Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 27

Grave Risk (1)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 14, 2005 on The CW

Episode Recap

One night, Syrus woke up to go the bathroom and overheard Professor Banner in his room. He talking to someone on a computer. The voice was saying that Banner has to give them Jaden, even though Banner tried to talk him out of it. Syrus started getting scared and ran away.

The next day, Banner announced in class, that this Saturday, they'll be taking a field trip to ancient ruins found on the island, but on the day of the trip, only Chumley, Syrus, Alexis, Jaden and Banner took the trip. Syrus told Jaden what he heard Banner doing the other night and was nervous for their safety. After a long hike, they found the ruins and decided to take a lunch break. While they were eating Banner's cat, Pharaoh, was digging around the area and all of a sudden, bright lights shot out of the ground and everyone disappeared.

Jaden woke up next to the ruins, except they didn't look old anymore. They looked brand new and Winged Kuriboh looked real too. Jaden tried to find the others and was confronted by a mysterious girl, wearing ancient Egyptian clothes. She took Jaden to a secret place where he would be safe from the "other villagers." Jaden noticed that he was on a floating island and came to the conclusion that somehow, he's traveled back in time. The girl told him to stay quiet and that his friends maybe in danger. After the girl left, Jaden was captured by a bunch of guards with spears. They were going to imprison him, but the Chief, the leader, decided instead to put Jaden through "the trial." By trial, he ment a duel. Jaden got out his duel disk from his backpack and he and the Chief went up to the top of the ruins. They stood above a deep, pit where Banner, Alexis, Pharaoh, Syrus and Chumley were laying in coffins and tied up in bandages.

Chief: summoned a monster, face down, in defense mode Jaden: summoned Bubbleman (800), and with him as the only card on the field, he got to draw two more cards. He placed one card face down to end his turn. Chief: summoned Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier (1500) and switched his face down monster to attack, Gravekeeper's Guard (1000/1900). His flip effect returned Bubbleman to Jaden's hand and then both Spear Soldier and Guard attacked him directly. Jaden felt the pain and the coffins began to close on his friends. The more life points Jaden loses, the more the coffins close shut. Jaden (1500 LP): played Polymerization to fuse Avian and Burstinatrix to summon Flame Wingman (2100/1200) and attacked Spear Soldier. Plus, Wingman's effect did damage equal to the Soldier's attack points. He also summoned Wroughtweiler (1200) in defense mode and placed one card face down. Chief (1900 LP): switched his Guard to defense mode and then summoned another monster, face down, in defense. Jaden: used Wingman to destroy Guard and do more damage Chief (900 LP): played Pot of Greed, to draw two cards, and then summoned Gravekeeper's Assailant (1500) and switched his face down monster to attack, Gravekeeper's Curse (800), who' special ability does 500 damage each turn its on the field. He also played the field spell, Necrovalley, which gives his Gravekeeper monsters an extra 500 points. He used Assailant's (2000) special ability to switch the battle mode of Flame Wingman to defense and destroyed him. Gravekeeper's Curse was used to destroy Wroughtweiler.

Normally, when Wroughtweiler is destroyed, Jaden gets a Polymerization and an Elemental Hero from his graveyard, but Necrovalley cancels any effects that involve the graveyard. Now Jaden can't summon any monster from his graveyard and if he doesn't do anything soon, his friends will be buried away in coffins. To Be Continued...

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