Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 33

Field of Screams (3)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 03, 2006 on The CW
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Field of Screams (3)
Camulla has already beaten Crowler and Zane. Jaden wants to be the next opponent for her to face. However Jaden ends up at a huge disadvantage, he only had 300 life points left and he was facing Camulla's Vampire Genesis. Will Jaden be able to escape this duel with his Spirit Key and his soul?moreless

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  • My favorite elemental hero finally makes his debut!

    Yes. This is one of my favorite episodes because of just one reason. And that is because Elemental Hero Shinning Flair Wingman finally is summoned. Although some neos fusions are pretty cool, Flair Wingman has to be the coolest hero ever. Flair Wingman appears to be one of Jaden's strongest hero monsters throughout the rest of the season (the other one being Electrum)and has a pretty mean effect too. Also Zane returns to normal after being a doll for one episode (but in the show a couple days). oh yeah crowler returns too. This has got to be my 3rd favorite shadow rider duel. The duel was pretty intense too.moreless
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    camula also takes out zane. it was not his fault she used syrus as a weakness. when zane loses he is also turned into a doll but camula keeps him. crowler as a doll still runs his mouth. atticus has the other half of the shadow charm that he got from the gravekeepers. so it is joined as one to help defeat camula. so the gang travels to the mysterious castle once again. jaden approaches in to face her. she plays her gate card trying to capture all of jaden's friends souls. but jaden's shadow charm saves the day. can he win?moreless
  • Jaden VS Camilla New E-Hero card appear

    In the medical room, Jaden is still sleeping, but he seems not to sleep well at all. Alexis looks at Jaden and also thinks of Zane. Although she gets her brother back, Zane is gone away by the shadow duel instead. Suddenly, the half-ancient item of Fubuki starts glowing as he is trying to move his hand and opening his eyes. Alexis is very surprised what her brother is trying to do. On the other side, Chazz and Misawa are standing at the lake. Syrus and Chumley are trying to push Daitokuji teacher into the next round because he is supposed to know the shadow duel better than others. Daitokuji teacher certainly doesn't want to go, gets frightened, and tries to avoid his turn. Anyway, Chazz and Misawa are arguing who is going be in the next duel. Then, Alexis interrupts people as she is arriving by a boat. She informs them that the next duelist has already been decided. Jaden gets up from the boat and claims that he is going to be the next round. Of course, Syrus thinks that Jaden is gonna push himself too much, so does Chazz. Chazz thinks that this turn should belong to him. However, Misawa also wants to duel as well. Alexis understands people's feelings well, but she would like them to listen to this story. She turns to Jaden and lets him say. Previously, Fubuki was trying to say something, so Alexis took his oxygen out. Fubuki told her that Camilla was seemingly the most cruel duelist among the 7 stars. In order the break throught the shadow duel, the shadow item is neccessary. He said while holding his half-ancient item.

  • The conclusion of the Field of Screams three-parter.

    This was an impressive conclusion to an impressive 3-parter. We finally got some background information on why Camulla joined the Shadow Riders that we did not get with Atticus. However, considering that somehow he is still alive, it is possible that we will get some information later in the series. It was another impressive duel, with Jaden having to deal with Camulla's strongest monster: Vampire Genisis with only 300 life points left. We got a look at a new elemental hero: Shining Flare Wingman, the combonation of FlameWingman and Sparkman. Jaden has now defeated two Shadow Riders, however five riders remain. Who will the next Shadow Rider be?moreless
  • Jaden VS Camulla; Rise of the Shining Flare Wingman

    This was a pretty good episode. The Shining Flare Wingman dealt with Camulla and she got what she deserved. Its really too bad this episode had to only be 1 Episode Long. If it was longer the duel would have been a lot better. It seems noe there are 5 Keys and 5 Riders remaining. I wonder who the next Shadow Rider is going to be
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Bella Hudson


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