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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 35

Sibling Rivalry

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 07, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Chazz was complaining about his short bedroom when Jaden told him that Chancellor Sheppard wants to see him. Sheppard explained that someone wants to bulldoze the academy unless someone beats them in a duel. That someone is Chazz's older brothers, Slade and Jagger, who want him to duel Slade using only monsters with 500 or less attacks points (this is their payback to Chazz for not using the cards they gave him during the School Duel). Banner told him of a well filled with these kind of cards, so he went with Jaden to make a new deck with these cards, despite their weakness. At the duel, Chazz used all three of the Ojama brothers cards and combined their attacks to wipe out Slade's monsters and win the duel, saving Duel Academy.moreless

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  • u

    jaden actually loses to kaibaman. anyway chazz's brothers are coming to the academy. trying to out buy it. kaiba agrees on 1 condition. a duel of course. chazz vs. one of his brothers. but there is something unfair chazz can not use any strong monsters. with that done chazz needs a whole new deck. he goes to an old spirit well to look for old cards. rumor has it this where people throw away the cards that they do not want. their chazz finds the rest of the ojama trio. green nd black. sure he brothers are reunited but can chzz win.moreless
  • Duel Academy will be destroyed by Chazz's brothers Slade and Jagger.And to stop them Chazz must duel them.But with his attack limit of 500 can he even hope to win?

    This episode is defenately average.But in Yu-Gi-Oh GX average isn't really bad. So I really liked this episode. It really shows what Chazz's brothers are really like. Business tycoons who only care about money. They remind me of Seto Kaiba a little bit.But anyway this episode is really really cool.
  • a great episode with great dueling skills and a very challaging opponent.

    this episode taught everyone whow watched it that even the weak can be victorious. With chazz only alowed monsters with less than 500 attack points didn't stop him from victory with the help of the ojama brother and necromancer to bring him thier. You get to see clips of the classic character Seto kaiba which brings back good memories of the old show. this episode was great and hope the next few episode will be just as good if not bettermoreless
  • Chazz VS Slade

    Meanwhile, Jaden and Syrus appear in front of his room. Jaden hears what Chazz said, asking whose fault Chazz is refering to. Chazz isn't satisfied by their sudden appearance, so he asks why they didn't knock the door first. Syrus is wondering and asks back how they could knock the door because it had been moved out and placed outside the room. Jaden agrees with Syrus. Chazz gets embrarassed since he moved the door out for additional space in his room. Jaden looks around the room and feels very impressed. Although he has the similar room, Chazz's room looks much better by his big bed. Thus, Jaden and Syrus jump onto his bed and play with it. Chazz also falls onto their jumping. He hasn't told them to come in yet, trying to tell them stop. Also, he asks why they have come here. Jaden and Syrus answer together while they are still jumping on the bed; the principle would like to see Chazz, so he let them call him out. There is something serious that the principle would like to talk to him. Chazz has realized their purpose. However, he asks for how long they are jumping like this.moreless
Jonathan T. Ross

Jonathan T. Ross

Slade Princeton

Guest Star

Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Seto Kaiba

Recurring Role

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Jagger Princeton/Ojama Green

Recurring Role

Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock

Ring Announcer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Cards that can be seen in the Well are Cyber Dragon, Gokibore, Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon, Skull Servent, Griggle, Copycat, Lord of D., Petit Dragon, Ojama Black, Ojama Green, and Morphing Jar #2.

    • When Slade informs Chazz about the duel, he says monsters with 500 "life points," not attack points.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Ojamas: HIYA, BOSS!!

      Chazz: Sure, they look funny... They smell real bad... Nobody likes them... And they never shut up! But since I've known them, these guys have taught me a lesson...

      Ojama Green: That you should eat dessert first?

      Ojama Black: That flies taste great?

      Ojama Yellow: That bathing is optional?

      Chazz: The lesson is... GOOD brothers support each other!

    • Chazz: Four monsters?
      Slade: Congratulations. You can add.

    • Ojama Yellow: Guys, what's Thunder Crash do?
      Ojama Green: Don't ask me, I left my reading monocle in the well.
      Ojama Black: It seems, 'Chazz deals 300 points of damage for every monster on his field that he decides to destroy.'
      Ojama Yellow & Ojama Green: Did he say destroy?!

    • Jaden: Look. There's the well.
      Chazz: What tipped you off? The big hole in the ground?

    • Chazz: Finally some peace and quiet...
      Jaden: What's up, Chazz!
      Chazz: Aaah! Ever. Hear. Of KNOCKING?!

    • Jaden: This isn't fair!
      Slade: No, it isn't. But then, that's the point!

    • Kaiba: Of course he won. Did you really think I would give Duel Academy to those two? They have a lot to learn about world domination.

    • Principle Sameshima: " I have waited for you, Manjyome-Kun.'

      Manjyome: "What is the matter, Principle? Is it serious?"
      Judai:Impossible! Probably, 7 stars have come to attack again? :
      Daitokuji:"Teacher That isn't the problem. "

      Manjyome:"Well, what is...?"
      Principle Sameshima:" It is about the sudden offer of the school acquisition. This destiny will be made in the conclusion of the duel between the purchaser and a student."
      Judai:"By the duel?"
      Principle Sameshima:"The owner here will be changed. However, he brought up a duel condition to the purchaser."
      Kaiba:"Well, the future road may be open by an ax in hand. You must defeat a duelist in Duel Academia. If you win, I will hand over the school to you. "
      Daitokuji Teacher:"Those words seem to force us."
      Judai:"If that so, please let me duel, Principle!"
      Principle Sameshima:"That may be impossible. The duelist has already been identified by his destiny."
      Judai:That can't be..."

      Principle Sameshima:"Um.."
      Judai:"Manjyome? "
      Daitokuji:"Teacher You can say that again. Principle, there is a call coming in. "
      Principle Sameshima:"Please connect it. "
      Daitokuji Teacher:"Hai~"
      Sho:"What! The purchasing opponent is
      Manjyome Brothers, what does this mean?"

  • NOTES (15)


    • Ojama Brothers: Green and Black seem to act like Curly and Moe from the Three Stooges. Black called Chazz a 'Chowder-Head', a name that Moe called his fellow Stooges from time to time. Green also went "Nyuk-Nyuk", one of Curly's famous cathphrases. Coincidentally, with Shemp, Moe and Curly were brothers in real life.

    • Chazz's Strategy

      Chazz spends the entire duel filling his graveyard with monsters through battles and Spell Cards to power up Chaos Necromancer. Rebecca Hawkins in the original series' Season 1 Wrath of Rebecca used an almost identical strategy to power up her key card, Shadow Ghoul.

    • When the weak duel spirits first jump them in the Japanese version, Jaden is surprised to learn Chazz can see them like he can.

    • Painful Choice

      This same card was last used by Gozaburo Kaiba in a duel with his adopted son, the one-and-only Seto Kaiba.

    • In the Japanese version, 500 Attack Points was the agreed limit for Chazz's monsters, but he surprised everyone when he announced as the duel was about to start that all his new monsters had Zero Attack points.

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