Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 3 Episode 8

Head in the Clouds (2)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Jun 23, 2007 on The CW
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Chazz summons VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon and showers Adrian in a surging attack. However, Adrian takes on that attack still bearing a relaxed smile. He, at last, begins his strike back. By opening his two reverse cards, the effects of Rain Storm and Natural Disaster inflict damage upon Chazz. Chazz battles back, but Adrian's combo attack drives Chazz further into the predicament.moreless

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  • adrian creams Chazz! And rightly so, Chazz can be such a jerk.

    The Good: Chazz gets his ass handed to him, eye of the Typhoon wastes the Ojamas, Adrian gets really lucky with Wonder Cloud (and creams Chazz)

    The Bad: "Luck of the Draw" is so blatantly unrealistic (more so than usual!)

    Full Review; One of my favourite Season 3 episodes. Partly because i enjoy seeing Chazz get senselessly mad over being wrong, and senselessly insulting Adrian when he knows nothing. And chazz gets the loss he deserves after that winning streak in the Society of Light. I'm glad to see newbies winning. Usually they just make the protagonists seem unbeatable unless it's the season villan involved. It's a shame it doesn't happen often enough with Jaden. And the Eye of the typhoon finish was one of the most spectacular duel endings in the new series.moreless
  • go chazz go

    Chazz and adrians duel is continuing and chazz has vwxyz dragon catapult cannon out and looks like he is about to win but adrain has a plan up his sleeve. chazz cals adrian a al roker wanabee and sats he's had hard life but not relly because of how hard adrains life was. the tide of the duel turns when adrain brings out posion cloud. chazz then decides to use the ojamas to solve taht problem and then thinks he is going to win. meanwhile all the other duels including blair annd marcells have end and everyone has passed out. adrain is able to bring out eye of the typhoon and uses it to defeat chazz they both fall off the helicopter platforms they were riding. chazz falls into the water and begins sinking. all the other duelist have to o to the hospital. a great episode. chazz it up!!moreless
  • THE CHAZZ IS AWESOME!! Adrain Gecko is a total loser. I wished that Adrian would have lost.

    After a week of waiting for this episode, I was excited to see Chazz win. But something told me that he would lose. After he played "Hyper Coat," I thought it was all good. But Adrian used his dang trap cards and defeated V-Z Dragon Catapult Cannon. I was seriouly ticked off. Then, just as things couldn't get any worse, they did. Adrian then explained to Chazz that he had a life that was much more unbearable than his. I could care less about him. Wirh the way he looks, I would never trust him with my life. Things were looking bad for Chazz, but then he summoned his ace cards to the field and I thought that it was all over for Adrian. But then he plays "Cloudian Eye of the Typhoon" and he defeats all three of the Ojama Bros. and Chazz. After words, almost everyone at Duel Acadamy ends up in the hospital and Sheppard is nowhere to be found. I don't know about you people, but I will continue watching until I get all the answers I want. F.Y.I. There is more to Adrian Gecko than meets the eye.moreless
Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock

Vice Chancellor Bonaparte

Guest Star

Bella Hudson

Bella Hudson

Miss Fonda Fontaine

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • After Chazz says "but how?" the screen pans to him looking back at Adrian and his duel disk shows XYZ-Dragon Cannon on his duel disk yet it should be VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon because VWXYZ wasn't destroyed until after the Trap Cards were activated and Nimbusman destroyed it.

    • Chazz says he activates Enchanting Room, allowing him to pick up 4 cards and Special Summon all level 3 or below Normal Monsters yet its actually called Enchanting Fitting Room as he's called before in Season 1.

    • Chazz says that by discarding Ojama Thunder, all cards on your field are destroyed yet he's discarding Ojama Delta Hurricane.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Adrian: I reveal two of my face downs.
      Chazz: But how?
      Adrian: Easy, I just call out their names dramatically, and they pop up. Haven't you played this game before?

    • Chazz: You think you're so cool, flaunting your little clouds, as for me, I like the thunder!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Chazz: Listen, you Al Roker wannabe!

      Albert Lincoln Roker is an American television broadcaster, best known as the weather anchor for NBC's Today show.

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