Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 43

Hearts Are Wild

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Mar 03, 2006 on The CW
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A teenager named Pierre who calls himself 'The Gambler' accomplishes the gambling world and come to Duel Academy to settle with Alexis Rhodes. Alexis has known this boy before, so she falls into a duel against him. Pierre's strategy depends on his gamble deck that leads the duel by tossing coins to get tail or head. By Second Chance, a coin is tossed twice and keeps head and tail. However, Alexis can see his weak point from their childhood period.moreless

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  • hj

    i am so happpy i am going for three in a row. i think i figured out what the problem was. before i posted reviews i would highlight and hit copy. then i would try to post it. now when i un highlight it it posts. i love all my new exsperiences. so now i am probaly geting points in the bank. so now to finally start this episode. this gambler comes to duel alexis because he likes her. so the duel becomes. alexis is put into the hard tight corner like all other episodes. who will wint his one.moreless
  • Shows some of Alexis's past.

    Well, this show's some of Alexis's past. Apparently, there was some guy named Pierre ("Boy" in the original Japanese Version) was Alexis's childhood friend. Pierre comes to duel academy, looking for Alexis and declares his "love" to her. Alexis declines, and says that her only love is dueling. Pierre leaves, and Jaden acts like an idiot.
  • ...just okay...

    Eh, not the best. Some good parts. Some bad parts. Every show has moments like these, but still, I would say it was fairly good. Pierre comes, an old classmate of Alexis who comes back because he fell in love with Lex. It got pretty mushy though. So... they battle, blah blah, Alexis wins, blah blah, and Piere says he loves her blah but Alexis turns him down, The End.
  • A gambling game...

    Hm..this episode had its strengths and weaknesses. The strengths? The duel was actually kind of neat. I actually learned a lot of new "gambling" and coin tossing cards in the duel.

    It starts off with the man, Pierre (or boy whatever) wanting to challenge Alezis. Alexis and Pierre knew each other when they were younger, and Pierre was always the one who won all the card games, until Alexis beat him in Duel Monsters. Then Pierre got mad and stole Alexis' scarf.

    It's a nice episode about the past, and includes several neat cards in the duel like "Sand Gambler," "Second Coin Toss," and "Fairy Box."moreless
  • Alexis Vs. Boy

    This episode was okay but Gambler or whatever his name was kinda got on my nerves! The Duel itself was pretty good considering it is Alexis afterall! What kind of duel with Alexis isn't great? The overall episode was pretty good but get a less annoying character for her to duel.

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When "Second Coin Toss" is used to redo the result of a card effect that requires multiple coin flips (such as "Sand Gambler"), you are required to make all the required flips again. Thus, technically, Pierre should have had to start over after getting tails on one his tosses when activating Sand Gambler's effect.

    • This Series takes place a genertaion in the future, so why were they dueling on a paper mat? Even if she is a kid, that must be at least 15 years after duel disks were invented! (Reply: It's still entirely possible to duel without duel disks and virtual technology. Maybe schools have rules against bringing them to class, like cell phones.)

    • 'The Gambler' almost looks like the monster Sand Gambler from the cards, both in looks, attire, and stance (on the card, the Sand Gambler has one hand in his pocket, the other flipping a coin; 'The Gambler' similarily flips his coin similar to how the Sand Gambler would). However, he would not actually be another Spirit Monster since Alexis knows him from childhood.

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    • Pierre's deck has a prevalent gambling theme, similar to Joey Wheeler's in the original series. In another coincidence, Alexis is the first character in GX to play one of Joey's trademark cards, Scapegoat.

    • In the Japanese version, Pierre heads to Duel Academy when he hears about the battle against the Shadow Riders. He's not demanding to see Alexis but to made a Key Keeper. When Alexis challenges him, if he wins, he would take her place as a Key Keeper.

    • The Title: Hearts Are Wild.
      "Hearts Are Wild" refer to card games likes poker or five card stud. Wild cards can be anything the player wants.

    • Reference: Gamble Angle Bunny.
      Pierre's "star" Monsters, the Gamble Angel Bunnies, were clearly inspired by the Playboy Bunnies, cocktail waitresses (some who could be seen in casinoes) who wore similar costumes.

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