Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 48

Rise of the Sacred Beasts (1)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Mar 31, 2006 on The CW
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Rise of the Sacred Beasts (1)
The Duel Academy Superintendent, Kagemaru, steals the 7 Spirit Keys and unlocks the Sacred Beast Cards! Thus, the duel between Jaden and Kagemaru begins. Kagemaru then summons the first sacred beast, Uria, Lord of Searing Flames. Its attack points are equal to the number of trap cards in the graveyard multiplied by 1000, repulsing the traps of the opponent. Furthermore, Jaden is in a tough situation when he has to face against the second summoned sacred beast, Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder. Obtaining the spirits of Duel Monsters through the beasts, Kagemaru becomes younger.


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  • h

    i will not talk about this episode much because i have to explain something. just telling u ahead of time. when i select the score for the show or episode it is most of the time random. unless it is really low i do not mean it. this is just required. i just want a whole lot of points. that is why i do all of these reviews. plus some of the time no most of the time my classification will make sense but there could be a better one to suit it. p. s. jaden vs. someone with a long namemoreless
  • the sacred beast a.k.a the three sacred deamons

    i love this episode you get to see uria,hormon,and rafiel

    the only good thang about this episode is that ogama yellow shutup. at first jaden look like he will lose uria loard of searing flames was so powerful. and when vhe sumond harmon lord of striking thunder it went from bad to the end or the world. what is realy stang sense the cards are normally how can the picher dissaper from the beasts. but what i hate about all yu gi oh 2 parter onesa is it stopes at the best time why do they do that sheesh o wellmoreless
  • Kagemaru, the Leader of the Shadow Riders.

    A old man, Kagemaru appears out of nowhere. But, don't let his oldness fool you. He's a very strong duelist. And he's very muscular, at least at the end of this episode. This is one of my most favorite dueels in the series of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Let the Beasts of Kagemaru roar!
  • Who the heck? Kagemaru?

    So here we are at last, the leader of the Shadow Riders has revieled himself. Kagemaru!?! This weak old man is the leader of the Shadow Riders? The Chairman? It would have made more sense if this guy were in a few episodes, no one would have seen it coming! This guy seemed cool at first but all and all he isn't that impressive if you compare him to other villains like Marik and Yami Bakura from the past series.

    I was entertained by the duel. The Sacred Beasts draw their powers from other duel spirits, now that grabbed my attention! Jaden sure had the majorly "Get his game on" in this duel.

    All and all, this episode was above average, but by just a little.moreless
  • Kagemaru's Comeback

    After the 7 Shadow Riders have been defeated, the Bad Boy comes in - Kagemaru. He may look weak, but he obtains the Sacred Beasts, which have the power to absorb Duel Monsters Spirit energy, which can also power up Kagemaru. Jaden gets into a tight spot while dueling, can he loosen this spot, or will he have to pay the consequences of getting of to an easy start.
David Wills

David Wills

Machine Kagemaru/Chancellor Sheppard

Recurring Role

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Human Kagemaru

Recurring Role

Eddie Paulson

Eddie Paulson

Chumley Huffington

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The way that Kagemaru summons Hamon and Uria is wrong since both require three face up continous trap (Uria) or spell (Hamon) cards

    • How could Kagemaru have stolen the spirit keys and use them if it is revealed in the episode "The Dark Scorpions" that you have to them win them in a duel in order to activate the spirit gates? It's revealed many times in this part of the season.
      (Reply) He was able to unlock the gates because Chazz was defeated while wearing them so they unlocked the gates!

    • In the actual card game, Uria does not have the ability to be special summoned from the Graveyard if you discard a Trap Card. In fact, in the actual card game, the three Sacred Beasts cannot be special summoned from the Graveyard at all, since they are NOMIs.

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  • NOTES (11)

    • "Kage" directly translated to shadow in the English language. Furthermore, "Maru" means man. So Kagemaru is basically "Shadow Man." This does make some sense, considering he is the leader of the Shadow Riders.

    • When Banner's tome fell out of Jaden's backpack, the card that "Banner must have wanted him [Jaden] to have" came out of the top of it. When Jaden looks down, however, the card was sticking out of the bottom of the tome.

    • When Chazz is forced to run in the direction of the glowing keys and bumps into a tree as he is lifted in the air, the ties to which the keys are attached break from his neck. But as the keys go into the spires, the ties look as if they are not affected at all.

    • The Sacred Beasts can absorb the energy from duel monster cards.

    • Kagemaru built Duel Academy.

    • The 7 keys are used to open the 7 spirit gates.

    • In the American version, Alexis seems embarassed for no particular reason after Atticus confronts Kagemaru. In Japan, her embarassment makes sense: after Ryo (Zane) calls himself Kaiser and Manjoume (Chazz) performs his "Manjoume Thunder" catchphrase, Fubuki (Atticus) tries to give himself a nickname. The best he can come up with is "Blizzard Prince".

    • Kagemaru's shadow item is a ring bearing the millenium symbol.

    • First appearance of Kagemaru, the former superintendent of Duel Academy.

    • First appearance of two of the sacred beasts: Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder and Uria, Lord of Searing Flames.

    • Running Gag: Chazz keeps on getting hit with Jaden's backpack.


    • Kagemaru isn't the first villain to try to harness the power of Duel Monsters spirits to achieve immortality with a side effect of destroying the world. Pegasus invented the game in an attempt to use the power to resurrect his dead fianceé, and Dartz lived for ten thousand years, capturing monster (and human) souls to revive his god and purge the world of "evil."

    • The Sacred Beasts are very similar to the Egyptian God cards from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series in the fact that they are basically they same design but look less bulky and ancient. One (Uria; Slifer) is a large red serpent-dragon, another (Hamon; Ra) is a yellow winged dragon, and the final (Raviel; Obelisk) is a towering blue giant. Both sets of cards are also near undefeatable, require a 3-card sacrifice.

    • The name of this episode is also the name of the Shadow Riders Saga.

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