Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 32

Generation neXt

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 16, 2006 on The CW
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Chancellor Shepphard declares the opening of the GX Tournament. It's an important tournament that world Pro duelists and the students will participate in on Duel Academy Island. Sartorious then approaches to duel against a European champion, Prince Ojin.

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  • The Genex Tournament Begins!!!

    Chancellor Shephard declares the opening of the meeting Duel World Cup. It's such an important conference that world Pro duelist and the students participate on Duel Academy Island. Sartorious then approaches into the duel against a great European, Prince Salve Orgene. Meanwhile Syrus wins his match against a Slifer Red Student and he wins it with of course his machines.They Didnt show the whole episode but it looked like a good matchAnyway he wins with Super Vehecroid-Stealth Union.He uses ExpressRoid,Drillroid,Stealthroid,and Truckroid.Kinda wierd though the monster looks like a machine from Power Rangers.

    Meanwhile Hassleberry Wins his duel.They didnt show the whole match but you can tell it was a good match.He duels a Ra Yellow student.The student had Yellow Gadget in defence mode and a Gardian in defence mode.Hassleberry sacrafises his 2 monsters to summon Black Tyranno.Then He wins when Black Tyranno Attacks him directly.

    The first day both Syrus and Hassleberry win their duels.Well Jaden didn't win any matches because well nobody wanted to face him because everyone knows Jaden will beat themmoreless
  • In my opinion, nothing really happened in this episode. Well nothing MAJOR anyway..

    This episode starts off with Sheppard coming back to the school and becoming chancellor (sp) again. He announces that he will be hosting a tournament and everyone at Duel Academy is invited and he has also invited many Pro Duelists he has found on his hunt. They then show some clips of duels like Syrus vs Some Guy, DinoBoy vs. Some Guy, and Bastion vs Some Guy...which was boring. They only shows like one round of each duel---BORING! Sartorious then challenges the Pro Duelist (Some Prince Guy) to a duel and they duel and Master Sartorious wins without even receiving a full turn and he gets control of some mind-control satellite. Wow, shocking isn't it? In my opinion, this episode was disappointing a sort of a waste of time. I like seeing good duels....4 part duels, even 5 part duels! Not some 5 minute duel. So overall I say this episode was average I guess...and I'm only saying that because I like the show and I liked the spell card the Prince used..Mischief of the Timegoddess. ;)moreless
  • ZTK!

    This was an amazing episode! Sartorious rocks!! He Zero turn killed the Prince! Now he can use the satellite for brainwashing. According to the rules, you have to duel one person a day, so I wonder who Jaden's dueling, and what would happen if he doesn't duel someone on that day, would he be disqualified? Anyway, on another note, Syrus wins his duel and so does Hassleberry so HOORAH! Bastion thought a pyro duel monster was 'cute' lol, that was pretty funny. This episode is a big, no, MASSIVE! Improvement from the previous episode which I was pretty dissapointed by. This episode brought back the humour to Yugioh GX, and it definitely got it's game on! :Pmoreless
  • Wow! This episode is pretty impressive.

    Wow, I can't believe that the Prince Salve Ocean, who has made his first appearance in this episode, has "Mischief of the Time Goddes" (it will skip the duel to your next battle phase), a card that Zigfried Loid used against Kaiba in "One Step Ahead Part 1". And the most important, Prince knows how to use it to win in a "1-turn-kill" way. But unfortunately, Saiou has some card that maybe ... can be used as a Kuriboh O_o??? I think so because that card has just appeared on the field an Saiou got no damage. But still, that was a pretty good strategy. But there is 1 thing I can't understand- what does the Prince have to do with D-Heroes? He want to duel the one who uses them, he wants to have them or he wants to give all the D-Heroes to the person who can defeat him???moreless
Andrew Rannells

Andrew Rannells

Slifer Red Student

Guest Star

Anthony Salerno

Anthony Salerno

Bastion's opponent

Guest Star

Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz


Recurring Role

David Wills

David Wills

Chancellor Sheppard

Recurring Role

Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock

Vice Cahancellor Bonaparte

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In Bastion's duel with the guy who uses a Fire deck, the ATK meter for Familiar-Possessed - Hiita was shown at 1840 instead of 1850.

    • Though Syrus is in Ra, almost all of the students think he is the worst duelist at the school.

    • Prince didn't really think the whole duel with Sartorious through, he didn't really know if he had the Destiny Heroes and if he was such a famous duelist, he should have seen Aster Phoenix on TV and seen his Destiny Heroes.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Guy who Bastion dueled: Should I be impressed? He might be strong, but I have a trap, Backfire!
      Bastion: I cannot attack his Fire Charmer. I will lose all my Life Points. Besides, she's is too cute to attack.
      (The guy who Bastion duels looks at Bastion in a disgusted way)

    • Chancellor Sheppard: I saved the world from evil Shadow Riders. Why would I be afraid of a scrawny misfit like you?

    • (After Syrus wins the duel)
      Syrus: Maybe next time you'll pick on someone your own size!
      Freshman: (Crying) But you are my size!

    • Syrus: You know what? I might look kind of small, but I duel big!
      (A few turns pass)
      (The freshman slifer attacks Jetroid with Jinzo)
      Syrus: (Thinking) Maybe I don't duel so big.
      Freshman: Maybe you don't duel so big.
      Syrus: My thoughts exactly.

    • Boneapart: Crowler... CROWLER!! Our biggest fear just came true misseur!
      Crowler: Don't tell me? The faculty kitchen has run out of fondue!?

    • Jaden: What a day, guys! Princes, Dueling Satellites! That's how you kick off a tournament.

    • Jaden: Nice win, Sartorious.
      Tyranno and Syrus: Jaden!

    • Prince: You speak out of turn, Master Sartorious. I'm not finished.

    • Prince Orgene: (thinking he's about to win the duel) Don't take this personally- I'm just better than you.

  • NOTES (16)

    • Before the duel, Sartorious says that the duel will end in the first turn. The Prince goes first and almost wins, but Sartorious finds a way to win in zero turns.

    • This is the first time the satellite, named Sola, is mentioned. It will soon become a key part of the efforts of the Society of Light.

    • Sartorious apparently lied about having the Destiny Heroes in his deck.

    • Prince Ojin wanted to duel Aster's Destiny Heroes, but Sartorious lied and said he had the Destiny Deck instead.

    • The rule for the GX tournament is that you have to accept your first duel, and that the winner gets all the opponents' medallions, so the winner of the whole tournament will have all the medallions.

    • This episode marks the start of the GX Tournament.

    • Sheppard returns to his job of being school Chancellor in this episode and Dr. Crowler returns to being Vice Chancellor.

    • In the original, the satellite was used as a weapon of mass destruction, but in the English version, the satellite is used as a mass brainwashing device.

    • The card that Ojin discarded to activate "Cost Down" was "Rivalry of Warlords".

    • It is never revealed what the effect is of Sartorious's "Ace of Sword" Spell Card should it land upside down.

    • Arcana Force XIV's other name is Temperance (possibly left out of the dub because American children wouldn't understand the word). It is ironic that Sartorius uses Temperance to block Ojin's attack, because it represents patience and not acting on impulse. Ojin was very impulsive, recklessly trying to defeat Sartorius in only one turn.

    • Featured Duel: Sartorious vs. Prince Ojin

    • Prince's key card, "Satellite Cannon", only exists in Japan in the true game, but was used in the original series by Leichter in the Virtual Nightmare arc.

    • Original Dub Title: Genex Opening Game! The First Target!

    • One of old cards from the first series, Mischief of the Time Goddess, is played by Prince. This is how he is able to attack with Satellite Cannon on the first turn.

    • For the first, and possibly the only time in the series, the Zero Turn Kill is used in this duel. It was used by Sartorious, using a series of Tarot cards after being attacked directly by Satellite Cannon.


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