Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 44

It's All Relative

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 12, 2007 on The CW

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  • Jaden vs. Zweinstein/eisenstein

    I don't know why they changed Zweinsteins name it was a perfect pun on it! anyways it was pretty cool seeing the relativity duel! that and seein Bastion runnin around in his birhtday suit! ahahahahahahahahaaha! oh man I can't believe 4kids let that slide! funniest scene ever! 10/10 all the way baby! this duel truly proves that luck can either be an illusion or the real deal! E=MCduel! I just love it when 4kids gives characters German accents! helps fit zwein's persona as Einstein duel incarnated! now if he were to duel joey UI'm sure the result would stay equal.
  • Jaden vs. Dr. Eisenstein

    Dr. Eisenstein duels Jaden to prove that science prevails over luck, and for the most part of the episode his theory is right, by thinking Jaden can only fuse his monsters with a polymerization card.

    That thought proved to be Dr. Eisenstein mistake, and ended up costing him the match.

    I like some of Dr. Eisenstein card's like his field spell card, and the dark hole card, I've seen that one on a Yu-Gi-Oh game.

    I think that Crowler and Hassleberry's faces when they opened the door and saw what looked like outer space was pretty funny, and Bastion streaking at the end was weird, but somewhat funny was well.
  • the science of dueling.

    Jaden is duel with Dr.Einstenien who talks about the physics and sciences of dueling. jaden says that he duels by fate and not by science. while the duel is going on tryanno , two slifer students,and dr.crowler are watcghing as well. The doctor plays a field spell relativity field which gives the doctor the upper hand. bastion is also watching the duel to find the formula to beat jaden. the doctor is able to counter all of jaden's move untill jaden is able to destroyn realitivity field. Jaden is able to use glo neos to destroy the doctors dragon which he was almost able to finish jaden off with. at the end of the episode bastion goes streaking.
  • OK Everyone it time for lesson number one to begin!

    Humanity has reached a point where such things as beliving, faith, and anything that can't be proven with computers and other scineceticf nonose it ain't real. This is a big mistake. You can't hold a dream but we know it real. We can't prove God or his Son lived but we belive. Beside its a matter of pespevite and time. You could tell a preson from the Dark Ages that we never see beyond the stars or go to the moon but we did that. You can't explain why a man comes into an ER with a Nine Iron going clean through his head talking but leaves the hospital a week later just fine! No science will only take you so far you just have to have the heart and faith to complet the joureny. You can do all the data crunching you want but a computer can't tell you how strong the power of someone spirt is. Something can't ever be prove they have to be belive.

    A young man once asked his teacher is there such a thing as darkness. His teacher said yes but the stutend repiled no because all darkness is the abance of light. He asked if their is such a thing as evil and the teacher said yes. He shook his head once more and said "Evil is nothing more the abance of God's love in one heart" that was Albert Ensiten people! In life you have to have faith and trust if you wnat to fly and make your dreams a reailty. Sceince will only take you so far but only the heart of a human can make the joureny need to make it real! Bastian you are very werid but need to get a clue! Jaden study some more!
  • Jaden duels a person who relies on physics to win duels.

    The Prince and Sartorious are trying to find people to duel Jaden for the key. They hire a scientist who uses physics to win duels. They figure his science can defeat Jaden's luck. At first, the scientist is beating Jaden harshly, countering his every mood. He summons Brain Dragon and destroys Jaden's Bubbleman, leaving his Life Points to only 600. Jaden plays Glow Moss and uses O-Over soul to revive Neos and contact fuses them to win the duel with its special ability. Bastion is no longer in the Society of Light and believes in science, once again. Overall, it was a pretty interesting episode.
  • Jaden is seen besides syrus when Dr. crowler calls him on the speakerphone to go to the auditorium. As he enters what really holds iss a duel against the genius doctor.

    Alright this episode is great in many aspects. Jaden duels
    against the genius doctor employ by Satorius. He deals Jaden damage trough magic traps and monster effects, plus stopping
    his E-hero fusions. Then by sacrificing many of his traps and
    magic he summons a powerful monster with 2800 ATK! Then he
    Summons bubbleman along with his bubble blaster, then play
    a dice rolling magic card which lets bubbleman attack directly
    and decrease the attack of the powerful dragon. At the end jaden plays a new neos fusion in order to defeat his opponent.
    By combining glomoss and neos his summon glomoss neos which
    with its effect allow him to attack directly and win the duel.
    As another surprise to the episode bastion, which previously joined the association of light was impressed with the duel
    disbands the association of light, thus returning to his former self.