Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 8

Pop Goes the Duel

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Aug 30, 2006 on The CW
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After Jaden is defeated by Aster, his cards become invisible in white paper. On the other side, because of Dr. Crowler, Atticus approaches into a duel against his younger sister, Alexis. Atticus invites Alexis to join him in the sibling debut in the entertainment world. Atticus activates the field magic Ultimate Stage Clothes that can increase the attack points of a monster by 3000. However, the cloths are too large. That makes the movement become awkward. Thus, when he strikes, the attack of his monster isn't as powerful as it has the original attack points. Alexis is opposing him by the ritual monster, Cyber Angel series.moreless

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  • Sibling Duel: Alexis versus Atticus

    Well, Crowler and Atticus want to Enlist Alexis as part of a pagent or a Sibling Idol for Atticus. Anyways, This episode showed A sibling duel, an Atticus lost. If only Atticus was the Sibling Idol. There were fangirls for him everywhere! Well, all in all, it was a very weird episode.
  • xDD

    Ha this is a really funny episode.

    "If duel academy were a goose she'd ( Alexis ) be the golden egg"

    And Addy's in it =P The only bad thing is that Atticus's cards suc -_-

    There all beast types and ugly 0.0 Even I can beat him if he uses that deck...

    And thats like really bad. For a while I always wondered why he doesnt use his dark dragon deck. (spoiler)

    Well later I found out if he uses the deck he'll get reposessed by his darker persona. *pokes* Atticus should still rebuild a better deck xP

    Overall I really liked this episode since I was laughing my head off a few times.moreless
  • I loved the episode! Chazz was great!

    I loved the episode! Chazz was great! I totally loved how he was going over the top wiht his affection for Alexis, even though I hate the couple. But she doesn't like him back, so yay! The dream sequence, shouting her name, wearing that pink, and creepy, outfit, cheering, going all lovey-dovey, it cracked me up! He really amused me. but Jaden was so sad! It deeply hurt me. I loved Bastion's line: Come on Chazz, you know she can't hold a note! Then Alexis slapped him! It was so freakin' funny! And the duel rocked! I loved how the clothes were too big for the monster to attack in! And atticus' laughter was also funny. I loved Crowler's line too, mainly his last line in his line: Wait, am i turning into a good guy?! Hilarious!moreless
  • Alexis duels Atticus

    The episode starts off with Jaden at the nurses office talking to Fontaine and the others about not being able to see his cards, but the others can. Then the episode moves to Chazz's house/ apartment thing, where they discuss what they are going to do, and Chazz does a good joke but I can't quote it exactly, with Jaden being not able to duel. Next Atticus makes his return, trying to convice Alexis to move on to being a pop star instead of a duelist. Alexis not wanting to do it, agrees to duel him, if Alexis loses she has to go with Atticus and become a pop star. Alexis then barely manages to pull of the win(with a 100 life points left). The episode ends with Jaden talking to himself, about how he can't duel and then bids farewell to Duel Academy.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Idaten, Dakini, and Benten are three members of the Shichifuhaten, or "Seven Lucky Goddesses" the Seven Deities of Japanese culture.

    • Dub Error: When Syrus looks at Jaden's deck at the beginning, Elemental Hero Sparkman is colored as an Effect Monster. In addition, Sparkman was originally the Trap Card Soul Union (used in episode 52).

    • The American dub of this episode is missing the first five minutes (which were essentially a recap of the end of "A New Breed of Hero").

    • Look Closely: After the duel, in one scene Chazz is wearing just his black uniform, but after being taken away by Syrus and Tyranno, he's wearing his pink coat and headband again. Then the scene after it's gone!

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Alexis: Crowler wants Atticus and I to become a pop singing duo.
      Crowler: What's so wrong about that? I get free publicity. You get a free dress. It's a win-win situation!
      (Chazz imagines Alexis in the dress)
      Chazz: Yeah!
      Alexis: A little help here!
      Bastion: Yeah, Chazz! You know she can't carry a tune!
      (Bastion gets slapped by Alexis and falls to the ground face-first)
      Hassleberry: You gotta know when to hold it, soldier!
      Bastion: I was trying to help! (Under his breath) Girls. So complex!

    • Crowler: By the way, Alexis, have you come to your senses yet?
      Alexis: My senses? I'm not the one in a wet suit with a boat strapped to my back!

    • Bastion: (About Atticus) He's like a one-man boy band!
      Syrus: Sounds lonely.
      Bastion: I doubt it.

    • Bonaparte: (To Crowler) Monseiur, out of all of your ridiculuos ideas, this one takes the pastry. What's next, Duel Academy on Broadway?
      Crowler: (Ignoring Bonaparte) Well, as you kids like to say: Time to raise the roof off this joint!

    • Chazz: Take a hike, dorks.
      Spectators: Chazz!
      Chazz: I said beat it!
      (everyone runs in fear in unison)

    • Crowler: I've never seen Jaden like this. Poor lad's devastated. Oh, well, too bad, so sad, time to move on. Then again, I can't help but feel badly... perhaps I should go talk to him... No, no, no, what's happening to me?! Could I be turning into a good guy?

    • Chazz: We may be one man down, but we're five men strong. Well, four men and a lovely lady. All right, three men, a lady, and Syrus! The point is, we gotta fight!

    • Jaden: If I can't duel, what's the point of staying here? Later, Duel Academy...

    • Chazz (Talking to Syrus about Jaden): When people said that you hit puberty, that was a rumor.

  • NOTES (9)


    • Dub Cuts:
      2 rather critical scenes are cut from the start of the episode:
      - The beginning picks up at the end of the duel when Jaden passes out, Sartorious gloating menacingly above him in his mind as Winged Kuriboh fades away from him.
      - When Jaden comes to, he finds himself in the middle of a duel with Chazz, but when he draws a card and looks at his hand, he panics, realizing he sees nothing but blank, white cards.

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