Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 31

Schooling the Master

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 09, 2006 on The CW

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  • This episode is 1 of the bestest episodes.

    Wow, I never expected that Chancellor Sheppard is such a good duelist. But of cource Zane is always the best. I wonder what cards are in that sealed deck. Maybe ... Cyber End Dragon of Darkness or maybe a another Cyber End Dragon, but of course the word "End" will mean the end of the world =D. But unfortunately, I don't know japanese, so I can't understand completely what happened it this episode, I also wonder what does that Cyber Ogre do? Well, I hope the dubbed or subbed version of this episode will appear soon. And I want to say this one more time- Zane is the best!
  • Zane is back. Well, not back to his normal self yet.

    I liked this episode a lot more than last weeks, Bastion vs Chazz. I like the cards that were used and personally like Zane's cyber deck. Last weeks episode really had me thinking about still watching this show, but this week has destroyed that thought. The duel was great. The cards were great. Everything about it was great! We are introduced to a new tournament as well which was exciting. Hopefully more episodes will continue to stay like this and not like Magnetic Personality. Overall, I think it was a great episode that really showed the emotion of each duelist. Great!
  • Great.

    At the beginning of this episode, Syrus, is still worrying about how his brother, Zane, has become into a "monster". Soon enough we cut to Zane's duel in the Kaiba Dome, witnessing his obvious victory against some loser duelist (Actually, we get a nostalgia feeling when we see some old cards, like SwordStalker, Vorse Raider, et cetera). Anyway, Zane wins the duel with his Cyber End Dragon attacking his opponent's LP directly with Eternal Evolution Burst (Super Strident Blaze in the dub). Moments after his victory, Zane abandons his promoter, the same one who offers him to regain his glory. Later that night, apparently "Hell Kaiser" travels to some mountains by plane (Almost similar to Batman Begins style), and confronts his old master of the "Cyber-Style" duel, who is none other than Chancellor Sheppard, the former principal of the Duel Academy. After removing his mountain climbing uniform, he prepares for a duel... (Note: He wear his Kaiba-style black duster underneath his mountain climbing clothing, yet doesn\'t appear to be sweating?)Both the two student and teacher immediately battle(Shockingly, Zane doesn't use Chimeratech Over Dragon in this duel, weird...). Despite Sheppard's efforts to counter Zane's attacks and dueling prowess, the teacher is ultimately beaten by the student in a surprising defeat, as "Hell Kaiser" Zane disrespects his own Cyber End Dragon by destroying it with Sheppard\'s very own monster, Cyber Ogre 2. After defeating his former teacher, Zane takes his prize, the sealed powerful deck, "Cyber Dragon Under Deck", the opposite of his own deck. The episode ends with Sheppard giving his student a medal, which is gonna be used to allow him entry in Sheppard\'s Duel World Cup, and when Syrus, back at the Academy, says "Honorable Older Brother".
  • Sheppard Vs. Hell Zane

    This episode was good, but I didn't find it all that interesting, it was way too serious, unlike all the episodes. We finally see Hell Zanes outfit, which is just all black.
    Later on, while in a limo, Hell Zane fires Mr. Shroud. Zane then pays a visit to his former Chancellor, Sheppard. He is searching for another card that's linked to the Cyber-style.
    Sheppard loses the duel and Zane finds the deck that he is looking for. In the end, the former chancellor gives Zane a medal, which is a ticket to enter a duel tournament that Sheppard has created.