Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Season 3

The CW (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • 0.0
    As an army of Duel Ghouls slowly takes over Duel Academy, can Jaden and his friends figure out a way to duel these ghouls or will they all get schooled in the process?
  • It's now or never as Jaden tries to defeat Viper and his snakes before they swallow up Jaden's life points for good.
  • 0.0
    Jaden's duel against Jesse continues, as we learn the origins of Jesse's mysterious "Crystal Beast" cards.
  • Jaden Revived!? A Brand New Journey!
    With Yubel defeated, everyone finally returns to Duel Academy. With Jaden seemingly gone, everyone is highly emotionally.
  • 8/23/08
    With Rainbow Neos on the field, Yubel has no choice but to upgrade to her second form. Yubel shows Jaden a vision of the past and Jaden realizes what he must do to help an old friend.
  • 8/16/08
    As the duel between Jaden and Yubel continues, Yubel summons both herself and Supreme King Jaden to the field.
  • 8/16/08
    Jaden uses his Super Polymerization card to fuse Neos and Rainbow Dragon together and save Jesse. In order to stop Yubel, Jesse entrusts his Crystal Beasts to Jaden.
  • 8/9/08
    Jaden and the Yubel possessed Jesse continue to duel. Jaden finds out that Jesse’s soul is sealed within Rainbow Dragon.
  • 8/9/08
    With Jesse the winner of the duel, Yubel possesses him. Jaden, knowing there is only one way to save Jesse, challenges Jesse/Yubel to a duel.
  • 8/2/08
    The duel between Jesse and Adrian continues. With time running out, Jaden heads towards Yubel’s castle.
  • 7/26/08
    Jesse is exhausted from his duel with Zane and vanished to Yubel’s castle. Adrian is there, and to prove that he is the true king, challenges Jesse to a duel.
  • 6/14/08
    Jesse and Zane begin their duel and Zane barrages Jesse with multiple attacks from his Cyber Dragons. When Jesse summons Rainbow Dark Dragon, the ultimate Dragon Showdown begins!
  • 6/7/08
    Realizing that Jaden can not summon fusion monsters, Baou challenges him to a duel, and quickly backs him into a corner by using a card to make his Level 4 and lower monsters unable to attack.
  • 5/31/08
    With Aster being beaten by Adrian, Jaden begins to lose his spirit. He goes in search of Adrian, when he runs into Zane. Zane challenges Jaden to a duel and he accepts.
  • 5/24/08
    Aster and Adrian begin their duel and Adrian is dead set on summoning Exodia. Aster tries to stop him from gathering the five cards, but Adrian seems to have another, even more powerful monster up his sleeves.
  • 5/17/08
    Axel manages to free Jaden from the Supreme King, however he soon falls sick. Meanwhile, Crowler, Aster, Zane, and Echo are transported into a new place.
  • 5/10/08
    Axel finally arrives at the Supreme King's castle and challenges Jaden. However, the Supreme King reveals his true form.
  • 5/3/08
    Axel sees through Skull Bishop and challenges him to a match. However, the Skull Bishop quickly gets him down to 100 Life points.
  • 4/26/08
    Aster and Zane search for Jaden. Axel heads towards the Supreme King's castle, however, due to his fear, he leaves his Duel Disk behind.
  • A Sight Unseen (2)
    Episode 36
    Jaden and Jim continue their duel. Jim then discovers that the real Jaden is within the Supreme King, and he has to save him.
  • A Sight Unseen (1)
    Episode 35
    Jim and Axel discover that the identity of the Supreme King is none other than Jaden himself! After revealing the secret of his bandaged eye, Jim challenges Jaden.
  • 4/5/08
    Axel and Jim search for Jaden, who has gone missing. They learn about the Supreme King's hunt for duelists and head to a nearby town to look for Jaden.
  • The State of Syrus
    Episode 33
    Alexis, Atticus, and Tyranno have now vanished and even Syrus doubts that Jaden will win. Then, Syrus is attacked.
  • 3/22/08
    Jaden is backed into a corner in the duel. If he attacks, his friends vanish. Jaden is confused on how to fight, but with Bronn not holding back, he must think quickly. Then when Bronn insults him, he goes all out on offense, but will it be his undoing? Meanwhile after seeing how Jaden only cares for Jesse, Syrus runs off and Axel and Jim head after him.moreless
  • 3/15/08
    Jaden, still searching for Jesse, heads to the next base of the Dark World Army, where he comes face to face with the leader, Mad King Bronn! Bronn agrees to reveal Jesse's location if Jaden can beat him. Jaden agrees, but things turn bad when Bronn reveals that he has captured Chazz, Alexis, Hassleberry, and Atticus. As the duel continues Bronn's evil scheme begins to unfold as when Jaden attacks him Chazz disappears and is absorbed into Bronn's book. Now Jaden must somehow fight without sending Alexis, Atticus, and Hassleberry to the stars.moreless
  • 3/8/08
    As Jaden continues to look for Jesse, he ends up infiltrating the base of the Dark World Army commander, the knight Zure! Zure holds nothing back and goes all out against Jaden. Jaden starts to believe that he won't be able to win, however Zure and his army have captured all of his friends, and now Jaden must duel to save them.moreless
  • Friend or Fiend
    Episode 29
    Jaden and the others go through the door and find themselves in the ruins of a village. They see a comet overhead, which puts Jim in pain for a minute. After it passes, they notice a boy running. They follow him and notice he is being chased by a fiend. Jaden stands up to protect the boy, and the fiend introduces himself as Scarr. Jaden decides to duel him to save the boy. Scarr quickly backs Jaden into a corner when he makes it seem that Jaden can not summon any monsters. However, using some quick thinking Jaden summons Neos and defeats Scarr. Then a knight named Sir Freed comes by to get the boy, whose name is Kyle, and tells Jaden that the Dark World Army approaches and they should flee the village. They follow Sir Freed to his village's hideout where they reveal that the army is lead by a warrior named Zure and he is sending everybody to his prison camp, including Kyle's father. Meanwhile Zure's army hunts down a man who has escaped the camp and is looking for the one that beat Scarr.moreless
  • A New World Order
    Episode 28
    In order to find Johan, Jaden and the others return to the different dimension world again, but the world they return to differs from before. Jaden, in a rush to save Johan, takes action on his own, wandering off into an underground labyrinth. O'Brien and Bastion notice that Jaden is missing and head inside the labyrinth. Taniya appears before Jaden and the others as they regroup underground and they make their escape from this labyrinth together. They encounter Birdman, who protects this underground labyrinth, Jaden duels with it. But, duels in this world have actually been duels with life-or-death at stake.moreless
  • All For One!
    Episode 27
    The students finally return from the alternate dimension and everything seems to be back to normal. However, they soon realize that Jesse has not returned! Jaden blames himself and becomes angry, and when a new portal to an alternate dimension begins to appear at the academy, he decides to return and find Jesse. Meanwhile, Alexis, Chazz, Atticus, Syrus, Hassleberry, Axel, and Jim all discuss the recent events as well as Jaden and Jesse. Then Chancellor Sheppard comes in and tells them about Jaden's childhood, including his relationship with Yubel.moreless
  • 2/9/08
    Jesse has retrieved Rainbow Dragon, and together him and Jeden team up to finally defeat Marcel. However, Marcel quickly gains the advantage and summons all three of the Sacred Beasts at once! After some careful defense, Jesse manages to bring all the Crystal Beasts to the field, and manages to finally summon Rainbow Dragon! Although Rainbow Dragon can not destroy the beasts due to their abilities, Jaden manages to summon Chaos Neos and uses it to negate their special effects and destroy Uria. Marcel then revives Uria, only to get rid of all three of the Sacred Beasts and summon Chaos Phantasm Armityle, a fusion of the three beasts. Blair finally decides to try and get through to Marcel, and it may work a little better then she thought, when the Mysterious creature that is possessing him decides to reveal herself.moreless
  • 2/2/08
    Marcel decides to finally take care of Jaden, forcing him into a duel. While Jesse and Axel head off to find Rainbow Dragon's capsule, Jaden and the others make their way to Marcel. However, Marcel has the Duel Ghouls advancing towards them, and one by his friends step up to hold them off while Jaden gets to Marcel. Eventually Jaden and Blair make it to the duel arena. The duel starts and Marcel quickly tricks Jaden and gets the advantage. However, Jesse finally finds the Rainbow Dragon and decides to join Jaden and have a tag team duel against Marcel.moreless
  • A Dimensional Duel
    Episode 24
    In order for the portal between the real world and the alternate dimension to work, there must be a burst of power so it will open. Jesse and Zane then begin their duel so that everyone will be saved. As the duel starts Zane seems to have the advantage, but Jesse's Crystal Beasts are still a force to be reckon with. Meanwhile, Jaden tries to escapes from the Duel Ghouls so that he can make it to his friends, while Marcel plots his next move against Jaden. Back in the real world, Pegasus finally completes the Rainbow Dragon card, and the only thing left to do is open the portal, but will Jesse and Zane be able to produce enough energy to open it?moreless
  • 1/19/08
    Chancellor Sheppard and Pegasus head to the site of the Rainbow Dragon' tablet in order to retrieve it to help the students return from the alternate dimension. However, Echo is already there, and she plans to blow up the tablet so that no one can return from that world. When asked why she is doing this to Adrian, she reveals that Adrian can not be happen in this world because of his brother. In the alternate dimension, Adrian and Marcel begin their duel for the Sacred Beasts. However, the beasts threaten to emerge on their own, forcing the duel off. Meanwhile, Bastion and Eisenstein reveal that in order for their plan to work, and cross dimensional duel must be held. Jesse will be the alternate dimension's duelist, but his opponent may not be what he expected.moreless
  • 11/10/07
    Marcel reveals that he is planning to release the Sacred Beasts cards and use them in his plans. As he opens the cavern and heads down to their location, Jaden gives chase. While chasing Marcel, he is stopped by Chazz, who is still a duel ghoul. Chazz starts attacking him, forcing Jaden to duel him in order to catch up with Marcel. Meanwhile, Dr. Eisenstein has managed to contact everyone using the power storage facility. He reveals that in order for them to escape from the alternate dimension, they must get a hold of the Rainbow Dragon card.moreless
  • Triple Play (2)
    Episode 21
    The duels between Jesse, Jim, and Axel vs. the three masked knights continue with the knights outsmarting Jesse and Jim with every move. Axel is more lucky and manages to easily outsmart his opponent and defeat him. After a bit of struggling Jim and Jesse manages to also beat their opponents and the three students are saved. Axel then takes some of the Obelisk Blue students to the power facility to stop Marcel from using it, but Marcel is no where to be found. Marcel is on the other side of the academy, and is planning something big.moreless
  • Triple Play (1)
    Episode 20
    As more and more students fall victim to the duel ghouls, everyone is doing their part in the attempt to protect themselves, including make barricades and making defense team. Meanwhile, Blair finally gets the medicine and makes a great recovery, however she blames herself for what is happening. Although Jaden and the others are trying to keep everybody optimistic and in check, the food supply is quickly running low, causing tension among the students. After hearing about the food storage facility, two Obelisk Blue students and a Ra Yellow Student go looking for it. However, they quickly encounter the duel ghouls and run for it. The wind up in the library where they run into the possessed Marcel, eating a good meal. They try to take it, but he prevents it. After letting them eat, he forces them to merge with duel spirits. Marcel then goes over the intercom and announces that he is the ruler of this world. He says that he will allow them to have access to the food storage facility if he can have access to the power generators. Since no one agrees to the terms, Marcel forces them to duel his new warriors, which were made from the three students and some duel spirits. Since Jaden uses a lot on energy in his last duel, Jesse, Jim, and Axel decide to take on the three warriors.moreless
  • School Ghoul Duels
    Episode 19
    Jaden and the others lose their connection with Miss Fontaine and must now figure out a way to get into the nurse’s office and save both Miss Fontaine and Blair before the duel ghouls get to her. Jaden, Jim, Jesse, Axel, and Adrian all head off to sneak into the nurse’s office, but Adrian, Jim, and Axel all eventually have to break away in order to lead the duel ghouls away from Jaden and Jesse. The two of them finally make it to the nurse’s office, but they are too late. The duel ghouls have already gotten to Miss Fontaine and have turned her into a ghoul! With no choice, Jaden must duel Miss Fontaine. But will he be able to end the duel in time to save Blair.moreless
  • 10/6/07
    As Jaden and the others make their way back to Duel Academy, Alexis, Hassleberry, and Syrus guard the outside of the academy while Bastion tries to figure out a way to return to their world. In the Chancellor’s office, Crowler is having a nervous breakdown trying to figure out what to do with Bonaparte is worried about finding Marcel. Meanwhile, the Devil Arm begins his plan by defeating two Obelisk Blue students in a duel and puts them in a zombie like state. One of them then challenges Chazz to a duel, who is guarding the food supply. After beating him in a duel, he gets back up, ready to duel again, along with many more duel ghouls. Jaden and the others finally return to the academy where the duel ghouls begin to surround them before Hassleberry and Alexis show up to save them. They tell them what is going on, but they are running out of time as the ghouls begin to close in on them, and Miss Fontaine!moreless
  • Sub-Desert Duel
    Episode 17
    Now that the Mysterious Eye monster has taken over Marcel, it now has even more power then before. Adrian becomes upset with this thinking that it has betrayed him. With supplies, including medicine and food running low at the academy, they must figure out someway to replenish their supplies so they can heal Blair. Bastion tells them of a submarine out in the desert that could have supplies on it. Jaden, Jesse, Axel, Jim, and Adrian (who is also spying on them for the Mysterious Eye) head across to the desert to the submarine. On the way they are challenge by a Rock Spirit sent by the Mysterious Eye. Jesse duels and defeats it and they head into the submarine. After finding supplies, Rock Spirit returns and sends his monsters into the sub to destroy Jaden and the others.moreless
  • 9/22/07
    Following Jaden and Professor Viper's duel, Duel Academy and all its students have been transported to another world! After getting down from the helicopter pad, A Harpie Lady appears and attacks Crowler and Bonaparte! Jesse takes care of them before heading inside the school. Jaden and the others gather all the students into the gym and try to decide what to do. Adrian returns and says he saw someone crossing the desert. They head outside and find Bastion being attacked by Harpie Lady. Jesse begins to fight her again, but then she becomes Harpie Lady Sisters and starts to beat down Sapphire Pegasus. Meanwhile Adrian has taken the Devil Arm into the library for some reason. The arm then escapes and sets its sites on Marcel.moreless
  • A Snake in the Grass (3)
    As the duel between Jaden and Professor Viper continues, Adrian finally manages to escape from the clutches of the mysterious eye. Viper begins to put doubts in Jaden’s head in order to make him lose. Jaden finally manages to destroy Venominon, but in its place Viper summons the Deity of Poisonous Snakes – Venominaga! Viper reveals that Jaden will lose in three turns. Jaden must get over his doubts is he wants to beat Viper, otherwise the evil eye and Viper’s son will be resurrected!moreless
  • 9/8/07
    Jaden continues his duel against Professor Viper with Viper’s deadly snake deck seemingly getting the advantage. To make matters worse, as Jaden’s monsters continue to get weaker by the power of Viper’s snakes, Viper summons the King of Poisonous Snakes – Venominom. Jesse begins to notice that it seems like Viper has another meaning as to why he is dueling. Viper then reveals that he is using the Bio-Bands to collect duel energy to reveal the mysterious eye monster. When he collects enough energy, the arm will be resurrected and will bring Viper’s son Pierce back to life. As the duel continues, can Jaden manage to beat Viper?moreless
  • 9/1/07
    Jaden and Jesse are finally reunited with everyone else and not a moment too soon. Adrian arrives in Viper's room and demands that Viper hand over the card he possesses. After a short battle, the Mysterious Eye pins Adrian against a wall and begins to taunt him about his past. Meanwhile, Adrain's plan begins to put the base on lockdown, forcing Jaden and the others to try and reach safety. After running through out the building, they run into Viper. Viper takes them into the sky on a platform. Jaden realizes that he must duel Viper, and so the duel begins.moreless
  • Trapper Keeper (2)
    Episode 12
    As Jesse's duel with Trapper continues, Trapper now has two of the Crystal Beasts and is aiming at them all! Things only get more complicated when Jesse must choose between saving his Sapphire Pegasus or keeping a promise to an old friend.
  • Trapper Keeper (1)
    Episode 11
    With all the energy extracted from Jaden and Professor Stein's duel, Viper thinks he only needs one more duel to occur before his plan is complete. He sends Jesse's old enemy Trapper to duel Jesse. To lure Jesse into a duel, he captures Jesse's Sapphire Pegasus. Now Jesse must duel to save his Crystal Beats before Trapper gets his hands on all of them!moreless
  • 7/21/07
    Stein turns Elemental Hero Burstinatrix and Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird into his allies with the effect of Scab Scar Knight's effect, and launches an attack against Jaden. Meanwhile, Jaden summons Elemental Hero Mariner and launches a direct attack on Stein. Viper, watching the battle on a monitor, informs Jaden of the trap laid in this duel. The trap being that Alexis has been taken hostage and when Stein takes on an attack, the room Alexis is locked up in fills with water. Jaden, unable to attack, is assaulted relentlessly by Stein.moreless
  • 7/14/07
    Due to large number of injuries due to Survival Duels, Jaden and the others go to Viper's research lab to confront him. Inside they split into two groups. Jaden is confronted by Mr. Stein, who he must defeat if he wants to find Viper.
  • 6/23/07
    Chazz summons VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon and showers Adrian in a surging attack. However, Adrian takes on that attack still bearing a relaxed smile. He, at last, begins his strike back. By opening his two reverse cards, the effects of Rain Storm and Natural Disaster inflict damage upon Chazz. Chazz battles back, but Adrian's combo attack drives Chazz further into the predicament.moreless
  • 6/16/07
    Viper notices Adrian, searching around his vicinity. And then, he forces Adrian to duel before the next night or else. Adrian tries to overload Viper's system by having tons of students duel at the same time. Meanwhile, Chazz is bothered by Adrian and does some research on his profile. As a result he suggests on dueling Adrian while knowing that he's the eldest son of the Gecko Group. In use of his Cloud Deck, Adrian commences in attacks against Chazz.moreless
  • Primal Instinct
    Episode 6
    After their duel, both Jaden and Axel are feeling a little weak, but they are still energetic at the same time. While talking outside, Shirley bites Tyranno. Jim Cook reveals that due to the vibrations in the air, Shirley is reverted to her primal instincts and Jaden is less energetic then usually. This is also affecting the dinosaur DNA within Tyranno, making him act like an animal. Jim challenges Tyranno to a duel in order to restore his normal behavior.moreless
  • 5/12/07
    Axel tries to make Jaden show all of his potential by holding Syrus as a captive. He faces off against Jaden with, who will battle for real just as speculated, battling back with his Fire Deck. Against Jaden's direct attack, Axel activates the Permanent Trap "Fire Wall"and negates the direct attack. In turn, Jaden initiates Contact Fusion between Neos and Flare Scarab to summon Flare Neos to strike back.moreless
  • 5/5/07
    Professor Viper introduces survival duels to Duel Academy. Each student is equipped with a special wristband that will monitor their dueling performances. If the duelist performs badly, they are demoted, and then expelled! After seeing how much energy Jaden used in his duel with Jesse, Viper commands Axel to duel Jaden. To lure Jaden, Axel captures Syrus and ties him to a rope hanging over the ocean.moreless
  • Jewel of A Duel (2)
    Jaden and Jesse continue their duel, and everytime Jaden believes he has finally pulled ahead, Jesse pulls another trick out of his hat. Even with powerful fusions, Jaden can't seem to get past Jesse's Crystal Beast monsters. Even worse, Jesse plans to release an creature with awesome power. Also, Professor Viper returns to the duel, but what does he have in store?moreless
  • Jewel of A Duel (1)
    The new semester for Duel Academy has started. The academy invites school champions: Adrian Gecko, Axel Brodie, Jim Cook, Professor Viper, and a mystery man as exchange students. Meanwhile, Jaden meets a boy who sees spirits on the top of the school. That boy is the mystery man, Jesse Anderson. Jesse is a duelist who controls an odd series of monsters called the Jewel Beasts. Professor Viper decides to start the year off with a duel between Jesse and Jaden. However, Viper is mysteriously missing from the duel.moreless
  • Third Time's A Charm
    It's the day before the start of the new semester and Chazz paints the schoolhouse made white by the Society of Light blue again. Meanwhile, Jaden thinks back to Neos, that fought with Sartorious in their battle, and all the battles he's had up until now. The time he lost to Aster and experienced the phenomenon of all his cards turned blank white, the time he met with the Neo Spacians and got their cards, the time he and Aster had their decisive rematch, and the time he and Aster joined in a tag team and fought against Sarina.moreless