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The CW (ended 2008)





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  • Jaden Yuki, a Slifer Red student, who wants to become the future king of games.

    The show is good and all, but my problem with the show would be, that 4kids didn't do a very decent job. I like the show, but compared to the Japanese version, it is done poorly, the storyline is different, and some things are censored, I understand that 4kids is trying to make this show watchable for all ages, but it's not like little kids haven't seen blood, or death. I don't mind them keeping out the bad language, but censoring blood and a death scene? Come on 4kids, you can do much better then that. I wish 4kids would have at least released a uncut season dvd of the show, and what really dissappointed me, is how 4kids ended the show. I know that they want to focus on 5D's for the time being, but why not finish GX first? In my opinion it would have been so much easier. Hopefully 4kids, will one day, listen to the anime fans, and continue dubbing GX, that's all I have to say. I'm not a 4kids hater, I'm just giving them a few tips to make their company a success, I respect 4kids effort in dubbing these shows, and I know it is very hard to dub these shows. But please 4kids at least listen to the anime fans.
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