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  • Completely pointless, completely unnecessary, and a complete waste of time. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX will not bring in new fans, and is a disappointment to the old ones.

    When I was younger I loved to see Yu-Gi-Oh, collect the cards, and still consider it to be a classic even if it was a little cheesy. It was mature, had some good characters, and the monsters were cool to look at. After the original Yu-Gi-Oh ended a spinoff was created and dubbed by 4Kids, and it was called Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. The show would take place with the events of Yugi and his pals ended, and a kid named Jaden Yuki attending a duel academy. He meets and befriends Cyrus, Alexa, and has to deal with a tough guy named Chazz. With his new friends Jaden must rise to the top of the academy. Now while the whole premise of a young boy wanting to be the best is boring, but successful this show has so many glaring problems. First the idea of a duel academy by Seto Kaiba is seriously ridiculous. Look at the first show Yugi and his friends practiced dueling there was never any duel academy to go to. I mean this is one of the dumbest plot points to ever be shown on television. The characters are all terrible, and have no development at all. Cyrus is a spineless moron, Dr. Crowler is just evil for power only, Bastion tries to be the cool kid, but isn't at all, and Jaden is just overconfident hero who has no real reason to be the greatest, and always wins duels. I am not kidding Jaden never loses at all in a duel. The same format follows him he duels, on the verge of defeat, makes a comeback, and wins. Again look at the first show Yugi lost to Kaiba only to stop Kaiba from dying. Either this kid is a cheater or he is the luckiest kid to ever live. As for the humor where it was once decent it now became corny, and unfunny jokes that made me face palm every time. The artwork is good in this show. The sets look good, the monsters are creative, and the character designs are good. The animation is OK, but it gets stiff sometimes. I also want to address the new catchphrase this show has, get your game on. It's by far one of the worst sayings ever in a show, and they never stop saying that. Also why does this have the Yu-Gi-Oh name? I know the monsters are there, but it has nothing to do from the first show. The Millennium Items, The Shadow Relm, and the characters are never in this show. Sure Kaiba has been referenced, as well as Joey with that robot, and Yami made a short appearance in episode 1, but everyone and everything else are never mentioned in this show. This show was just an unneeded spinoff to a good franchise, and sadly 4Kids didn't learn their lesson, and created another spinoff that while better than this one is still bad. Do yourself a favor and just but some Yu-Gi-Oh cards or go watch the original show, and avoid this one by all means.
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