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    Based off an article that I found in the latest YGO magazine; have you ever wondered about the (fictional) histories behind some of the cards? Well, here's your chance to create it! If this thread was created already, please alert me! I don't want to look like more of a n00b than necessary!

    Jinzo: An android that the army used to detect land mines and suchin times of war. The project was eventually called off when the androids suddenly got minds of their own, and a few "rogues" escaped while most were shut down and scrapped. The ones that got away managed to take control of a few factories, and the androids were mass-produced.

    Slot Machine: A slot machine that was upgraded into a battle robot during . After the war, the original slot machine was degraded into a normal slot machine once more, but the blueprints were kept, leading a few spies to steal the blueprints and sell them to casion bosses as "the ultimate guards".

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    Sounds cool.

    The Wicked Gods: In ancient Egypt, three young spellcasters tried to summon the God Cards and use them. In a dark ritual, the Wicked God cards were summoned from there shadows. The Wicked Dreadroute, The Wicked Avatar, The Wicked Eraser, then killed the young sorrcerers and fought the Gods. Sealed away, Pegasus then recreated them into cards.

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    Great idea:

    White Horned Dragon: WHD was a young dragon, with passion, he fought againts his friendsand would win, he had an attitude of never giving up, as they were all growing up, they all got amassing powers, except for him, then one day the Spellcaster Vs Dragon war begun, his childhood friend, red eyes black dragon had to leave andtrain with a shaman dragon and a machinist dragon (same one that created cyber dragon) as the war continued, he was left in charge of the village were he lived,he was there with demon dragon (curse of dragon) and all the petit dragons, red eyes B. chick and other small dragons,he kept asking himself "What should i do? should i try to keep peace? and go by whati alwaysthought was justice? should i get power? go againtswhat i alwaysthought as rightand defeat my foes to death?" then, the red dragon,remembered the legend of the "Hikari no powa" (light of power) an ancient light locked that would give mystic powers beyond imagination to anyone who would see throught it's shine, the light that not even BEWD 1-4 could get (yeah, in this world there are 4 BEWD, all brothers, btw, during the war, 1 dies, and the shaman dragon showed the other 3 thepower of fusion) as the war continued, and the spellcasters with their dark magic started getting the upper hand, he decided to leave the village, praying that the spellcasters wouldn't find the village and that BEWD 2-4 and REBD would stay alive, he found the cave and after difficult challanges that he was able to fulfill thanks to his honor and idea of justice, he was able to find the locked hikari no powa, thus the shine was so white and powerfull, it turn his claws and horn white, a long with his raise of power, came the ability of gaining more power if a spell that would bring demise to others was used againts him or anyone he loves (as family or friends of course) after that he returned to the village, but it was too late, the dragons, his friends, they were killed, he stood there for a few seconds, close his eyes and flew to were explosions were seen, as he saw the battle field, there were many dragons and spellcasters fighting and dying, he saw his old friends fighting, now as powerfull as they could be, as the Blue EyesShinning Dragon (his other 2 brothers died too) and as Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, his new power activated, now the red dragon, had a power beyond anyone there, and he flew to the middle of the battleground, and with his imponent roar, he shouted "I am the White Horned Dragon, The dragon with the power of light, and the peace of darkness, none of you can defeat me, i do not want to bring destruction, i want to bring justice, so stop this war now, or i will be forced to bring justice" as his 2 friends and every spellcaster therewere shocked by the power he had, one spellcaster, shouted "My family was killed, i must defeat you and all dragons in order to protect those who are not yet killed, that is my justice!" the white horned dragon answered "My family and friends were also killed, but killing is not justice, it's vengance, that is as bad as a regular kill, i do not want to harm you, but if you do not surrender i will have to bring justice by fist and claw" the spellcaster answered "Isn't that vengance too?!" WHD said to him "No, vengance is killing for your own motives, justice would be warning and at most harming, thus not killing when someone kills or harms something with no motives, i know you have hate at your heart, but killing to satisfy your hatred will bring more hatred" after that, many events concerning the war happened, but in the end, thanks to the light of power and the darkness of peace withing WHD the war would end.

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    I did one two years back, that I really had no intention of making more of.

    Dark Necrofear. There was a small village, in a remote, southwestern part of Russia. In it, there lived a brilliant doctor, his wife, and their newborn baby. The doctor was a little eccentric, and had done various experiments to create life from a dead body. Afraid of a Frankenstein monster incident that may occur, the villagers rallied, and torched the doctor's house. He was away on business, but unfortunately, his wife and child were caught in the blaze. It was two full weeks before the doctor returned from his trip. When he arrived at the remains of his house, he was shocked to find the bodies of his family. He was infuriated, and took the bodies from the wreckage. He fled the area, and took the bodies all the way to Germany. There, he found an abandoned laboratory, and, using the technology provided, rebuilt his wife, a mixture of organic tissue and machinery. He pulled the switch, and a blast of electricity ripped through the body on the table. She rose up from the table, and looked at the doctor. But not in the loving manner she used to. Her eyes began to glow, and suddenly, the doctor was nothing more than a pile of ash on the floor. She crashed through the wall of the lab, and destroyed the German town. She then had one thing in mind; revenge. She cut a path of destruction all the way back to her hometown in Russia. She approached the remains of the house she lived in, and searched the house. She found the doll she had given the baby, which had melted in the blaze. She picked it up, and felt a surge of anger rush through her body. She set the entire town on fire, and walked off, with the doll, into the night. She wandered for 30 years, until the organic matter in her body began to break down and dissolve. When she was almost gone, the guardians of the Monster Dominion took her to their kingdom, and gave her new life as the monster now known as Dark Necrofear.

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    The Sacred Beasts.long ago in a city of Eygpt,a sorcerer who didn't see that that much into the Gods vowed that he would make three beasts that look almost like the Gods and would be more stronger than them, but he new that in order to have power to make something more stronger than the Gods he had to have power from the shadows, but when he got the power the shadows told himto be careful not to letthe power over take him if he would not listen to what itsaid.So he made his three Sacred Beasts and dubbed them Hamon, Uria,and Raviel, he also createda rod that could control them.The pharaoh then told him to use his Beasts to defeat a powerfularmy that was coming to destroy the city, so he comanded his Beasts to destroy the army and when the army saw what they were against they had attack the Beasts but they could not defeat them for every attack was nothing to the Beasts, then the sorcerer used his Beasts to attack the army and so they did. Hamon shot lightingfrom the skys at the massive armydisengrating the soldiers, Uria fired scorchingfireballs at the army burning them alive, Raviels claws glowed with power and striked the army when they hit the ground instely, when the pharaoh saw what chaos the Beasts had done tothe army. He felt afarid that the sorcerer would use them on the city and become the new pharaoh and he ordered his gaurds to take the rod from the sorcerer but he felt betrayed for what the pharaoh had done and used his Beasts to destroy the city. When the shadows found out about this, it took his rod and destroyed it freeing them fromhis control and uesd them to destroy him.Centuries past and the Sacred Beasts were contain under Duel Acadamy.

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    White Magician Pikeru and Ebon Magician Curran

    Long ago, Fire Princess ruled a kingdom that is now lost in antiquity. She was a feared sorceress who practiced the magic of Fire, and using it, she could drain the power from her enemies while strengthening that of her allies at the same time.

    Darkfire Soldier was her beloved royal consort, a powerful warrior of Fire. His skills in magic were small, but he would protect her at all costs.

    One day, Fire Princess came to her husband with joyous news - their love had been fruitful, and a child would soon come to them. Darkfire Soldier was nervous... The thought of a son or daughter scared him, because he knew of the dangerous Trial that his wife had undergone to gain her crown. He resolved that he would find a way to help his offspring... But how?

    Doing research, he found a reference to a temple located in a strange place where, supposedly, a great power of the element of Fire existed. He went alone to find the place... And nothing was seen of him for a month...

    When he returned, he was in terrible shape. Scars covered him, and even worse, his flesh seemed to be running like molten wax! Fire Princess was horrified. Her husband told her he didn't have much time left, and told her to listen carefully... He placed three scepters before her.

    His research had lied. No powers of Fire existed in that terrible temple; it was a den of Chaos, a raw combination of Light and Darkness. He had foolishly entered its inner sanctum, and it had horribly cursed him. But he managed to escape with his life, and with the three scepters.

    One bore the power of Light. The other bore the power of Darkness. The other was a magical artifact of Chaos, which could be used by forces of Light and Darkness combined.

    He told his wife that when the child was born, to teach him or her one of the three forces, and when it came time for the Trial, the corresponding scepter would help. Then he gasped, and ran off.

    She told her servants to follow, but they came back to report it was too late. The curse had eventually run its course, transforming him into a mindless abomination that lashed out at everything in its path. People who encountered him and lived started to call him - or it, as they might as well now - the Lava Golem, a cursed engine of destruction.

    Long after giving birth, Fire Princess sought out the thing that her husband had become to try to end his misery. But it was no use - its draining power was now even greater than hers. All she could do for him now was mourn.

    But when she did give birth, she got a surprise - twins. Two twin girls, whom she named Pikeru and Curran. She couldn't neglect either of them or show a favorite, but fortunately, her husband had brought enough to share."

    Thus, when the twins got older, she had Pikeru tutored in magic of Light, the power of healing - the part of Fire Princess's ability to heal her allies. Curran was taught the magic of Darkness, which reflected her mother's ability to sap the life of her foes while doing so.

    But Fire Princess remembered her husband's horrible fate, so she gave strict orders to their tutors that neither Pikeru nor Curran were ever to learn Chaos magic. Such skills were too dangerous.

    But that left one problem. Since no Darkness existed in Pikeru and no Light existed in Curran, the sisters repelled each other and couldn't mix. Neither ever had kind words for each other, and got into fights and quarrels often. Soon, their mother believed she was the only thing keeping them from actually engaging in combat.

    Once it happened. No one knew who struck first, but at one point the two sisters' quarrel turned into a duel of spells and fists. They soon found that they were equally matched, and the fight ended with both of them collapsing from exhaustion. Their mother found them, and once they gained their strength back, she ordered them thoroughly spanked to discipline them. The soreness in their behinds prevented another outright fight, but they still would despise each other for the longest time.

    Finally, the same oracle that gave the Trial to Fire Princess told her that the time had come. But when she discovered what awaited them, she thought that the two scepters of Light and Darkness may not be enough. The ogre that her daughters would be charged with defeating was incredibly powerful...

    Fearful that her daughters might perish, she gave Pikeru the one that represented Light, gave Curran the one that represented Darkness...

    ...and then entrusted to both of them the one that represented Chaos. She told them that in a time of crisis, they could combine their powers for even greater power.

    Casting hateful looks at each other, they went...

    And true to their mother's fears, the Trial proved incredible daunting. Having no options remaining, they had to cooperate. Again, the one who suggested it is not known, but the other agreed.

    They cast the spell of Chaos, and they won.

    We can onlyimagine what kind of life Princess Pikeru and Princess Curran had after that.

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    Hey, I got another good one!

    Demise, King of Armaggedon, and Ruin, Queen of Oblivion

    In aeons past, before the first Shadow Games, the Terrorking Archfiend and his consort, the Infernalqueen Archfiend, combined their powers and attempted to call forth an heir from the very substance of Pandemonium. But their powers were tainted by that same substance, and what they created was a cruel, amoral beast of a fiend,a skull-faced beast of infinte cruelty. They were horrified, and dubbed it Demise, King of Armageddon in their horror. The Terrorking then turned his powers on the creature and obliterated it.

    At the same time, in the Higher Plane, Shinato the King of the Higher Plane sought to create a mate for himself, a fairy with which to rule the Higher Plane alongside. He attempted to shape the powers of the Higher Plane itself into this creation, and drew all his power into the task. But his hand fumbled, and chaos infused his work. What he created was a beautiful female, but one without any trace of a soul. He had created a wicked creature with no thoughts other than destruction. In his disgust, he named her Ruin, Queen of Oblivion, before purging her from existence.

    But the chaos in these two creations would not allow their deaths. Their essences survived the loss of their bodies, and they lingered on, drifting into the aether that surrounded the worlds of the cosmos, barely conscious.

    At times, they have regained consciousness, enough to contactcertain mortals...Members of dark cults, insane groups,doomsdays sects who seek the end of all things. They hope someday the rituals that created them will restore their bodies and set them free...

    And may theHeavens help us if they succeed. For if these two creatures return, they'd want noting more than the destruction of all before them...Restoring them to life would create a trueApocalypse...

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    Time Wizard

    Long ago there was a wizard that wanted to control time. He had succeed the project and went back to time. When he went to the past, he caused a huge mistake by accidentally allowing an enemy to enter a town which was later destroyed.
    he wanted to go back to time to stop himself, but a mysterious figure appeared and it seems that it is God. God said that he had done something forbidden and cannot be forgiven because he alternate the future.God punishes him by fusing him with a clock somehow gives him the power to control time and space.
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