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  • Nothing about this show retains any of the ideals that made the original so good

    Yugioh GX is a good tv show. I can't argue with that. But its not a good "Yugioh". I've read the reviews for both the original and GX and everyone seems to think it's just about the card game. Duel Monsters, sure it they tried to advertise the cards, but it was about something more. It was about a high school kid who was too shy to make friends and too short to fight the bullies that made his life miserable. If anyone here's ever read the manga they know he entered a deep state of depression before solving his puzzle. But that's the point. This kid, who although smart, had the world stacked against him, did something no one else could and found an inner power. A power in the form of the Pharaoh. Yugi and the Pharaoh were two halves of a whole, he is both the descendant and reincarnation of Atem. THIS is what duel monsters was about, it was about how each and every one of us has an inner power and responsibility, a responsibility to use that power. It also showed us how some people could use this power for evil, with Marik and Bakura, two of the best villains in anime. The whole point was choice. You could chose who you wanted to be, you had the power to do what YOU wanted. That was what this show was about. With GX, it turned into a fullout commercial for the card game that Yugi made famous. There weren't any deep messages like in Duel Monsters. With Marik, you felt sorry for the guy and even felt yourself cheering for him sometimes, because of his dimensional backstory. Then we have his alter ego, the most insane and arguably most evil villain in the entire show. This guy was creepy in the dub and terrifying in the original, but in the manga? Man was he a horror show. With the villains in GX, there's none of that sorrow felt, none of that doubt as to whether or not they really are evil, and the one's that were truly "evil" didn't have the same "bang" as Marik's alter ego did, none of them were the monster under your bed or the thing in the closet. This show succeeded as a children's cartoon but failed miserably as a continuation of the show yugioh truly was
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