Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 33

Rah, Rah Ra!

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 23, 2006 on The CW
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Francis has appeared in front of Jaden. Pegasus and Chumley come from I2 Corporation urgently because the guy is an employee of I2 and a dangerous guy who uses a copy card of the greatest card "Winged Dragon of Ra".

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  • Egyptian God Card in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX? Awesome!

    Jaden is duelling a duelist called Francis, who has based his deck on summoning the Winged Dragon of Ra. Chumley returns giving Jaden a card called Skyscraper 2: Hero City. Jaden is losing when he manages to destroy Ra with Glow Moss. Jaden then turns the tables on Francis when he summons Ra to his side of the field, tributing Glow Moss, Neos and all but 1 of his life points to have Ra destroy Francis and win the duel and some GX Medals. In the immortal words of Comic Book Guy from the simpsons,: Best Episode Ever! Love ra! He rulesmoreless
  • GX finally gets a plot that attracts fans of the original series. The writers apparently never saw the original series though, because anyone who's seen episode 89 can tell you, none of this was possible.moreless

    Does anyone remember the episode in the original Yugioh where Rishid tries to summon a copy of Ra, and both he and Jounouchi get struck by lightning and almost die? If you did, then you can understand my frustration right now. A copy of Ra cannot be summoned. Period. I don't care what they say, it can't be done! This episode should have been something like Golden Castle of Stromberg, Dartz's crazy unbeatable monsters, or Shinato. Something that didn't KILL the player the moment they summoned it. But they didn't, they went with Ra. Of course, there had to be references to the original Yugioh, since this is a card from the original series. Sadly, nothing about Mai or Jou. (which you think they would've said, seeing as Mai was the first duelist to face Ra, and Jou DIED being the third duelist to face it. Also, Jou was the first to see Phoenix Ra.) No, just some crap about Yugi seeing monster sprits. Excuse me, there were no monster spirits in the original series. Overall, this is GX's failed attempt to pull in fans of the original Yugioh. If they would throw Jou or Mai in one of these episodes, now THAT would get me watching! But no, they go with the impossible plot that only has a monster that I don't really care about.moreless
  • lol

    franz steals a copy of the winged ragon of ra card from pegasus after he creates one of chumley's cards instead of his. he challenges students to duels using ra. pegasus finds out that the card was stolen so chumley and him go to duel academy to look for it. chumley gives jaden a new card he created. franz is found and challenges pegasus to a duel but jaden steps in to duel. Franz isable to bring out ra after playing ultimate offering to summon three ra's disciples and offer them to ra. franz uses a field spell that allows him to control ra. he later fuses him self with ra like yami marik did. jaden is able to play the card that chumley gave himto get rid of the spell on ra and is able to destroy ra with glomas.jaden then is able to defeat franz using ra. franz has a change of heart and is rehired by pegasus. chazz it upmoreless
  • finally! an egyptian god card in gx

    This episode ruled! Jaden managed to defeat the almighty winged dragon of ra wit his combination of cards and elemental heroes. Not only that, but heres my favourite bit. Jaden gets glow moss to destroy the winged dragon of ra, franz is thinking "on my next turn, i will use monster reborn to revive ra and destroy jaden once and for all", and then jaden activates the quick play spell necro illusion so he revises ra to his side of the field, pays all of his life points (except for 1), sacrifices neos and glow moss to get ras attack points up so high and he takes frantz down in 1 shot! He used ra, Yay!moreless
  • The return of the winged dragon of ra!

    I thought this episode was a very good example of the Yu-gi-oh! trilogy what with the return of ra and all. and lets not for get the return of Pegasus and Chumley! that card chumley made Jaden was awesome and seeing Jaden use Ra to end the duel was even cooler! though I wonder if he could've won without Chumley's card? oh well! I guess we'll never know!
Eddie Paulson

Eddie Paulson

Chumely Huffington

Guest Star

Darren Dunstan

Darren Dunstan

Maximillion Pegasus

Recurring Role

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