Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 17

Nature of the Draw

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 16, 2005 on The CW
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A tarzan esque duelist who grew up in the forest appears, with a deck that focuses on drawing. Interested as he usually is in strong players, Jaden challenges him to a duel.

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  • A retarted filler duel.

    Jaden duels against some kid who steals sanwitches. The reason for dueling Dameon sucks. Oh i want some stupid sandwitch so i'm going to duel for it. Why didn't they just let Dr.Crowler expel the kid? but no there was a crappy duel. Plus the guys enitre deck was based on drawing cards. You never create a card based on drawing cards. Unless you are using exodia and even then its obious that you are a exodia duelist. Anyways i will never watch this episode again. I also find it stupid the way Dameon talks. Also so hes a bad drawer so he goes into the wild how does that help. Yet anthor retarted filler duel. I am also sick of the fact that only Jaden duels.moreless
  • What the Heck?

    This episode was just wrong! Pointless, and I am a tough grader and this episode got a D! I guess it must have been a slow day I mean: The problem is that the golden egg sandwich is missing and Jaden and friends must find out who stole it and it turns out to be a Tarzan wanna be? Why didn't 4-kids ban this episode for being pointless? How could Damon just stay missing in the forest for years, someone should have found him. Anyway, Jaden owned him! Damon's "Draw deck" isn't very good. It isn't good in the Psp game either.moreless
  • l

    the sandwitches are about to be picked. who will get the golden egg sandwitch while the others get bad ones. like tofu. a rumor starts about a former student who would always pick it right. one day though he got it wrong and he disappeared. a little bit creepy just a little bit. this student is found in the wild nature and jaden must duel him. his deck is about him drawing many cards. his has a major speking problem but a decent deck. not in the video game. tagforece it was. can jaden stop damon from winning the match!moreless
  • Another crappy episode...

    Eggwiches? Anyways, this seems like a good episode at the beggining, but it's just a big pile of BS. I hated most of the Duel Academy arc, but this has GOT to be the worst one. The Duel Academy arc seems like a boring introduction arc to me. This episode I'd rate a 5.9 outta ten.
  • Now you now why this show is not real...

    Duel Academy lunches suck, so Jaden wants the eggwich. The thing is, everyone else does too. So the eggwich was stolen! And by some Tarzan-esque guy who was practicing drawing for a whole year! He has a deck that circles around drawing cards, and we learned that you must concentrate your draw. But in reality, you're not gonna get the card you need. That's how it always works out when I duel, but this is fiction and we must believe!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Wroughtweiler was destroyed it would have been sent to the bottom of Jaden's deck, not to the graveyard so its effect to give him polymerization and Burstinatrix wouldn't have have activated, since its resolves in the graveyard.

    • Why would Alexis think a sandwich thief would have anything to do with her missing brother?

    • In this episode Flamewingman's attack is called Infernal Rage when every other episode its Skydive Scorcher.

    • If that drawing thing was a fake, how could that Tarzan kid KNOW Jaden drew De-Fuse, even when he doesnt know 1 thing about Jadens deck?

      REPLY: He probably just took a lucky shot, considering De-Fusion is a basic card in a deck, if it was something like Burstinatrix or Hero signal, then this would be a goof.

    • In the episode, Jaden said, "Thanks to Flame Wingman's superpower, you take damage equal to half of your destroyed monster's attack points." Normally, shouldn't it have been EQUAL to the attack points and not half.

    • During the flashback against someone using Jinzo, the duelist (Damon) draws a Fake Trap. However, the scroll the imp is carrying is blank. This is probably because of the Japanese/English translation, which would most likely have had japanese characters on the scroll, which becomes the word "FALSE" in the American version.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Alexis: (thinking) I don't think this guy can help me find my brother. From the smell of him, he can't even find a bar of soap.

    • Damon: Then... Hit me!
      Jaden: Uh, you want me to hit you?
      Damon: No, it hit me.

    • Jaden: Isn't Sandwich Day just the greatest? All these choices and not one of them labeled.
      Syrus: How is that a good thing? There are Ostrich burgers, grilled tongue, and plenty of other choices that aren't exactly tasty.
      Jaden: Yes, but there's one sandwich, compliments of that magical golden rooster who lays the golden egg.
      Syrus: That's crazy talk Jaden, everyone knows roosters don't lay eggs.
      Jaden: The point is that egg-wich is delicious.
      Syrus: Well good luck. It's been five weeks since you've drawn it.
      Jaden: Alright. Wish me luck. (Picks up a sandwich and takes a bite. Looks all grossed out and falls on his knees) Grilled Tongue...
      Syrus: Too bad.

  • NOTES (6)


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