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    pharaoh_athem wrote:

    sdavcgtfdjhgfv wrote:
    GolenBlue wrote:
    Sub Episode Name - Asuka vs Rei! The new rivalry!
    Dub Episode Name - Rival, Enemies, and Race!

    Summary - Rei believes that Asuka is Judai's girlfriend but Asuka tried to tell Rei that she isn't. Rei pulled a lot of pranks on Asuka so Asuka became angry and decided to pull pranks on Rei for a payback. Finally, they both dueled. Rei wants to win Judai's heart but Asuka get angrier so she accepted Rei's offer for duel for Judai. Finally, Asuka won. Asuka told Rei that they can be rivals forever if she wants to.

    Notes - This episode is one hour special.
    Also Judai's cousin, Yumi, appears.

    Quotes -

    Rei: So...you're Judai's girlfriend?
    Asuka: What the heck you're talking about?
    Rei: Don't lie to me. You know you like Judai. Too bad you can't HAVE him!
    Asuka: I don't care...what makes you think I'm Judai's girlfriend?
    Rei: Cause you hang out with him more than Junko and Momoe.
    Asuka: That's not true!
    Rei: Yes it is...so butt out! If I see you hanging out with Judai one more time...things will get ugly!
    Asuka: ...What? I never liked him!
    Rei: Then why do you hang out with him?
    Asuka: Because he's my friend!
    Rei: Why did you become his friend in the first place?
    Asuka: Because...ugh...I thought you were a cute friendly girl but... when you talked to me like that way...I guess you're not!
    Rei: (stomps away from Asuka)
    *During at the lunch time*
    Asuka: Hey Judai...Can I tell you something?
    Yumi: (makes a kissing noise)
    Asuka: (makes a evil stare at Yumi)
    Yumi: Um...I guess I'll eat this...ramen. (Laughs nervously)
    Asuka: You know Rei?
    Judai: (nods)
    Asuka: She-
    (Rei yells)
    Asuka: Gonna go! (rushes to outside)
    Rei: pant...pant...did Asuka just talk to you?
    Judai: Um...yea.
    Rei: Ugh!
    *During the girl's locker room*
    (Asuka opens her locker)
    Asuka: (looks at her shirt, there was purple and green goo all over her shirt.)
    Everyone: Eeeew!
    Rei: (laughs so hard)
    Asuka: Ew! Ew! Rei!!!
    *During at school*
    Asuka: (Sits down...all of the sudden, SPLAT! there was ketchup on the chair.)
    Asuka: (looks at her skirt, there was red stuff on it.)
    Rei: *giggle*
    Asuka: Grr...rei...(raises hand)
    Rei: (gasp)
    Crowler: Yes, my dear?
    Asuka: Err...Rei was pulling pranks on me and-
    Crowler: Rei? (points at Rei) You don't mess with obliesk blue!
    Rei: (blushes of embarssement)

    Well...there are more but I don't wanna to write the WHOLE thing!

    who rei and asuka

    Alexis Rhodes and Blair (I don't know her last name :p)


    Here's another one.


    While Jaden, Alexis, Blair, Syrus, and Hassleberry are walking in the forest, a mysterious man named Henry bumps into them. He decides to challenge Jaden to a duel (Jaden uses some of his friends' cards for assistance), but with a twist. Henry uses his magic wristband with a millenium symbol on it to lock away the souls of Jaden's friends into Jaden's deck, to Jaden's surprise. Jaden and Henry begin the duel, and Jaden starts off. He summons Elemental Hero Wildheart to the field, in defense mode. Next, he throws down a facedown. Then it's Henry's turn. He draws and summons Gearfried the Iron Knight. Just as Gearfried is about to attack Wildheart, Jaden activates his facedown, Ultimate Offering. He pays 500 life points to sacrifice Wildheart and summon Necroshade in defense mode. Henry ends his turn with a facedown. Jaden draws again, and summons Etoile Cyber to the field in attack mode, but when Etoile Cyber is summoned, it's really Alexis in Etoile Cyber's attire. Jaden is surprised to see her!

    Jaden: Alexis?!

    Alexis: Jaden?! What happened?

    Jaden: Henry locked your soul away in your card. Now you're Etoile Cyber.

    Henry: But here's the catch. If I win, Jaden surrenders his soul to me and you don't restore to normal. But if he wins, then I surrender my soul, and you will be restored to normal.

    Alexis: I'd better be careful.

    Jaden uses Ultimate Offering again and summons Cyber Tutu in defense mode by paying 500 life points. But when she is summoned, it's really Blair!

    Blair: Huh? Where am I?

    Alexis: You're in a duel, Blair, and you've become Cyber Tutu.

    Blair: AAAH! I've become one of your monsters?!

    Jaden: Calm down, kid. It's your soul. But I have gotta be extra careful, because if your cards go to the graveyard, so do you.

    Blair: (cries in fear) No! I can't handle it! Please!

    Alexis: (puts her arms around Blair) Don't cry, sweetie. It's gonna be okay. We'll make it.

    Jaden ends his turn with another 2 facedowns. Henry begins, and activates a spell card: Warrior Eliminaton, which destroys all warrior-type monsters on the field (including Etoile Cyber and Cyber Tutu), but Jaden stops it with Solemn Judgement by paying half of his life points. Suddenly, Henry activates his facedown: Final Attack Orders, switching all monsters on the field into attack mode. He then activates Stray Lambs to summon 2 sheep tokens to the field. He then ends his turn, to play it safe. Jaden then summons Elemental Hero Sparkman to the field in attack mode, who is really Syrus upon summoning! Jaden is surprised. So is Syrus. Jaden throws down another facedown and ends his turn. Then Henry draws and laughs evilly, as he sends all 3 of his monsters to summon Gilford the Lightning! Blair is more scared than ever, she cries in Alexis' arms. Gilford's special ability is about to eliminate all of Jaden's monsters, but... (to be continued)

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    I don't really see Jaden playing those cards.
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    Dmluciano wrote:
    I don't really see Jaden playing those cards.
    Didn't you see the sentence in parenthesis? (Jaden uses some of his friends' cards for assistance)

    Here's part 2:

    Just as Gilford the Lighnting is about to destroy all of Jaden's monsters, including his best friends, Jaden activates Divine Wrath, discarding one card from his hand to negate Gilford's effect and destroy him, leaving Henry with nothing on the field. He then throws down a facedown and ends his turn. Jaden plays Monster Reborn to resurrect the card he discarded to his graveyard with Divine Wrath, Hassleberry's Black Tyranno, who is summoned, with Hassleberry's soul!

    Hassleberry: Huh?! What in Sam Hill is this?

    Syrus: Just look at us! You're Black Tyranno, I'm Elemental Hero Sparkman, Alexis is Etoile Cyber, and Blair is Cyber Tutu. Our souls are locked away in Jaden's deck!

    Blair: And look at me! I'm wearing a skimpy outfit. This is embarrassing!

    Alexis: I think you look cute in it.

    Jaden: Enough talk, guys. We've got a madman to beat!

    Jaden attacks with all of his monsters, but Henry stops it with his facedown: Negate Attack. Jaden ends his turn. Henry then sets down a monster in defense mode, and claims that the monster he set will eliminate one of Jaden's friends. He ends his turn, and Jaden is worried. Blair looks underneath the facedown card, and screams as she finds out it's Night Assailant, which can automatically eliminate any monster on the field when flipped up.

    Hassleberry: I don't wanna go back to the graveyard.

    Syrus: We'll get rid of it before it's activated.

    Jaden: But the moment you attack, that facedown will activate.

    Hassleberry: Graveyard, here I come... again.

    Alexis: I'm not letting you go there. If anyone is going there, it's me!

    Blair: Lexi, you can't!

    Jaden sets down another facedown, and ends his turn. Then Henry reveals his Night Assailant and is about to destroy Blair, but Jaden activates his trap: Horn of Heaven, which requires a sacrifice: Necroshade. The horn blasts Night Assailant out of the field for good, leaving Blair safe from harm. Henry is very angry, so he activates Cost Down, then summons Jack's Knight in attack mode. He decides to attack Blair, since she is the weakest link, but Alexis blocks Jack's Knight's way and gets hit by the attack, and is sent to the graveyard.

    Blair: NO!!

    Jaden: Poor Alexis.

    Syrus: She's gone.

    Henry: And you're about to go with her!

    Blair: She can't be gone.

    Blair falls to her knees and starts to cry.

    Blair: Lexi was like a sister to me. Now she's gone....

    Henry ends his turn, and Jaden begins. He activated Pot of Greed, and draws 2 more cards. He summons Ambulanceroid in desense mode and attacks Jack's Knight with Hassleberry, who was the strongest link on the field. Henry's life points go down to 3,300. Henry begins his turn by playing a spell card: Spell Sanctuary, which enables each duelist to add a spell card from their deck to their hand, and activate spell cards even during an opponent's turn. Then he activates his spell card, Advanced Ritual Art, which allows him to send monsters from his deck to the graveyard, and summon his Black Luster Soldier to the field. He attacks Hassleberry, and he is gone too. Jaden activates Premature Burial to revive Hassleberry, and Hassleberry is set free. Then Jaden activates Monster Reincarnation to return Etoile Cyber back to his hand, and he summons Alexis back to the field.

    Blair: Lexi! You're back!

    Blair is so happy to see Alexis again, she gives her a big hug. Hassleberry is glad to be back, too. Jaden activates Card of Sanctity to draw until he and Henry each have 6 cards in their hands. Then Jaden activates Big Bang Shot and equips it to Black Luster Soldier. Henry thinks it's a lousy move, but Jaden activates Giant Trunade, blowing away every spell and trap card back to the players' hands, and since Big Bang Shot is removed from the field, Black Luster Soldier is removed from play. Finally, Jaden activates Prima Light and sacrifices Cyber Tutu to summon Cyber Prima, and Blair becomes Cyber Prima.

    Blair: I'm more beautiful than ever! Thanks, sweetie pie.

    Jaden: No problem. Attack him guys!

    All of Jaden's friends attack Henry directly, ending the duel. Henry vanishes into thin air (forever!), and everyone is restored to normal. Blair is so excited to be back in her own body, she gives Jaden a big hug and kiss. Alexis does the same, and the whole gang leaves for Jaden's dorm.

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    Sorry didn't read that
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    Dance or Music?
    A V-Tiger Jet comes over the gang. A shadowy figure jumps down. It is Johnny Steps, and he is looking for a score to settle. He wants to duel Tea for what she did to him all those years ago, but she declines. Alexis states she will duel with her, but Johnny would need a partner. Orichalcos Keith appears and the duel starts off. Keith plays the Seal of Orichalcos, so now he and Johnny have the Seal on their heads. The duel goes on as Alexis plays her Cyber and Tea plays her Fairy cards, except they are not doing too well against the combined power of Johnny's music and Keith's machine cards. When Alexis draws Hermos, she is reluctant to play it. She doesn't know how to use it, so Tea explains it to her, and Hermos is summoned. Alexis combines Hermos with Tea's Wingweaver to create the Fairy Armor! The Armor goes on Blade Skater. The Armor raises Blade Skater's attack by 1000 points. And thanks to the other ability, Blade Skater gains another 400 attack points for every monster in Alexis' and Tea's graveyards, giving it a total of 6400 attack points. The Skater attacks Johnny and he loses. Keith can now only defend. One turn later, he loses the duel. When the Seal is gone, everyone congratulates Alexis and Tea on their win.
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    Chazz’s New Deck (2)
    “Armed Dragon LV5, destroy Clayman!” said Chazz. Clayman is destroyed. “You just activated my other Trap Card, Hero Signal!” said Jaden. Since 1 of My Monsters was destroyed in battle, I get to summon a 4-star Elemental Hero from my hand or from my deck and I choose Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (800) in Defense Mode!
    “Whatever,” said Chazz. My Armed Dragon’s second effect now activates. By sending him to the Graveyard, I get to summon Armed Dragon LV7 (2800) in Attack Mode! I end my turn. (2)
    “I summon Elemental Hero Avian (1000) in Attack Mode,” said Jaden. Then, I play Polymerization, tributing Avian and Burstinatrix on my field for Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (2100) in Attack Mode! Next, I play Skyscraper, giving an attacking Elemental Hero on my side of the field 1000 ATK points if the attacked Monster has more ATK points than the attacked Monster. Flame Wingman, attack! Flame Wingman’s ATK rises to 3100 and Armed Dragon LV7 is destroyed, reducing Chazz’s LPs to 6700. Don’t forget about his super power, you take damage equal to your Monster’s ATK points! Chazz’s LPs drop to 3900. I end my turn at that. (0)
    “I play Pot of Greed for 2 cards,” said Chazz. Then, I play Polymerization, tributing Ojama Black, Green, and Yellow from my hand to summon Ojama King (3000) in Defense Mode and end my turn. (0) His ability activates, preventing you from using the first, middle and last card Zones.
    “I activate Pot of Greed to draw 2 cards,” said Jaden. Then, I activate Fusion Recovery, letting me return Polymerization and an Elemental Hero used for Fusion Summon back to my hand and the Monster I chose is Avian. That ends my turn. (3)
    “My move, slacker!” said Chazz. I activate Graceful Charity. Now I draw 3 cards then discard 2. That ends my turn. (1)
    “I play The Warrior Returning Alive,” said Jaden. With it, I can return a Warrior-Type Monster back to my hand from my Graveyard and I choose Sparkman! Next I summon Sparkman in Attack Mode! Then, I play Polymerization, tributing on the field, Sparkman and Flame Wingman, to summon Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman (2500) in Attack Mode! Thanks to his super power, he gains 300 ATK points for each Elemental Hero in my Graveyard and there are 4, giving him 1200 ATK points! Shining Flare Wingman’s ATK rises to 3700. As you know, he also inflicts the ATK as damage to the controller of the Monster. Shining Flare Wingman, destroy Ojama King! Ojama King is destroyed. “Too bad my Monster had no ATK points,” said Chazz. “I end my turn,” said Jaden. (2)
    “I play Ojamandala,” said Chazz. By paying 1000 LPs, I get to return the 3 Ojama cards back to my side of the field. Chazz’s LPs drop to 2900. Rise, Ojama Yellow (1000), Ojama Green (1000), and Ojama Black (1000) all in Defense Mode! Next, I play Ojama Delta Hurricane!!. This card lets me destroy all cards on your side of the field if Ojama Black, Green and Yellow exist on my field, which they do. Say goodbye to your Skyscraper, and Shining Flare Wingman, Jaden! Shining Flare Wingman and Skyscraper are destroyed. Beat that, Jaden. I end my turn. (0)
    “I summon Elemental Hero Wildheart (1500) in Attack Mode,” said Jaden. Wildheart, destroy Ojama Green! Ojama Green is destroyed. It’s your move, Chazz. (3)
    “Yeah, whatever,” said Chazz. I play Level Modulation, letting you draw 2 cards, but letting me Special Summon any LV Monster in my Graveyard back to my side of the field, ignoring summoning requirements and I choose Armed Dragon LV7 in Attack Mode! The Monster Special Summoned by this card cannot attack or use its ability this turn. That ends my turn. (0)
    “Alright,” said Jaden drawing his card. I play Metamorphosis. By tributing a Monster on my field, I get to summon a Fusion Monster with an equal star level from my Fusion Deck. Get ready!
    To be continued...
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    why why why
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    sdavcgtfdjhgfv wrote:
    fire blasts and heros with fusion fury prt 1-its a new day at duel academy and ever since that duel with brandon hes gon dueling crazy but he found a fire duelist who he duels but they play defence for there fist 2 turns but the fire duelist raviels his name is shogun yuki and he raviels he is jadens long lost brother but jaden plays star neos but plays burstinatrix and axadentaly changes star neos into a fire monster and with thee upper hand shogun activates backfire with we need a medic so jadens monsters are deystroyd but he plays monster reborn to get star neos and then multaplie and de-fusion to get ralis neos and star neos but when its shoguns turn he activates ring of destruction destroying star neos will jaden win?

    exbloding fusions prt 2-but jaden might win becaus of his two new neo spacions aracnia and probeo but shogun plays neo dragon-dedulas and avian and makes them fire monster by the spell card two new born flame brothers but jaden intrudusis qeatrupile contact fusion with neo spactions aracnia and probeo plus ralis the star bird and neos to make poisun stard web neos who will win?

    poisan fusions prt 3- with that new neos jaden will win with raigaki and attacking making shogun at 1300 life poiints but
    jaden plays ozkai and hinotama making shogun lose 1300 life poins and with a surprising win jaden gets shoguns best cards dark storm and shoguns now a new studant.
    im sory brother prt 4 [note-these 4 epasodes are a two hour specil]-todays the 2nd day shoguns at duel academy but just to let us know he died in his sleep he got assasannaded and jaden found out thee assasin was alexis and so they duel and alexis deystroyd jadens best card but he playd dieng wish sohe picked his opponent looses 3999 life points but alexis wins but after that jaden had a chois alexiss carrd can kill jaden or he can win but he picks to die.

    cards inturducde-
    neo spatcions aracnia and probeo
    dark storm
    we need a medic
    two new flame brothers
    and posun stared web neos
    now and dieing wish

    somebody continue my story

    ill continue my own story

    jaden the 8th shadow rider?- jadens back but not good we just find out jadens a shadow rider and duels [and beats] all of them exept one aster and they duel on and on and on day after day and finaly aster wins and jadens alive and back to normel and now so is his brother
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    Jaden's Past _ Now that Aster and Jaden  are friends Aster wants to find out how jaden became such a great duelist and he tells him it was through the teachings of his cousin michelle. so it goes into a flashback to jaden when he was 9 years old and michelle was 12. She gave jaden his deck as gift and began to teach him to duel. so a duel between the cousins began and michelle summoned lady of faith so jaden summoned sparkman and played change of heart and attacked her for 2700. Michelle then offers lady of faith to summon dark magician girl and destroys sparkman. jaden then plays dark hole and summons bursinatrix and attacks michelle directly for 1200 but she plays magical cylinder to redirected the attack so jaden palys seven tools of the bandit to negate it. So michele sets a monster in defense and then jaden plays nobleman of crossout to remove and attacks her directly to win. michelle is very proud of her cousin and gives him a big hug and tells him he'll be a great duelist very soon.

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    Elemantly Showdown  

    Jaden is challend by a kid who knows his deck. Thats because he calmes that the elemental heroes were his before Jadens cousin Michell stole them from him. Hey start to duel and Jadens getting thrashed around because the kid knows how to counter his every move. Jadens only hope is to use the neos cards because the kid hasn't seen his stragitites with the neos monsters. Note the kid also duels with new Elememtal heroes

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    Season 4, episode 1

    Sub name: Jonouchi vs. Hell Kaiser, Who is the True Victor?
    Dub name: Zane's Ultimate Victory

    After witnessing Zane's 483th consecutive victory in the pro league, Joey Wheeler begins to think that the duels are set up for him to win. So, Joey challenges Zane to a duel in the pro league, in hopes of showing everyone that Zane is a fraud. But after a devestating duel, and being defeating at the hands of Zane's Ulimate Creature: The Cyberdark Dragon, Joey realizes that Zane really is as good as they say. Then, Zane gives a message to Joey to give to Yugi.

    "Tell that runt he's next." Meaning Zane plans to challenge and beat Yugi in the near future. And he will.

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    The KC World Cup Finals
    “Fellow duelists, it’s time to start the finals of our KC World Cup!” said Kaiba. All finalists, please report to Kaiba Craft 3 using the locater cards you won!
    “It’s my destiny to win this tournament!” said Aster. He places the locater cards on the duel disk. “Too cool!” said Jaden. Let’s throw down with the other opponents! They arrive at the site an hour later.
    “May I have your attention please?” asked Roland. To find out who’s facing who, we will be chosen by lottery. “Begin!” said Kaiba.
    “Yes, Mr. Kaiba,” said Roland. The ping-pong balls inside the machine bounce around and one falls out. First up is Jaden Yuki! Now for his opponent. The balls bounce around once more and another one falls out. Jaden Yuki’s opponent is… Bakura!
    “Then get your game on, Bakura!” said Jaden.
    “Will all duelists please report to the top of Kaiba Craft 3?” asked Roland. Both participants in the first round step onto the playing field. Both duelists walk onto the platform. Raise the field! The dueling field rises upwards. The duel starts with Bakura. “Okay, sure,” said Bakura. Before I start my turn, I’d like you to meet someone, Jaden.
    “Who’s that?” asked Jaden. “Glad you asked,” said Bakura. He activates the Millennium Ring and becomes (Bakura). “Who are you?” asked Jaden. “Why I’m Bakura, the dark half of him that is,” said (Bakura). Now then, on to your destruction. I play Wall of Illusion (1850) in Defense Mode and set 1 card face down to end my turn. (4)
    “To kick things off, I play Elemental Hero Avian (1000) in Defense Mode,” said Jaden. Next, I throw down a face down and call it a turn. (4)
    “I activate my End of the World Spell, discarding 2 Zure, Knight of Dark World cards for Demise, King or Armageddon (2400) in Attack Mode. Next, I pay 2000 points to activate his effect. (Bakura’s) LPs drop to 6000. Avian, Wall of Illusion, both (Bakura’s) and Jaden’s face down cards are destroyed. Demise, attack directly! Jaden’s LPs drop to 5600. That ends my turn. (1)
    “I play The Warrior Returning Alive to retrieve Avian from my Graveyard,” said Jaden. Next, I discard him along with Bubbleman using Polymerization to summon Elemental Hero Mariner (1400) in Attack Mode. “Such a pity he has less points than my Monster,” said (Bakura). “I’m not done for I play Skyscraper, which gives attacking Elemental Hero Monsters 1000 ATK if their attack target has more ATK when damage is calculated. Then, I use H - Heated Heart to raise his ATK by 500 for one turn! Mariner’s ATK rises to 1900. Mariner, attack Demise! Mariner’s ATK rises to 2900 and Demise is destroyed, reducing (Bakura’s) LPs to 5500. That ends my turn. Mariner’s ATK returns to 1400. (0)
    “Good tactics there, soldier,” said Hassleberry. “Your mediocre fan club is annoying me so let me silence them as we now duel in the Shadow Realm!” said (Bakura) drawing his card. “There’s no such thing,” said Jaden.
    “I have to disagree,” said (Bakura). The Shadow Realm covers the playing field. Still think the Shadow Realm is a myth? Take a look at your body.
    “What the…,” said Jaden. What’s going on? I can’t see my arms!
    “That is because you lost LPs and the more LPs you lose, the more you are devoured by the Shadows,” said (Bakura). Now then, I set 1 card face down and summon The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams (1800) in Defense Mode and end my turn. (0)
    “My draw,” said Jaden. Sweet! I activate Pot of Greed, giving me two more options. Next, I summon Wroughtweiler (1200) in Defense Mode and end my turn. I’m in it ‘till the end! (1) To be continued…
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    Season 4, episode 2

    Sub name: Saruyama, Shadow Game again
    Dub name: Shroud on the Loose

    On his way to collect new "materials", Shroud hears about Zane going after Yugi Mouto for the championship title. So Shroud gets to him befopre Zane does. When he finds him, he challenges Yugi to a Shadow Game. Shroud unleashes one of the three "God Demons", on Yugi, forcing him into a corner, and with the Underground rules in effect, it takes its toll on Yugi.

    After the duel ends, Yugi emerges victorious, but in a critical situation. Shroud leaves the scene unnoticed. When Zane arrives, he finds Yugi unconscious, and takes him back to his home.

    "I will find you, Shroud, and tear you apart piece by painful piece."- Zane

    The next day, Seto Kaiba wakes up to an unexpected visitor who plans to gain control of Kaiba corportaion.
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    Season 4, Episode 3

    Sub name: Cyberdark Dragon vs. B. Eyes Ultimate Dragon
    Dub name: New President

    Zane surprisingly shows up at Kaiba corp. and demands Kaiba to sell him his company to him, but Mokuba ctries to convince him to refuse. But Seto's been wanting to go into the simple life for years, so he proposes a duel to "shut Mokuba up". The winner gets the company, so they have their little duel. Zane starts iff easy with his Cyber dragon, but Kaiba goes all out by summoning B.E.U.D. on turn 1. THen Zane goes full strength and brings out Chimeratech Overdragon to destroy Kaiba's dragon, and then attempts to bring out his ultimate creature: Cyberdark Dragon.

    To be continued

    "All that matters to me is the feeling of victory." - Zane

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    Dmluciano wrote:
    I am the master now (1)
    The mysterious boy meets hell zane and says Zane I am the master now. They start to duel and hell Zane uses the orcalcious. Jaden is mind crushed by evil Atem and he starts to mind crush everyone in the school. Meanwhile the boy defeats hell Zane in one turn with a combo of powerbonding fusing three of his blue eyes. The boy tells Tryanno that he is a duelist choosen by destiny to defeat the orcalcious and he was taught by good zane to play duel monsters. He meets Atem and They start to duel to be continued...

    Atem I am your... (2)
    The boy and evil Atem start to duel. Atem embraces the Orcalcious and becomes the strongest person with the orcalcious every. Crowler tells Atem that he is his father and the boy takes advantage of the distraction runs across the dueling field and hits Atem in the jaw. Jaden goes into a coma and dies. Everyone asks who should the main character be now?

    Hate to break it to you, but unless you used DNA surgery for part 1, using power bond on 3 blue eyes is illegal, because it only works on machine monsters, and last I checked, B.E.W.D. is a dragon/
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    yes I said earlier that it was a joke episode. However I don't like Jaden
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    Season 4, episode 4

    Sub name: Kaiba Corp at stake, Mokuba vs. Hell Kaiser
    Dub name: Mokuba's revenge

    Zane, after taking over Kaiba corp., announces that he will be hosting a Duel monsters tournament in Domino city in a few days. Jaden and the gang all enter, Jaden in the hopes of finding Shroud and getting revenge for what Shroud did to Yugi. While on his search for Shroud, he comes across Mokuba and Zane arguing, Mokuba saying that Zane stole Kaiba corp from him and he will get it back from beating him in a duel. Then Jaden steps in and tries to tell him that Zane won Kaiba corp. fairly, but Mokuba refuses to listen, so Jaden proposes a duel to settles things. Jaden & Zane vs. Mokuba & Kaiba. (even though Kaiba doesn't want to duel at all.)

    to be continued.

    "Dueling's not about having fun, Jaden! It's all about power. And if you can't realize that, then stick to old maid!" - Mokuba.
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    I was bored, so I decided to make an episode for my virtual season. I used the dub names in the episode. I also have put in notes to make it seem more real.

    A License to Eliminate: Jaden in his hotel room watching TV when he sees Aster Phoenix dueling in the KaibaCorp arena in Nevada. He turns up the volume and sees that Aster is dueling against a duelist called Palm Destructor. Palm then activates a Spell Card called Return Agent and he Special Summons 3 monsters from his deck and defeats Aster. Jaden looks at the TV in shock and then he hears a knock on his door. Jaden goes to open the door to see three hooded men standing in front of the door and taking Jaden with them. They then put Jaden in a helicopter and about 2 hours later, Jaden is placed in a dark room. Palm Destructor appears and challenges Jaden to a duel. He says that he is an experienced Eliminator and he will defeat Jaden so badly, he won't have the will to duel again. The duel starts and Jaden uses his fusions to Special Summon Flame Wingman and Thunder Giant. Palm then uses new cards called Officers and uses them to destroy Jaden's Elemental Heroes. When it looks the all is against Jaden, he uses Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab and Elemental Hero Neos to destroy the Officers and wipe out the Destructor's entire LP. Once the duel ends, Palm Destructor tells Jaden that he will regret beating him because his boss will come and avenge his victory. Then, Jaden leaves the area when the others come and save him in a helicopter.


    • Season 5 Premiere
    • Kaiba, Roland, and Mokuba are featured in this episode
    • Created on April 4, 2007
    • Officers are the new breed of monster. They can automatically transfer any amount of their ATK points to the owner's LP or to another monster.
    • Featured Duel: Aster Phoenix Vs. Palm Destructor, Jaden Yuki Vs. Palm Destructor
    • Chazz doesn't appear in this episode.

    How is the episode? There are more coming soon.

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