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  • What was a great show has been destroyed by the evil tyranny of 4Kids, cutting down the great and witty aspects of the show and Duel Monsters into a pathetic imitation with horrible, disgusting names, unnecessary editing and boring and cliched dialogue.

    This show sucks. Why? Because it's a dub. And all dubs, especially by 4Kids, suck.

    The original Yu-Gi-Oh GX (and the original Yu-Gi-Oh) were both... more violent. It was a show meant for older kids, teenagers. What 4Kids basically did was to take this show, butcher it, then put it on the air.

    Names - Oh, my, god. The names in this show are horrible. The main character, "Jaden", was named Judai in the original. Asuka, Manjyoume, Sho, Chronos, and Kaiser Ryo were all changed to "Alexis", "Chazz", "Syrus", "Crowler", and "Zane", respectively. It gets much worse in Season 2. Edo Phoenix, one of the cooler characters, is changed to "Aster". Tyranno Kenzan is changed to "Hasselberry". Saiou is changed to "Sartorious" (wtf?!)

    Voice Actors - This is something I actually don\'t mind as much. But Edo ("Aster" *puke*) sounds like he has a cold or something.

    Violence / "Adult" themes - I put "adult" in quotation marks because there aren't really that many, and when they are, it's not actually so much an "adult" theme. An example is towards the beginning of the season, when Hayato ("Chumley") 's dad comes to Duel Academy. He works in a beer business, but 4Kids changes it to "Hot Sauce". If you're going to change beer, at least make it into a drink! God! Also, there was a lot more violence in the original, which, honestly, made the show a lot better and more interesting. However, 4Kids decided to edit ALL of that.

    Dialogue - What was once witty and funny has been changed to corny, cliched jokes. Basically, this -dub- sucks. The original show was great. Don't waste your time with this pathetic imitation.
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