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Yu Gi Oh Duel Academy, 2 years after season 4 of yu gi oh gx

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    [1]Sep 8, 2010
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    I've decided let's all make 1 big Duel Academy, 2 years after the end of GX, brand new characters, we can all make charcaters, just not so ridiculous so that they have all gods and exodia in there deck right?

    Rules are you can only control your own character and can use other people character's in your scenes if they give you permission. I'll start us off with some charcaters

    Name: Nova Weatherwood

    Dorm: Slifer red (freshman)


    Deck: Cyber dragon

    Deck list:


    Lord of D. x1

    Cyber dragon x3

    proto cyber dragon x3

    cyber dragon zwei x1

    cyber barrier dragon x1

    Cyber laser dragon x1

    Cyber end dragon x1

    Cyber shining dragon x1 (made up)

    cyber valley x1

    Cyber dark horn x1

    Cyberdark edge x1

    cyberdark keel x1

    Cyber dark dragon x1


    Soul release x1

    Painful choice x1

    Flute of the summoning dragon x1

    Megamorpth x1

    Power bond x1

    Polymerization x3

    monster reborn x1

    spell absorption x1


    Draining shield x1

    Return from a different dimension x1

    there's my character, feel free to make yours and let's make a story!!!

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    (I'd join but I have no deck anymore. I mixed all my cards together)

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