, he's in stable condition.

    • Chazz: Perhaps Crowler's lesson plans really do work.

      Bastion: Be quiet. All he will do is give us more homework

    • Jaden: Get Up Dr. Crowler!
      Crowler: I know that voice, it's slacker!

    • Crowler: Jaden... Avenge me, m'boy...

      Crowler's lasts words before he passes out after losing.

    • Dr. Crowler: A Vampire?! What's next, the Boogie Man? *laughs* Who would believe something so ridiculous?
      ( The bat flew away and goes to Professor Banner's room, decorated with garlands of garlic everywhere)
      Banner: Stay away! I know you're out there. I have a huge horror movies collection! I know all your weak spots!
      The bat has an anime sweatdrop

    • Chazz: Hear that, Zane? Sounds like you're her type.
      Banner: Or her blood type.

  • NOTES (11)

    • Chazz can hear Doctor Crowler's soul talking inside the doll his soul was trapped in. Presumably this means anyone who has a connection to Duel Spirits, such as Chazz's "Ojama Yellow" spirit, or Jaden's "Winged Kuriboh" spirit, could hear the spirits trapped in the dolls.

    • Doctor Crowler has a PhD. in Dueling, meaning he had to study nine years at Duel Academy to get his doctorate and official title as Doctor Crowler.

    • While he may seem the most pompous and pretentious teacher at Duel Academy, as well as a constant thorn in Jaden's side, this episode shows the true spirit of Doctor Crowler that few people ever see when he adamantly refuses to step aside to save himself in place of one of his students, even knowing that he is really in a shadow duel and that his soul is at stake, and he explains to all his viewing students that the reason he is so hard on them all is because he believes in them.

    • Given Banner's true nature (as will be seen in Episodes 44-46), why are Camilla/Camula's bats bothering to spy on him?

    • Look closely: Crowler's biggest mistake in this duel was using Ancient Gear Beast to attack Zombie Werewolf instead of Vampire Bat. If he had done that, Camula would not have been able to use its effect to keep it from being destroyed, and she likely would not have used Infernalvania. Plus, even if she had summoned Vampire Genesis, it could not have defeated Ancient Gear Golem without being destroyed itself. In other words, Crowler might have won if he hadn't acted on impulse.

    • First 3-parter in this series.

    • This is the first time Crowler ever says something positive about Jaden and means what he's saying. (When he introduced him "The School Duel", as someone he "loved dearly" he obviously lying because he was on camera.)

    • Chazz still has his Obelisk Blue uniform- he must be keeping his hopes up.

    • Camula has a Gold duel disk and the outward appearance of the duel disk looks like the end of bat wings.

    • The Shadow Riders take their first key.

    • This is the first non-Jaden duel against a Seven Stars.


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