Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 25

J-Dawg and T-Bone

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 17, 2006 on The CW

Episode Recap

Frost returned to Sarena's cave, with Hassleberry and Syrus in his arms. Even though Frost completed the mission, he barely defeated Jaden's friends and punished him and Thunder by sealing their souls in cards using a magic mirror. It spooked Chazz a little, and he watched as two more Light Brigade members, Blaze and T-Bone, showed up to take Hassleberry and Syrus to Kaibaland. Sarena threatened them with the mirror if they were to fail in defeating Jaden.

Meanwhile, Jaden tried to get into the hotel the Academy stayed at to find his friends, but the Society of Light members wouldn't let him in. He couldn't stay unless he was one of them, and Chazz showed up in time to tell Jaden that he can find his friends at Kaibaland. He was told to be there tomorrow and they kicked him out. Jaden met up with Atticus, who was also kicked out when he tried to talk to Alexis, who he hadn't seen in a while ever since she joined the Society. The two of them caught up with the rest of the Slifer Red's, who were camping outside by a bridge. Mr. Motou came to give them sandwiches to cheer them up, and Bastion joined as well. Aster was there too, but he stayed in a camping trailer, and sayed that Jaden should enjoy his meal because it might be his last.

Blaze and T-Bone were angry because they had to find Jaden, but they didn't know what he looked like. That's when they saw the Slifer's and joined them in a meal. Blaze and T-Bone recognized their jackets because they tried to get in the Academy themselves, but failed the tests. Blaze challenged Jaden to a duel to show their skills, with T-Bone as his opponent. When Jaden introduced himself, they realized he was the enemy. Sarena used her magic to turn Blaze into a card and put it in T-Bone's deck to aid him. Jaden asked what just happened and asked if T-Bone had anything to do with Hassleberry and Syrus. T-Bone said maybe and got ready to duel.

T-Bone: summoned Mine Golem (1000) and played the field spell, Guidance To Ore, which lets him summon back a rock-type monster when one of his monsters is destroyed. He also layed two cards face down to end his turn.

Jaden: summoned Sparkman (1600) and had him destroy Mine Golem, which deals 500 damage to Jaden when it's destroyed. Guidance To Ore brought back another Mine Golem, but T-Bone played the trap card, Minefield Eruption, which dealt Jaden 1000 damage after sacrificing Mine Golem (Jaden: 2500 LP). He also brought back another Mine Golem with Guidance To Ore. T-Bone (3400 LP): played Pot of Greed, to draw two cards, and then sacrificed Mine Golem to summon Granmarg the Rock Monarch (2400). When summoned, it destroys one of Jaden's face down cards, but since he didn't have any, T-Bone destroyed his own face down, Dorminant Volcano, which deals 300 damage to Jaden when destroyed, plus it lets both of them add a fire-type monster to their hand. Granmarg destroyed Sparkman and T-Bone ended his turn.

Jaden was curious as to why T-Bone kidnapped his friends. T-Bone explained that their duel was about power because of he didn't win, Sarena was going to take his power. Jaden told him that he should learn to rely on himself and not just his power.

Jaden: summoned Bubbleman (800), and since it was the only monster on the field, Jaden drew two extra cards. He also played the magic card, Oversoul, to bring Sparkman back to the field, and Polymerization to fuse Avian, Sparkman, and Bubbleman together to summon Tempest (2800). Jaden equipped him with the spell card, Elemental Sword, which gives Tempest 600 extra attack points when it attacks a monster of a different element (3400). He destroyed Granmarg, who came back because of Guidance to Ore.

T-Bone: played the magic card, Lightning Crash, to move a thunder-type monster to his hand and placed one card face down. He then sacrificed Granmarg, brought it back, activated its ability, and destroyed his face down, Drowsing Point, which let him add another monster to his hand. He also checked his hand and field, because when T-bone has 4 monsters with different attributes, he can play the field spell, Blue Moon, which let him sacrifice the 4 monsters (Mobius the Frost Monarch, Granmarg the Rock Monarch, Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, and Thestalos the Fire Monarch) to summon Demiurge Ema (3300). Thanks to Blue Moon, one card on each side of the field is transformed into a Houmculus token (800) and for each token on the field, Demiurge Ema gets 800 extra attack points (4900). Jaden lost his Elemental Sword, which turned into a token, but when Tempest was attacked, he used it's ability. By sacrificing the token, Tempest wasn't destroyed in battle and Ema lost 800 points (4100).

Jaden explained to T-Bone that he duels because he believes and relys on himself and not just some other power. How can T-Bone be a real duelist if he doesn't realize that? Mr. Motou realized that sounded like something Yugi would say.

Jaden: played the magic card, Diffusion, to separate Tempest and bring back Avian, Bubbleman, and Sparkman. He sacrificed Bubbleman and Avian to summon Neos (2500) and played the magic card, Common Soul, which let him summon Flare Scarab (500), who gets 400 points for every spell and trap on the field (1300), plus he shares his attack points with Neos, thanks to Common Soul (3800). Jaden also used the magic card, Gift of The Martyr, which let him sacrifice Sparkman and transfer its points to Neos (5400). Neos destroyed Ema, and with Ema gone, T-Bone's Homunculus Token goes to, leaving him wide open for a direct attack by Flare Scarab.

After winning the duel, Jaden told T-Bone that he should rely on himself and promised a rematch in the future. Mr. Motou was wondering if Jaden had the same spirit that Yugi had in his body. All of a sudden, Sarena sealed T-Bone in a mirror and then used her mirrors to talk to Jaden. She congratulated him on his victory and said that if he wants his friends back, he has to come to Kaibaland, as well as Aster. This was a test to see if Jaden was actually the one.

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