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    Kai is sitting with Leyla and another boy.

    ?: Lucky guy hotshot.

    Kai: Uh excuse me?

    ?: Your girlfriend she's a bit of a looker.

    Leyla blushes.

    Kai: Uh...I don't know what to say I'm not Leyla's boyfriend we're just old friends.

    ?: Yeah whatever hotshot, name's Riko by the way.

    Kai: Kai, you a freshman?

    Riko: Naturally.

    New Character.

    Name: Riko Verdainia

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Looks: Grey Eyes,Long brown hair looks like Joey Wheeler's style, Slifer red jacket that is un done.

    Personality: Friendly, Curious, Self-Procalimed Cassanova

    Bio: Riko was brought up by the perfect family he has everything he ever wanted, but he does not share a relationship with his parents that is how it should be in a family, came to duel academy so his stuck up family would accept him.

    Deck: Synchro Dragons

    Extra Detail: Has a scar that runs the length of his right arm.

    Dorm: Slifer Red

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    Here is my charcater

    Name: Nova weatherwood


    Deck: Crystal beasts

    Dorm: Ra yellow

    Short bio: Nova has spent his entire life searching for world power, his aim is to locate the sacred beast cards and gain world power, doing reseearch he transferred from South Academy to duel academy as duel academy has more knowledge on the cards. He was the top student at South academy, and uses his crystal beast monster's for no good, he can talk to them, but uses their powers for the wrong reasons, eventually he gains the control of the sacred beasts.

    Nova: So this is Duel academy, a 9 hour ship journey for this, what a s*** hole, oh well if it will get me closer to the sacred beast cards it's for the beast.

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