Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 45

The Dark Light

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 13, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

The episode begins with the standard shot of Duel Academia to tense music. An explosion erupts in the forest as we discover Edo dueling against a pro duelist in a black suit; he has Dogma Guy on the field while his opponent has Blade Knight in play. Dogma Guy charges the opponent's monster, an explosion shaking the nearby trees and scattered birds from their nests. Edo approaches his fallen, smoking opponent, then takes his deck and searches through it. Frustrated not finding the card he is searching for, he flings it to the ground at the duelist's feet. He must find the duelist with the Ultimate D card... a flashback shows Edo standing over his father's body, cards thrown about the ransacked room. His fist clenches and shakes...

Turn 97! Samejima is meeting Pegasus at an Industrial Illusions skyscraper in the mainland. The two shake hands as Pegasus greets "Mister Samejima," questioning him on the progress of the Genex tournament. The two talk at length about the tournament, although the D card has not been located at this time. Pegasus surprises Samejima as his talk turns to space, taking out a small remote that closes the blinds on the room's windows. In the dark, a screen projection lights up showing the darkness of space and a large nebula shining bright white in the center. Pegasus calls this a "White Hole", the projection showing arrows of energy emanating from it in various directions. He discusses the difference between a white hole and a black hole; while a black hole absorbs all energy and matter by sucking it into its depths, a white hole repels matter and emits energy outwards. The nebula explodes, changing into waves of light flowing through space... and as Pegasus steps aside, that wave of light is shown flowing downwards over Earth. Their discussion turns to "Phoenix" and the Genex tournament briefly before Pegasus cues more visuals on the projection; soldiers in a war rushing down a beach as planes drop bombs all around them, a bleached and barren desert wasteland with an oxen skull, etc. Samejima looks unnerved as the next projection shows the waves of light striking small person-shaped markers, then attack planes dropping bombs and a building exploding. The next slide shows a statue of a Greek emperor, a shogun, and a chinese sage. The final slide shows a tank as Pegasus clicks the remote and opens the windows again. He takes out a card and hands it to Samejima across the table... It is a duel monsters card with a completely white background. Pegasus seems to link this card to Saiou, but it does not appear to be the card stolen from Edo's father. As the two talk, Samejima says something that surprises Pegasus, prompting an English "What?" Samejima voice-overs as Edo is shown still dueling frantically in the Genex tournament, this time against a duelist with a Archfiend of Gilfer on the field. He glares at the duelist as he collapses, and the scene ends with silhouettes of Pegasus and Samejima discussing the matter in front of the bright windows.

That night, Edo shakes and gasps to regain his breath, still dueling in the forest without pause. Countless cards and duelists are collapsed at his feet, but none of them had the card stolen from his father... His eyes narrow as he flashes back to the Virtual World, when the defeated Mizuchi told him and Judai about what happened to her brother. Mizuchi could not give him a certain answer as to whether or not the card given to Saiou as the lost ultimate D-Hero... A flash of lightning illuminates the White Dorm in the distance as Edo stands over the bodies of the fallen duelists. The door is thrown open and Edo screams Saiou's name furiously, struggling as White duelists in the lobby eject him from the dorm. He slams his fist on the locked door, screaming for Saiou to tell him the truth and falling to his knees at the barred entrance.

The next morning, Judai and Kenzan are watching television in a room of the Academia, a cartoon fox waving onscreen as Chronos and Napolean interrupt them. They question what the two are doing there, but Judai argues they don't have a television in Osiris Red and wanted to watch the pro league title match (lol, what happened to Manjoume's room?). Kenzan changes channels and the Pro League stadium is shown with a packed crowd around an oval-shaped green field. Chronos identifies the current champion as Edo's foster-father, DD. The scene shifts to Edo's yacht at sea, a portable high-tech television tuned to the same match. DD is shown on his way to the arena, a man in a crisp dark gray suit carrying a case at his side. Edo's eyes narrow as he remembers DD, flashing back to Little!Edo smiling as an older man offers his hand, with short black hair, glasses, and a warm smile. He kneels and places a hand on Edo's shoulder, kind and understanding as Edo recognizes him as pro league champion and wonders if he could be champion as well some day. DD seems warm and supportive of this goal... They shake hands and laugh as the flashback ends and returns to the current Pro League champion. DD sits in a room, clutching his right arm as it twitches and shakes. His hair is longer and he has grown a goatee, grimacing in pain as he holds his hand... In the background, a mirror reflects a completely different DD, his hair wild and spiked. He is clutching his hand as it tries to reach out towards the table in front of him, holding his duel disc and case. A ghostly voice chuckles as his hand reaches for the case, and he looks in horror to the mirror, where a reflection of himself with wildly spiked hair and a twisted smile watches him calmly. The reflection talks about Saiou and DD's hand curls into a fist on a white background, punching the case through the glass table and shattering it. He cracked open the case with the blow, which opens to reveal a single card nestled inside... He picks it up, his hair changing as he laughs and stares downwards at it, looking up as he now resembles his reflection. He smiles twistedly as he picks up the card...

The break cut shows Collector and DD in a staredown, followed by an out of place Judai poking his head into the scene.

Chronos and Napolean have joined Judai and Kenzan to watch the match, as Edo watches from his yacht... Stadium lights pop on, illuminating the green field as the crowd cheers. A hulking bald man with a scarred forehead and bushy black beard stands proudly in a straightjacket as he is introduced as "Doctor Collector," the crowd heckling him as he shatters his straight jacket to reveal a muscled physique and orange convict jumpsuit. On the other side of the field, flames erupt to announce the entrance of his opponent, the Pro League champion... DD! He rises from a hole in the ground, his hair again in order and a calm expression on his face. The two talk only briefly before readying their duel discs... Duel!

DD begins, summoning a 1200 DEF monster (not a D-Hero), a gaunt mummified figure in white robes, bandages, and a golden facemask. He sets a card and ends his turn.

Doctor Collector draws, chuckling as he tells the champion how he has drawn his strongest cards. DD seems pleasantly curious with his hands on his hips, unafraid of Collector's declaration. Incensed by DD's snide pleasantries, Collector activates Dimensional Fissure, the arena quaking as the fissure appears in the air above them, composed of glowing violet energy. He then activates Graceful Charity, drawing 3 cards and discarding a Cosmo Queen and Magician's Valkyria... Because of the Fissure, they are removed from the game instead of going to his Graveyard. He throws the cards into the portal above them, then activates Magical Stone Excavation, discarding Monster Reincarnation to recover Graceful Charity to his hand. He uses it again to draw another three cards, discarding a second Valkyria and Black Magician Kuran to the RFG portal. Judai questions why Collector would remove so many of his own cards from the game...

Meanwhile, Collector is angered as DD yawns unconcerned by his lengthy combination, a hand over his mouth as he feigns politeness, urging him to finish up with his move already. Collector activates Dimension Fusion with a stern glare, paying 2000 LP (Collector LP: 2000) as the portal glows ominously. He summons all of his removed from game monsters (Cosmo Queen, Kuran, and two Valkyria) then normal summons a third Valkyria to complete the combination. Judai is impressed by the amazing swarm of monsters on the field on the very first turn! He and Kenzan wonder if DD can retain his title in the face of so many powerful Spellcasters. Chronos points out the Valkyrias protect him from attack while Napolean observes the burn damage Kuran will inflict... this is certainly a pro duel.

Collector seems assured of his victory this turn, attacking DD's monster with Cosmo Queen... but DD saves himself with his set Negate Attack trap card, blocking Collector's attack this turn. Undeterred, Collector capitalizes on his field of Spellcaster females by activating Magic Blast, inflicting 200 damage to DD for each Spellcaster on his field for a total of 1000 (DD LP: 3000). Collector sets the last card in his hand and ends his turn, gloating as he muses over his set trap, Nightmare Wheel. With this invincible combination of burning, protection, and brute force, he can't lose this duel! However, he looks up from his thoughts shocked to find DD laughing as his body smokes from the Magic Blast attack. His hair is tussled and spiked again as he laughs, a white aura rising from his body as he looks up, his eyes glowing blood red. His voice changes to take on the same tone as Saiou's psychotic moments as Collector steps back in shock, a shrill wind noise accompanying the pulsing white aura around DD's body. He talks about demons to Collector, sneering and laughing insanely as the aura around him grows, taking the shape of a giant looming figure of white fire with red glowing eyes in the center. The aura surges around him as he draws, laughing and activating two copies of Devil's Sanctuary to create two Metal Devil tokens on the field. He then activates the spell card D-Force, showing a metal blue letter D on an orange background. He cycles the card into his deck face-up, using the card to summon a devil... His two tokens and monster are tributed as the white flames surge outwards, and Edo and Judai are shocked as the feed to the match is interrupted by white static just as the flames begin to take a new shape.

Edo contacts DD in concern, and he talks in a calm, distant voice (with the status of his hair unseen) as the arena is shown obliterated in the background; flames rage and the seats are empty and broken. He hangs up after informing Edo that he will be coming to the Duel Academia now... That night, Edo rides his yacht up to a much larger one, storming across the deck and entering a large moonlit hall in the interior of the boat. He calls out to DD, relieved to find him standing at the opposite end of the hall. DD smiles grimly, his hair revealed to be spiked as he stands in the darkness. His smile twists into an evil grin as he walks out to the center of the hall with his arms folded behind his back, talking about Doctor Collector as a flashback shows people screaming as flames lick at the Pro League stadium, people fleeing in a panic as DD and Collector duel in a circle of fire. The three Valkyrias are protecting Collector with a force field of blue light as per their attack protection ability, but an unseen fist pounds the field again and again. DD cackles in front of the fire and smoke as his Ultimate D card looms in shadows over the field, pounding it again and again until it shatters and breaks. In a panic, Collector activates Nightmare Wheel to save himself, but DD screams it won't work in psychotic glee as the shadowy fist smashes the trap card with a mighty punch, sending all five Spellcasters flying as Collector screams, his Life Points dropping to 0 (C LP: 0). He collapses in the fire as DD cackles evilly to the air. Edo's eyes widen in shock as the doors slam shut behind him, blocking out the moonlight... DD is the owner of the Ultimate D card? He stares at the card in horror as DD shows it to him with a cruel sneer and the episode ends.

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