Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 26

School Duel (2)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 13, 2005 on The CW
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School Duel (2)
Chazz continues to overpower Jaden thanks to his Armed Dragon, however his opponent is not finished yet. Throwing Special Hurricane into the duel, Jaden hopes to turn the tables on his old rival. But Chazz's classmates continue to drive him on and Armed Dragon returns to the field. As the two duelists continue to fight, only one school can come out victorious.moreless

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  • The ending was dumb

    The duel was great. I think that the ending was really stupid though. The whole Reward was being kissied from some old freak who sells cards and is really fat. Anyways i wish that Chazz didn't go back to duel academy. He should have remained a guest star. Anyways Jaden wins as usually says a really crappy speech Chazz rejoins duel academy not much happened. Anyways Alexis is still a ho and now she has yet anthor boy that will fall in love with her later. That ugly skank. Anyways this episode was descent but too predictable. Can the writing staff not be predictable for a minutemoreless
  • [

    the duel between chazz and jaden is continued. jaden survives the attack from armed dragon level 7. jaden tries to turn the duel around. things do not work out for him though. facing an armed dragon deck is a really tough choice to face. jaden like always turns it around and wins the duel. chazz decides to stay at the academy. he is put into the slifer red dorm. so at all times he keeps his black jacket on him. chazz feels completely embarassed with being in the bottom of the barell. he most likely will never get out of this dorm.moreless
  • Great!

    This episode is too great to describe in words. Chazz returns too Duel Academy, Chazz isn in Slifer, and from this episode onwards, There are actually interesting episodes! Half of Season 1 is completed, and The 7 Assasins arc is coming our way! Long Live Yu-Gi-Oh! GX! The Sequel to Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • The second part of Chazz Vs Jaden.

    It almost seemed that Chazz was going to win.With his armed dragon keep leveling up.It seemed impossiable to beat the New Chazz.But for Jaden impossiable is not in his dictionary! He isn't going to give up the duel.But he knows why he is dueling.Because of his brothers.Who put the preasure on him.Poor Chazz who has brothers who want to take over the world.Yeah I liked this episode.I mean it was tensed to see how Chazz kept leveling up his Armed Dragon.Making impossiable for Jaden to win.But Jaden always find an way to win the duel match.moreless
  • Chazz VS. Jaden: Part Two

    Ok, I understand how this two-parter is supposed to be all about Jaden and Chazz, however really I felt that the other characters were in there for comic relief. I really feel that somebody in this two parter should have dropped in a couple opinions, such as how surprised they are about who is facing who and such. Sheppard and the brothers of Chazz were the recurring characters besides Jaden and Chazz to have an opinion on something or another.

    The duel was quite interesting, and you could tell that they both were trying their best and it looked like Jaden was going to lose on several occasions.

    The ending was also quite good. Chazz finally realized what he should have known all alone: that Duel Academy was always his true home. Though I found it a good twist that the price for his betrayal of Duel Academy was to have to go to the dorm that he seemed to mock and hate at every turn: Slifer Red. I can't give the episode a 10/10 considering that I didn't like the characters besides Jaden and Chazz in this episode so it dropped down to a still impressive score of 8/10moreless
Jonathan T. Ross

Jonathan T. Ross

Slade Princeton

Guest Star

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Jagger Princeton

Recurring Role

Darren Dunstan

Darren Dunstan

Chancellor Foster

Recurring Role

Eddie Paulson

Eddie Paulson

Chumley Huffington

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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Sheppard: What does Level Up do?
      Chazz: Wow, guess it is true. Those who can't duel teach!

    • (Jaden summons Wildheart after clearing Chazz's side.)
      Jaden: And now Chazz, you're in for a bad case of heartbreak! Uhm, actually, that doesn't make any sense... Aw, just attack!

    • Audience: Chazz it up!, Chazz it up!

    • Chazz: This stinks. My new family's already disfunctional.
      (Bastion, Alexis, Jaden, and Syrus laugh)

    • Jaden: Guys, how 'bout we give him the Slifer cheer?
      Chazz: I don't want it!
      Duel Academy Guys: S-L-I-F-E...
      Chazz: Can we just stick with Chazz-it-up?
      Duel Academy Guys: Or Slifer-it-up!

    • Syrus: Alone, huh? Do cockroaches count?
      Chazz: What?!
      Jaden: The dorm's got a few, and some rats.
      Chazz: Rats?! I change my mind! Turn the sub around!

    • Crowler: Right on Jaden! I mean, you...you good Slifer slacker!

    • Bastion: And the assault's not over yet, Syrus. The Flame Wingman still has his superpower, it comes next.
      Alexis: Yeah, it's gonna really burn Chazz.

    • Jaden: (to Chazz's brothers) Sure, Chazz may have lost the duel, but at least he fought it on his own terms, with his own cards!
      Crowler: You tell them, Jaden! Uh, I mean... you no good Slifer slacker!

    • Jaden: This may sound a bit cheesy, but we both won.

    • Jaden: When an Elemental Hero is destroyed, and I play Hero Spirit, all battle damage turns to zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
      Chazz: Congratulations. You can use a thesaurus.

    • Chancellor Shephard: Come on, Jaden. Don't give up!
      Jaden: Who's giving up? I'm having way too much fun to give up now. See, that's what dueling's all about. 'Cause if you're having fun, you win every time.
      Chazz: Gag me.

    • Jaden: (to Chazz) If I can have this much fun losing, shouldn't you be able to winning?

    • Chazz: Tell you what: if you surrender now, I promise not to embarass you....on global TV. Wait, I ALREADY DID!!

    • Chazz: I've been waiting to tell you this for a long time, Jaden, so listen up. I got my game on! And I'm about to turn yours off!

  • NOTES (9)


    • Jaden says that although Chazz lost the duel, he won an even more important fight against his brothers' influence. Yugi also told his arch rival, Seto Kaiba, after defeating him in their third duel in Battle City, that he had a more important battle to win against the hatred in his heart for his step-father.

    • In the dub, Jaden ends the duel with his trademark pose and catchphrase. But in the Japanese version, to show his new respect for Chazz, he doesn't say his catchphrase.

    • Jaden's and Chazz's argument over dueling for fun versus dueling is practically identical to the debate from Kaiba's and Joey's duel at the end of the Battle City finals.

    • Changes to the Dub's Ending:
      - Originally, the students are, of course, cheering Chazz's trademark chant "1, 10, 100, 1000, Manjyome Thunder," a play on his Japanese name because "man" is Japanese for 10,000.
      - Originally, Chancellor Foster was panicking not over leaving Dorothy but because he forgot to get all his powerful, rare cards back from Chazz.

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