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  • Man anime has gone back 16 years ya heard peeps

    Yay 3rd review ok lets get it going.. Yugioh GX is a spin off of the wildly popular Yugioh. It stars Jaden Yuki a over zealous student at a school of duel monster. It also stars some strange characters and cards. This honestly sound like a great idea for a spin off. Ok lets start of with the pros or lack of them. First great theme song which to me is what brought me to this show, secondly they go straight to the dueling instead of spending two episode then duel, lastly at times the writting is funny. However now time for the cons. First is the mediocre voice acting to the horrible brittish accent to the syrus high shrill pre-pubesenct voice Im sorry even if i like the characters if the voices annoy me im sorry in not gonna watch it. Secondly besides the great theme song the music is bland and boring compared to the music of other anime like naruto and fullmetal alchemists. Also the edits of the show ARE ENORMOUS when they edit the show you could eaisly tell they just pasted a picture or colored it differently.The writing is bland and uses way to many \"yo\" \"chill and other so called cooled manerisms but all in all the show is slowing growing on me so thats why i gave 4.8 instead of an abysmal review
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