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  • Why did they make this show if 4Kids wont be dubbing it anymore after episode 155 it doesnt make sense. These companys need to see through to the end.

    Other then the fact that 4kids wont be dubbing GX anymore I think its a great show. Yugioh GX is based upon a boy named jaden who wants to be the next king of games and on the very first episode meets another boy named yugi moto who gives him a kuriboh card and from there he starts on his journey and meets some friends along the way. Yugioh GX is for every person that loves the original Yugioh and that loves to play card games well not oridinary card games but the yugioh card games. Yugioh GX I give 8.5 outta 10.
  • Not as good as the original.

    Here we have a new show called Yu-Gi-Oh GX, which is a sequel after the original Yu-Gi-Oh ended in 2006. Yu-Gi-Oh was a great show where i liked to see it's great action and adventure with dueling cards with all sorts of different monsters, plus trap and spell cards got thrown into the mix and viola! You got yourself a new interesting card game that can be a lot of fun, but takes some practice and training, as there are a vast amount of cards, some more stronger than others, one example is the great Blue Eyes White Dragon, and one of the most powerful which gains an automatic victory would be Exodia. The original Yu-Gi-Oh was great and the battles with cards with Pegasus being the main vilain at first was excellent. I always couldn't wait to see what happened next. Then once Pegasus was defeated, new villains and problems began to emerge, and it was up to Yugi, the greatest card player ever, to stop them from their evil wrath of doom. A lot of interesting episodes, but when this ended, CN tried to bring it back with a new story that still has Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards and some similar characters, unfortunately it just can't compete and be as great as the original. but i don't think it is that bad, it is at least decent, i mean i watched the first 5-10 episodes of it and it was pretty good and i thought they were pretty fun.
  • In yugioh gx we look at the futher of duel monsters.

    In yugioh gx we follow a young duelist named Jaden Yuki (or judai Yuki in Japanese ) we first meet jaden on his way to the kaiba dome where the duel academy entrnces exams are takening place and he is runing late . He runs into the atem aka yugi anchent spirt thats lives in his millenium pullze liturly .Atem gives hime a card winged kuriboh which helps him when times are tought .jaden is a talented duelist who has amazing duleng skills but not every good grades .he makes alot of friends and alot of rivals so lets duel
  • Yu-gi-oh GX is like Yu-gi-oh but I think Yu-gi-oh gx is better.

    Yu-gi-oh GX is like Yu-gi-oh but I think Yu-gi-oh gx is better. Why?
    1. The opening theme has words in it, so the kids can sing the song has the show is starting.
    2. The setting of Yu-gi-oh GX is mostly in a school so the viewer would know where r they going to duel.
    3. The main character(Jaden), he is not always dueling and he lost a few duels sometimes. In Yu-gi-oh, Yugi almost won every single duel.
    4. There is only one main Character in Yu-gi-oh gx. So you know who to follow.
    Yu-gi-oh is preety good too, But in Yu-gi-oh there is many tournaments. Also there is no point of watching it because you know who is going to win(Yugi)
  • In a new generation...A boy named Jaden attends a school which allows one to practice and hone their duel monster skills. Problem is...Not only is this spunky kid near the bottom of his class...But he's also a slacker...A Slifer Slacker!...

    The Future Of Duel Monsters Has Come! In this TV show...Well, my summary just about summed it up, but I will continue this review for credit. Jaden is the practical definition of a Slifer Slacker, one of three ranked students you can be at Duel Academy. Jaden is a laid back type of person who loves to duel and almost never backs down from a challenge. Heh...Did I say 'almost'? Well...He definitely has spunk, but will he...Like Yugi once did...Be able to save the world from various forces of evil? If you like this show, feel free to seek it out on the internet. Personally, I think the original Yu-Gi-Oh! was much better, but this show was pretty good. Still...I'm not sure if it's off the air or still running and it may be a good idea for me to find out. Until then, I hope you like this review. Here are your three trivia question for this review...1: What three ranks can you be at Duel Academy? 2: What are these ranks named after? And for 100K...3: What skill level does each rank represent (Novice, Intermediate, and Expert may be used here). Ta-Ta folks!
  • A boy named Jaden Yuki is accepted into Duel Academy and begins his adventures.

    Though many original Yu-Gi-Oh fans hate the spin-off a true Yu-Gi-Oh fan would love it and I love both series'. I will admit it's not as good as the original but as the series progresses things get more intresting and the plot becomes even cooler. I perfer the subbed version but I still watch the dub because it's in a language I understand and I'm glad there is one. This is my second favorite anime (though 5D's may take that placing) and I have a crush on a character but I'm not saying who and I've created two OC's for the series. Well it's not as good as the original but as a Yu-Gi-Oh lover I love it all the same.
  • Awesome show, but slowly de-composing.

    When I first watched this show on Cartoon Network back in 2005, it was amazing. The first season of this show I think is the best. It was when Jaden became a freshman at Duel Academy, and was being the new hotshot. The first season in my mind had the best story. Ever since the second season, the show started to become more like the original Yu-Gi-Oh!. I did not like this, because Yu-Gi-Oh! GX should have nothing to do with the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, although saving the world is a favorite thing for young audiences. I liked this show so much that back when I was in my CADD class in high school, I designed a go-kart race track for Duel Academy. This was to show my deep liking to the show. After all these years, I still watch Yu-Gi-Oh! GX even though I don't play the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG anymore. I was struggling, and when the original Yu-Gi-Oh! ended, I decided to retire from dueling, and give what was left of my dueling powers to Jaden. The song "What's Left of Me" by Nick Lachey reminds me why I did this. Overall, awesome show, but I think they should hurry up the series, and finish it faster.
  • Pretty Good

    I like this but i find that it isn't as good as Yu-Gi-Oh original. The fact that they changed the characters COMPLETELY and you only see yugi in the first episode (and even then you only see up to his nose) annoys me, however considering the fact that they haven't changed nearly as many rules or had that many continuity errors really pleased me because there were thousands in the original.
    i would have given this 9.5 if it had more guest appearances.
    But otherwise an exceptional series worthy of its 8.6 or so rating that it has.
    Thats it from me. Bye.
  • As my name indicates, I enjoy shows such as these. So why give this a 7? Because as much as I enjoy the original concepts, we are not getting the real story here in America.

    Anime has a sleek design and tremendous aesthetic appeal, hence its growing use and popularity here in the US. This, however, is not enough to compensate for the fact that 4Kids dubbed this to have a completely altered feel from the original showing. In spite of changing the names of the characters and altering the background music for a more "child friendly" effect, the dialogue is also immensely different. Dueling is supposed to be about honor, sacrifice, and placing your life on the line for your friends. The dub discards all of this for the sake of cheap pun humor. The vast majority of fans who are old enough to take interest in and research these shows will often concur.
  • it a spin off but still good.

    GX is actually GOOD. mainly because of Jaden's personality He's not that serious type like Yugi is from the original series. Jaden is actually laid back and ENJOYS the game like all people should. this show is pretty much a spin off of yu gi oh. its about a boy named jaden yugi who enrolled in duel academy and lives in a boarding skool there. He is also incredibly lazy earning him zero rep and the title of slacker by almost every one at the school. Still this does not stop him becoming the best duelist in the school and having the weirdest adventures.
  • Wow a Yu-gi-Oh show that does NOT suck. I thought I'd never see the day. And here I thought all things Yu-gi-oh sucked.Yu-Gi-Oh GX proved me wrong.

    Wow a Yu-gi-Oh show that does NOT suck. I thought I'd never see the day. And here I thought all things Yu-gi-oh sucked.Yu-Gi-Oh GX proved me wrong. Yes people GX is actually GOOD. mainly because of Jaden's personality that I like it so much. He's not that serious "i'm the best ever" type like Yugi is from the original series. Jaden is actually laid back and ENJOYS the game like all people should. And the little "romance" with Alexis is pretty nice. The new cards are cool, original, and likeable. Especially the Elemental Heroes. When jaden added Neo-spacians to his deck I thought it was going to suck but once again it proved me wrong.

    Now bad things. Filler, it's a word that all anime fans hate, yes GX has lots of it. Predominatly in the first season. But with every Season it gets less and less filler which is a good thing. And another thing, do ALL of the females at Duel Academy have big Boobs. -_0

    But other than i actually enjoy watching it cuz Jaden does not ALWAYS beat the bad guy like Yugi does in the original series. It's not predictable (Most of the time anyway) which i like.
  • its unoriginal, but a good show

    this show is pretty much a spin off of yu gi oh. its about a boy named jaden yugi who enrolled in duel academy and lives in a boarding skool there.this show is about all the adventures he has while trying to be the greatest duel master ever. his famous phrase is: " get ur game on! " with the help of his friends, he fights against evil forces when they rear their ugly heads usually its someone thats bein possessed and the only way to set the possessed person free is to defeat them in a duel or use some mystical card to beat them...
  • Yu Gi Oh! GX is a sequel to the Yu Gi Oh! series, It is set some years after the final eipsode of Yu Gi Oh! and the heroes of that are the legends of this. Main Caracheters are Jaden, Alexi, Chazz, Syrus, Bastion and then more for the laster seasons

    Yu Gi Oh! GX is one of those non stop action TV anime series that will also make you laugh. The main Character, Jaden Yuki, is a Student at the world famous Duel Academy. He is also incredibly lazy earning him zero rep and the title of slacker by almost every one at the school. Still this does not stop him becoming the best duelist in the school and having the weirdest adventures. Season one sees Jaden defending the world form shadow riders, a band of shadow duelist that are trying to free the Scared Beast Cards. Season two Jaden again is saving the world but this time from the Society of Light, lead by possessed Sartorious. Season three is unfinished and this is a disappointment for me. Jaden has some new school friends in this one and them and the rest of the school are transported to another dimension and have to figure out how to get out of there. Well this is my first review and basic summary of a TV show, so to round it up this is what I:
    Yu Gi Oh! GX is an amazing series that has expanded on the original series of Yu Gi Oh! Using the basics of dueling and shadow games to great affect and adding in a load of new stuff. It has made itself an exceptional program and can stand alone from Yu Gi Oh! Truly a great TV Series and I hope the release the rest of season 3 soon
  • Superb at its best!

    I love this show! It's funny and the characters are so...so... I can't use words to describe how colorful the characters are! Though I wish they had less talk and more duel.Now that's a difference between Yu Gi Oh and this version! My favorite characters are Jaden, Alexis,Jessie and Chazz. Chazz acts so much like Kaiba. My favorite season is Season 2; the season when Jaden acts at his goofiest! My favorte episode is episode 131; when Jaden and the gang go to another dimension. I hope this show last long. It should have at least 5 seasons just like YGO.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is the version of Yu-Gi-Oh that continues the original Yu-Gi-Oh series... It is set as the next generation of Yu-Gi-Oh...

    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is set in the Duel Academy. This focuses mainly on Jaden Yuki, a student who aims to be the next King of Games, pretty much like Naruto (who wants to be the Hokage) then Pokemon (who wants to be the Pokemon Champion)...

    It starts off with Jaden Yuki rushing to his Duel exams. He bumps into Yugi Moto, the Duel Monsters Champion, who gives him the Winged Kuriboh which he uses as his lucky card.

    In the academy, he goes through many adventures, and meets rivals and friends...

    After beating their chancellor, he gets to stay in the Red Slifer, the dorm for the 'so-called' drop-outs. The second highest dorm, where he was supposed to be in after an event(but he rejected the offer) is the Ra Yellow. The highest dormitory is the Obelisk Blue. These dormitories were named after legendary Egyptian God Cards.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX begins 10 years after the events of Yu-Gi-Oh! with the lead character Jaden Yuki obtaining a Winged Kuriboh card from Yugi Muto,

    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX begins 10 years after the events of Yu-Gi-Oh! with the lead character Jaden Yuki obtaining a Winged Kuriboh card from Yugi Muto, the renowned Duel Monsters champion, while on his way to a Duel Academy (Duel Academia ( Dyueru Akademia?) in the original Japanese language version) entrance exam.

    The Academy was created by Seto Kaiba on a remote island in the Southern Seas, with its dormitories named after the three Egyptian God Cards, and is run by Chancellor Sheppard and his staff. The most elaborate dormitory, Obelisk Blue ( Oberisuku Burû?), is named after Obelisk the Tormentor. The Obelisk Blue dormitory can be graduated to, but the only way to enter the dormitory in the first year is to attend and do well at an affiliated junior school (English version only)
  • Of course, nobody knows that I watch this show, nobody except one. I loved watching the first Yu-Gi-Oh! series and I liked watching this one as well. Of course, both Yu-Gi-Oh! series are about a card game that is called duel monsters, which is a cool game

    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is the next generation of duel monsters which takes place about ten years in the future. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is about a boy named Jaden Yuki who is on his way to Duel Academy, a school for trained duelinst that was designed by Kaiba Corp. As he was about to aboard himself on a plane to Duel Academy, he bumps to none other than the King of Games himself, the legendary Yugi Muto. When Yugi sees that Jaden has a duel disk, he wonders if he is a duelist. Then Yugi takes a card and gives it to Jaden and says that Jaden was destined to have the card. Now Jaden is on his way to Duel Academy to become the next Duel Monsters champion and the next King of Games.
  • the spin off from yugioh

    Yu-Gi-Oh! had a boy named Yugi Moto in Domino City trying to save the world and unlock the secrets of the millenium puzzle. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX however has Jaden Yuki in Duel Academy trying to save the world and complete school. Jaden and his mighty combination of the Elemental Heroes and the Neo Spacians are used to save the world time to time with wimpy sidekick, Syrus Truesdale, mighty dino fanatic, Tyranno Hassleberry, Smex on legs, Alexis Rhodes, rival Chazz Princeton, (now) evil Zane Truesdale, North Academy opposite Jessie Anderson, Volcanic Burner Axel Brody, Cloud Master Adrian Gecko and Fossil duelist Jim Crocodile Cook. Whew. What a main cast! Anyway, awesome show, keep up the good work!
  • My obsession. My absolute favorite thing to watch on t.v.

    This show is just... just... words cannot describe how I feel about it. I love watching as the plot thickens and gets increasingly darker by the minute. Vigourously entertaining! Thrilling! I'm running out of adjectives! Umm... yeah. I like supreme king! Go Haou! Everyone has a dark side after all: even Jaden! Who knew? But the thing I really like about this show is the couples. I'm a big big big fan of Jaden and Alexis. I only wish they could be together. He is her fiancee (sp?) after all. Anyways, I will get over my obsession at the end of the season. But until then, GX is numba 1!
  • In a age of Duelist, there exist in a far away place called duel academy where a new duelist is arriving with an amazing strangth......

    This a better version then to the original series, I just hope we keeping getting new shows.
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  • get your game on this is how a show is ment to be

    i just do not know what make me want to wach this show but it is one of the best one of the beast yu-gi-oh gx is that it is school where you duel for a living how cool is that and you can be the next king of games and people who do not like yu-gi-oh gx just to say that you all duel so why blam so one for going on they could not cut as a pro but that is life for you so game on all and one think what about a yu-gi-oh gx game on the wii
  • Personaly its one of my favorite shows to watch and I think that its alot better than the Original Vershion.

    I like GX more than the original I mean sure the Original has a much better story but seriously I am an action person and Yu-Gi-Oh had way to many pep talks all this friendship speeches and personally I am sick of it. Every time Yugi goes somewhere his friends are of course are alwasy with them because of all this friendship speech and being able to take on any one in their way and blah blah blah I seriosly dont care lets see more dueling and less talking and In my oppinion I got my wish with GX. This is my personal oppinion ok dont you dare report this post. The only time the GX story became alot more serious is in Season 3 and it feels like a huge leep. The Shadow Riders and The Society of Light were like very typical Plans with taking over the world. With season 3 were talking something completely different its a deeper story and thats good cause you know action is awsome but I want some story but dont all ways have them talk about these lame friendship speeches please!
  • Super.....AWESOME!!!!

    This is one of my favorite shows.Well,if ya look,I have alot of fav shows!(I don't know why).This show is just awesome.I personally think it's better than the original.Here's my break-down of the show:

    CHARACTERS- 10/10.The cast of characters is amazing.They all have unique personalities.And they are all pretty cool.The guys are awesome......some of them.The girls are cute :P.)I think Alexis is te best :P)

    PLOT-9/10.The plots are pretty good too.I just think they add a little bit too much story arcs.

    SETTING-8/10.It mostly takes place on the island,but it's pretty good^^.

    All and all,this show is cool.I have followed the first two seasons but lately I've been missing the new episodes.Poor me :cry: .

    See you till my next review^^.
  • This show brings the greatest card game to life.

    This show is the spinoff of the popular series Yugioh. This dhow isn't about Yugi and his spellcasters, it is about the new kid Jaden and his elemental heroes. Jaden goes to Duel Academy where they have three different dorms, Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, and Obelisk Blue. Jaden is currently in Slifer Red, but is one of the school's top duelists. In season one he meets Syrus, Chazz, Chumley, Alexis, Bastion, and Blair. During his second year he meets Hassleberry and Aster Phoenix. Then during his third year he meets Jesse, Axel, Adrian, and Jim. During his school years he duels villains such as the Shadow Riders, Sartorius, and Yubel. Off course the main thing of this show is dueling and they do have lot's of awesome duels. It might not be as good as the original Yugioh, but it is still awesome.
  • Kewl!

    This is a amazing show,it is better than the original Yugioh in my opinion.Season 4 has a great summary of the 1st episode,I look forward to watching.Some people don't like it,they say it's crap,we'll I like it.Some episodes are crap but others are great or good.I forgot how I started watching but it was on Citv.Luckily they put it on more channels like Nicktoons and 4kids.I say the Dub is Good and some people thing Dubbed is crap because the edited out stuff.I say it's good,and I like Season 2 alot.Also,I want Season 4 to be excellent and Season 3 to be short.
  • yugioh gx is new and good brand of yugioh series ,with the funny cool guy jaden yuki.

    After the yugioh series have finished i waited for yugioh gx (as i knew it was coming from the net).its great series ,even if jaden is always winning like yugi(not boring for me).its academy for card battling recieving new students.there are 3 classes (or grades) in the academy :weak red slyver,moderate yellow raa,great blue giants(or obliesk).jaden yuki is the hero of the series he is funny boy ,who never fear battling but he got more excited when his opponent is strong,he met yugi who gave him winged kuribo,he is always late. he faught in tha accepting exam with a great professor in the school {crowler}(although he is not that strong and looks like a lady lol)he beat him down with dmiration of all peopla ,except chaz blue giant student.he faught chaz in an exam and beat him ,and was admired by the head master,promoting him to yellow raa but he refused .although he is strong he is red slyver ,he is good in dueling but not in written exams.the yugioh gx theme (song) is great,the whole series is great with funny things jaden says or does.he got friends like syrus ,baston,alexis.he with other people faught evil persons ,he defeated most of them alone,jaden yuki is a hero like yugi.
  • Not as good as the original, but good enough to keep me watching.

    I liked the original more than this. The duels are kinda weird and the plot and setting throws me off. Even though I don't like this cartoon I still watch it because I want to know what happens next and the new cool cards. I do hope that everything will be explained sooner or later. And maybe, just maybe,( slim to none chance maybe) they will bring back some of the old characthers back like Mai, Joey, Kaiba, Yugi, anybody! Compared to the original yu-gi-oh is the best cartoon on the block One more thing, when does the timeline take place?!!!
  • GX- the spin-off of the original Yugioh.

    Yugioh GX isn't that bad of a show. I get frustrated sometimes because of how short the duels are, but at least now they are making them 2 episodes long. Some of the characters can be very annoying, though, however, their decks are very cool to see in action. Aster's Destiny Hero cards are really cool and really creative to be the complete opposite of Jaden's cards basically. Jesse and Hassleberry's voice annoying me, though. That whole Texan thing really gets on my nerves, but I guess I can dal with it. The show isn't really that bad at all. Yugioh GX is worth watching if you liked the original.
  • A good show that was ruined by the Evil 4kids, just to summarize 4kids Suck

    This is a good show, but the dub of this show is horrible, 4kids changed the characters names to sucky names witch also effects the gx manga because Viz uses the 4kids names in the gx managa also 4kids they changed the card names and UpperDeck uese them too, for example D-hero Boo-D is was changed to D-hero Plasma in the anime, and Upperdeck uses that name witch sucks.4kids just ruined Gx, and they screwed up the plot of Gx like they changed Saiou from destroying the world to brainwashing the world and they use the same lame song for each season opening. So take my advice and watch the original verson and not the dub, join Janime they have translation and links to the oringinal episodes.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is a spinoff of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Unfortunately, it just doesn't deliver.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! was a strange mix of Egypt and card games. But the concept works. This on the other hand, a spinoff about teenagers going to a school to play card games is just odd. Sure, adults making a big deal about cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! was weird but teenagers going to school to learn about a card game is just plain dumb. Homework on a trading card game?!?
    The duels are decent but just don't seem to be as exciting as the ones on Yu-Gi-Oh!, probably because theres usually nothing big at stake, although there are exeptions, such as when Jaden is dueling to save a friend or dueling a Society of Light member. The characters, for the most part, are good, even if some of them can get somewhat annoying. If you were a huge fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, you might want to give this show a watch. Personally, I'll watch the show even though it pales in comparison with many anime and,like I keep saying, to Yu-Gi-Oh. Also, what's up with Crowler? That's just weird...no offense to Crowler fans.
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