Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 9

I've Seen the Light

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Aug 31, 2006 on The CW

Episode Recap

One day, during the beginning of class, Syrus and Hassleberry noticed that Jaden was still not around. They started getting into a fight over who was the better friend to Jaden, and then Hassleberry stormed out of the class to look for him. As Alexis watched, she noticed how Syrus was in pretty bad shape over the situation.

Meanwhile, Jaden was sitting on the rocks, along the shoreline. It had been three days since he lost to Aster Phoenix, and he still couldn't see his cards. All of a sudden, he thought he saw Winged Kuriboh in the clouds, but it was just his imagination. Chazz showed up and told Jaden that he has to snap out of it. He challenged Jaden to a duel to cheer him up, but Jaden just didn't want to.

Meanwhile, Sartorius was in a strange, dark room, playing with his tarot cards. He flipped the first card over, The Wheel of Fate, which signifies that destiny has changed. Sartorius talked about how he infused Aster's deck with his own power, so that when Jaden lost, his soul would be wiped clean. Jaden is weakened, but he still has control of his soul. Sartorius was going to make Jaden his servant, but it appears he's stronger then Sartorius thought. He flipped the next card over, The Fool, which means there is another student Sartorius can use with the same abilities as Jaden, but when he flipped The Hanged Man over, it meant that the student is weaker. It was revealed that Sartorius was on a plane that was heading towards Duel Academy. As the plane landed, Crowler and Bonaparte met him at the dock. Being Aster's manager, Sartorius had come to the island to look for someone else to be a new client, but he already had someone in mind. That night, Syrus announced to the others that Jaden took all of his stuff and ran away. As they searched the school for him, Chazz was looking in the forest. The Ojama Brothers tried to help, but Chazz tried to swat them away. All of a sudden, Sartorius appeared from the bushes and challenged Chazz to a duel. Sartorius wanted to use Chazz for his own purposes, and when Chazz agreed to the duel, a dense fog started to roll over the forest. Sartorius summoned a table in front of him. It was a replacement for a duel disk because Sartorius drew his cards just like he would draw tarot cards. Plus, he didn't even look at his cards as he played them.

Chazz made the first move. He summoned V-Tiger Jet (1800) and then played the magic card, Frontline Base, which let him summon a fusion monster from his deck. He summoned W-Winged Catapult (1600), which merged with V-Tiger Jet to form VW-Tiger Catapult (2000). Chazz then placed one card face down to end his turn. Sartorius predicted that the top card he drew was the magic card, Vision, and he showed Chazz that he was right. He also showed Chazz a monster card that represents him, The Hangman. It signifies that Chazz has a lot of anger in his life and wants to seek revenge. Sartorius also claimed that he could see the future and knew all the moves that Chazz is going to make, and to challenge him, Chazz shuffled Sartorius' deck to see if what he was saying was true.

Sartorius then played a magic card, Suit of Sword X. The card appeared above his and started spinning in a circle. Chazz has to say stop, and if the card ends right-side up, all of his monsters are destroyed, but if its up-side down, Sartorius takes damage. Chazz stopped the card right-side up, so his monster was destroyed, and then Sartorius summoned Knight of Pentacles (1000/1000). Again, this card spun in a circle. If it stopped right-side up, the Knight couldn't be destroyed in battle, but will be destroyed if the card is up-side down. Chazz stopped the card up-side down and Sartorius ended his turn. Chazz played the magic card, Graceful Charity, which let draw three cards after he discarded two. He also played the magic card, Level Modulation. It makes Sartorius draw two cards, and then Chazz got to summon Armed Dragon Level 7 (2800) from his graveyard, but then he sacrificed the Dragon to summon Armed Dragon Level 10 (3000). He then played his trap card, Ojama Trio, which summoned 3 Ojama tokens (1000/1000) on Sartorius' side, and then Chazz discarded a card so that Armed Dragon would destroy all monsters on his side. With the Ojamas gone, Sartorius took 300 damage for each token destroyed and was then attacked directly (Sartorius: 100 LP).

Sartorius played the magic card, Selection of Fate, which made Chazz pick a card from Sartorius' hand, and if it was a monster, he got to summon it. Chazz picked the card, which turned out to be The Hangman (2200/2200). When summoned, Chazz took 1000 damage, and then the card began to spin. If it ended right-side up, Sartorius' monster was destroyed and then he took damage equal to the monsters attack points, but the same thing will happen to Chazz if the card is up-side down. Chazz stopped it up-side down, lost his Armed Dragon, and had the rest of his life points taken. Sartorius explained that the Hangman signifies that Chazz wants revenge against a rival, but he doesn't know if he has the strength to do defeat this rival. Chazz realized that he was talking about Jaden, and Sartorius said that if Chazz joins him and sees the light, he will get the power to defeat Jaden. Chazz agreed to the deal.

Later, Sartorius had left the island by his plane. He had captured Chazz's soul in the tarot card of The Hangman. He noticed that the Wheel of Fate card was reverse, which meant that something was about to take place. Meanwhile, Jaden had left Duel Academy by boat. He decided to run away until he realized his destiny. The next morning, the others noticed that Chazz was different. He had a white robe on and was going around claiming that he had seen the light. Soon, everyone will see the light.

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