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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 8

For the Sake of Syrus

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 20, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Syrus doesn't believe that he can win in the tag duel so he tries to leave the island. Jaden then decides to duel Syrus's older brother, Zane, in order to give him a confidence boost. Jaden is able to keep his own at first but in the end Zane is just too powerful and beats Jaden.moreless

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    The Good: Mr. Lucky (Jaden)'s luck runs out

    The Bad: nothing much

    Full Review: Finally us who hate Jaden get what we are looking for. Mr. I'm-the-King-of-Games finally gets shown who's best. Zane is also one of the better characters in the series, possessing a knowledge, character and general talent that Jaden will never have. It's good to sees them finally putting Jaden in his place. I just wish they would do it more often. The show also finally shows us that a pure power deck can win. I mean so many times these brilliantly made decks have lost to key cards feom protagonists' decks, but in reality they will win most of their duels. Finally, we find a character who knows what he is talking about and who actually earned his position rather than relying on luck all the time to make it through life.moreless
  • Jaden Lost Hooray!

    The Smug idiot lost. I know have respect for Zane. No seriously this is a good episode because Jaden lost and Zane summons a really awesome monster even though it is 500 attack points away from the strongest fusion monster ever. i think its cool how it was a lot like yugi vs kabia. I find it cool though that just like in the original series they didn't make Jaden unbeatable. No good duelist is invincible. Jaden tries to help Syrus out and it shows the really lame friendship between the two of them. The only thing i hate is that jaden was still positive when he lost. It would have been cool if he went emo.moreless
  • g

    jaden takes on the numer one duelist, zane just to give little old syrus a major confidence boost. zane has a very powerful cyber deck. using cyber dragonns. the duel is exactly even. zane gets his twin dragon on the field and jaden is is trouble. jaden makes a new hero. mudballman. to defend. zane plays powerbond and his best card cyber end dragon. it busts through jadens mudballman and jaden loses. jaden is glad is what a good duel and wants a rematch sometime in the near future. this is the first time we ever see jaden lose Cool!moreless
  • see more of Sho

    heres wat happens:

    It starts out with Zane is being depressed about somthing, and syrus trying to leave, then he acted like a jerk so Jaden and Zane duel.

    Jaden Summons Elemental Hero Avian (1000/1000) in Attack Mode and sets a card face-down (presumably something like Mirror Gate).

    Zane: Summons Cyber Dragon (2100/1400) using its special ability, plays Mystical Space Typhoon to get rid of Jaden's trap card, and attacks Avian (Jaden's LP: 2900). Zane then uses Different Dimension Capsule to take either another Cyber Dragon, Power Bond, or De-Fusion from his deck in order to draw it in two turns. Zane ends.

    Jaden: The old Polymerization comes out, revealing a rather shocking twist: Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (2400/1500). By discarding Elemental Hero Clayman (800/2000) and Elemental Hero Sparkman (1600/1400), Jaden brings out a monster that immediately uses its special ability to destroy Cyber Dragon (similar to what happened to Steam Gyroid last episode and Cyber Blader 5 episodes ago). Jaden attacks Zane directly (Zane's LP: 1600), and Zane doesn't even flinch! He just stands still, like a rock! Anyway, Jaden decides to end his turn by "[throwing] down a face-down."

    Zane: Draws and summons another Cyber Dragon, Monster Reborns his other one, and pulls Polymerization to create Cyber Twin Dragon (2800/2000)! It prepares to annihilate Jaden, but the Red Wonder reveals his trap card, A Hero Emerges! He then summons Wroughtweiler (800/1200) to the field in Defense Mode to absorb CTD's other attack (Jaden's LP: 2500)! Zane then ends.

    Jaden: Wroughtweiler's special ability allowed Jaden to pull Polymerization and a Hero from Graveyard and put them in his hand, so he takes back Clayman and summons his recently drawn Elemental Hero Bubbleman (800/1200) in Attack Mode. Since Jaden has no other cards on the field, he draws two cards from his deck, revealing Winged Kuriboh and Transcendent Wings! Unable to play them, Jaden fuses Clayman and Bubbleman to form Elemental Hero Mudball Man in Defense Mode (1900/3000). Jaden ends.

    Zane: This turn is the clincher. Whatever was in the DDC comes out, and Zane uses De-Fusion to take apart his Cyber Twin Dragon. He then plays Power Bond, fusing the two dragons he had on the field with a third in his hand to form Cyber End Dragon (8000/2800)! It attacks Mudball Man, and since the difference between CED's Attack Points and its target's Defense Points is subtracted from its opponents Life Points, Jaden loses the duel! Zane congratulates him on a great duel, saying, "You know how to play your cards." It's then that Syrus realizes what the game of Duel Monsters is all about, so he knows that if he plays his cards right, he and Jaden can win the tag-team match against-I'm not telling!moreless
  • Jaden vs Zane.

    Jaden vs Zane, an intense match for a friend named Syrus. Jaden go's off against Syrus's big brother, Zane Truesdale. It's the Elemental Hero's versus the Cyber Dragons in a creative match Of Skill, Intenseness, and Well, Dragons! I highly reccomend this episode, It shows how much Jaden care's for his Friends.
Pete Capella

Pete Capella

Jaden Yuki

Priscilla Everett

Priscilla Everett

Alexis Rhodes

Scottie Ray

Scottie Ray

Zane Trusdale

Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson

Syrus Truesdale

Sean Schemmel

Sean Schemmel

Dr. Vellian Crowler

Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)

Chumley Huffington (Season 1)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The real effect of Elemental Hero Bubbleman in the actual game, where the player draws two cards, only works if there are no other cards in their hand, however Jaden had Clayman and Polymerization in his hand, the anime changed this effect.

    • If you look closely, when Jaden gets blasted by Cyber End Dragon, when the screen turns white, his expression for a moment, impersonates Bakura from the original Yu-gi-oh series.

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    • Zane Truesdale- Seto Kaiba parallels:
      Zane is in Obelisk Blue, Kaiba's old card. Jaden, his rival and the show's protagonist, is in Slifer Red, Yugi's first Egyptian card. Both favor a three-dragon fusion monster (Cyber End Dragon and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon), both are the current top duelist in the school or the world, both have a younger brother, and both are extremely quiet, mysterious, and insufferable.

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