Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 9

I've Seen the Light

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Aug 31, 2006 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • The names of the tarot cards are incorrect. "The Hangingman" should be "The Hanged Man", "The Jester" should be "The Fool", and "The Wheel of Fate" should be the "Wheel of Fortune"

    • When Sartorious arrives at Duel Dcadamy he is seen without his forehead jewels but after talking with Crowler and Bonaparte he is seen with them.

    • When Chazz used Level Modulation in his duel in Season 1 against the Dark Scorpions, it was a Trap. In this episode, it's a Spell, like the real card.

    • In the dub, a teacher is heard calling out student names. However when they show the overview of the entire class, there is no teacher at all.

    • When Chazz plays Frontline Base, he says it allows him to play a Fusion Monster but the card actually allows him to play a Union Monster. However, by doing this he summons W Wing Catapult, thus allowing him to fusion summon VW Tiger Catapult, a Fusion Monster.

  • Quotes

    • Sartorious: Upon his defeat, Jaden was to become my eternal servant, and although his spirit was weakend, he is still in control of his soul... albeit a lost soul.

    • Sartorious: (looking at his tarot cards) I'll tend to the matter of Jaden later. While he searches his heart for answers, I'll set my sights on a new servant. Perhaps one a bit more predictable. There is another duelist who shares a similar gift to Jaden's, only his soul is much weaker...

    • Chazz: Let me ask you something. Do you always act this calm? Because you're starting to creep me out. You should try getting mad one day.
      Sartorius: You amuse me, Chazz.
      Chazz: See?! You did it again!

    • Chazz: Where's your duel disk, anyway?
      Sartorius: Who needs a duel disk...when you have this!
      (A table rises from the fog)
      Chazz: Uh, you realize that's a table, don't you?

    • Chazz: Take it from someone who knows! You can run away, but you can't run away from your problems!
      Ojama Trio: Whoa, that is so deep!
      Chazz: Who invited you people?!
      Ojama Yellow: We're not exactly "people", boss!
      Chazz: (sarcastically) No, you're kidding me! And here I thought you were all students! You wanna help? Then stay outta my way!
      Ojama Green: We understand.
      Ojama Yellow: Yeah, you're just sad because you miss Jaden!
      Ojama Black: It's natural.

    • Syrus: Call the Coast Guard! Call the Marines!
      Bastion: Syrus? What's wrong?
      Syrus: Jaden's gone missing! He just took all of his stuff and took off!

    • Sartorious: (to Chazz) It's all in the cards. Thanks to them, I now know what you fear the most-- Failure. You see, the cards tell me there's a rival you've been trying to defeat. However, you can't do it. The Hanged Man indicates turmoil. On the outisde, you're quite confident.
      However, on the inside, you lack faith in yourself. You think perhaps your rival's too strong.
      Chazz: Gimme a break I mean who's stronger than me. (he thinks of Jaden) You're messing with my head!
      Sartorious: It's difficult to hear the truth, isn't it? But trust me, my friend, when you open up your eyes to the light, your fear shall become a thing of the past! Accept your destiny, Chazz. The Society of Light awaits you. You must embrace The Hanged Man in order to conquer it. (Chazz starts to succumb) Join me and stand by my side. Together, you and I will walk into the light! You've come so close! You can't turn back now! Finish what you've begun. Don't you want to be strong? To conquer your greatest fears? To conquer Jaden? It's all within your grasp.
      Chazz: I... I don't know...
      Sartorious: You do know, but the two sides of your soul are struggling for control. Each one of us has two faces- one that's dark, and one that can see the light. Embrace the light within! Come on! You're close...
      Chazz: All right! Help me! Show me the light! (Sartorious laughs victoriously as Chazz is bound by The Hanged Man card)
      Sartorious: Wise choice!

    • Jaden: (leaving the island) I'll miss you, Duel Academy. But I can't be here. Not until I find some answers.

    • Jaden: Dueling is all I've ever really cared about, and now, I can't do the thing I love the most.

    • Sartorious: It seems Jaden is more powerful than I imagined.

    • Sartorious: I could use someone like you. Someone with the power to speak to monster spirits.
      Chazz: It's one of my talents.
      Sartorious: Impressive. Talent and confidence.

    • Sartorious: (to Chazz) I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    • Chazz: You know, it helps when you actually look at your cards.
      Sartorious: Not necessarily.

    • Sartorious: The next card in my deck represents you. It's The Hanged Man. (draws it and shows it to Chazz)
      Chazz: Hey, you're cheating!
      Sartorious: No, Chazz. I'm predicting.

    • Sartorious: You hold a great deal of anger inside. Am I right, Chazz?
      Chazz: Gimme a break! Real tough! Like it takes magic powers to see that.

    • Chazz: Let me ask you something. Do you always act this calm? Cause it's starting to creep me out.

    • Chazz: It'll take more than a few card tricks and a creepy voice to beat me.
      Sartorious: I know exactly what it will take.

    • Sartorious: Still skeptical, are we? I'll make a believer out of you soon enough. Then you'll see the light. Sooner or later, everyone does.
      Chazz: Yeah, well I'm not everyone.

    • Sartorious: (to Chazz) The future is in your hands now... or so you think.

    • Syrus: I've known Jaden since Day 1! He's my best friend! He's my hero! He's the hot fudge on the sundae that is my life!!

  • Notes

    • For most of Sartorious' Tarot cards, the upright effect benefits him, and the upside-down effect benefits his opponent, but these are reversed with the Hanged Man card.

    • Sartorious goes after Chazz because Jaden has eluded him. Chazz and Jaden share the monster bond, but Chazz's soul is weaker than Jaden's, and although Jaden lost, his soul still belongs to him, not Sartorious.

    • Jaden leaves Academy Island, and Sartorious arrives.

    • Sartorious indirectly explains why some humans can communicate with Duel Monster spirits- monsters choose to reveal themselves to those they trust.

    • Sartorius's Tarots

      The Hangman: The main focus of this episode. This card represents Chazz. Specifically, it represents a person with pent-up regression and self-doubt, stemming from Chazz's many defeats at the hands of his rival.

      The Jester: This card represents Jaden. The card is the mark of a wanderer or a searcher. It indicates that Jaden is going to take a journey of sorts after his defeat at Aster's hands.

      The Wheel of Fate, Inverted: This card means that something unexpected is going to happen, and since it is inverted, it is likely bad news for Sartorious. He is noticably worried about this card.

    • Featured Duel: Satorious vs Chazz.

    • Chazz uses Armed Dragon LV10.

  • Allusions

    • Boneparte: Zee plane boss, zee plane.

      This is based on fantasy island where Tattoo always would say that whenever the plane would come.

    • Teacher: Syrus
      Syrus: Here
      Teacher: Bueller
      Bueller: Here

      This is an obvious reference to the 1986 comedy, Ferris Bueller's Day Off (not to mention the same voice tone).

    • Chazz not only loses his free will after joining Sartorious but also his power to see monster spirits. Dartz did a similar thing to control Rafael in Waking the Dragons of the original series, when he separated him from his spirit monster, Guardian Eatos.

    • The scene between Sartorious and Chazz when Sartorious convinces him to join him is almost identical to a scene between Dartz and the Pharoah from the Waking the Dragons arc.