Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 45

The Dark Light

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 13, 2007 on The CW

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  • Aster's stepfather, The D, is revealed to have been overcome by The Light.

    This was a decent episode. I didn't care for the overall plot, but it was alright. The Destiny Hero Plasma was awesome. I feel bad for Aster. He has been searching for this card his whole life and the person who has it was the person he thought he could trust. I think it was ironic how everyone Aster knew was overcome by the Light of destruction. Aster now has to stop The D from destroying the world and then he has to stop Sartorious. Overall, it was a decent episode that revealed to us the true identity of the person who has Destiny Hero Plasma.
  • Aster searches for his father's missing Destiny Card.

    Aster wins duel after duel but still hasn't got hold of the missing destiny card.

    Remembering what Serena told him, he assumes that Sartorious, ahs the card, but is thrown out of the White dorm.

    Later on he gets a call from the D, to meet him at his boat, and Aster learns the shocking truth about his father.

    Great episode the duel between the D and Dr. Collector was intense, and Aster finds out just who the D really is.
  • the first apperence of the D.

    The D duels for the first time in the past decade. during the opening part of the episode Aster is dueling everyone to find the ultimate d card. Pegasus is talking to Shepperd about the white hole that gives off the light that gives power to the world's greatest dictators. the D duels against Dr.collector who is an excriminal. Tryanno and Jaden watch the duel on Shepperds big screen tv. The D is in tight spot during the duel when dr.collector was able to bring back the five monsters he removed Cosmo Queen , Magicians valkarie X 3 and Ebon Magician Curran. the d is able to summon the ultimate d card but the screen goes black and the end of the duel is unseen. Aster meets with the D and asks him how the duel end and he explains it to him. aster learns that the D killed his father and took the card. a great episode.
  • One of the greatest episode so far in this series.

    A Superb episode that was awesome and well written and where has an episode this good been all this time? It was jaw-dropping and beautiful. It is interesting how The D just totally wipeout everything with just one card. Also, how the real truth about the GX tournament was brought here in the first place. Even when Phoenix was curious unto what happened with The D's duel. What really got me chicken skin was when the D told the truth about how Phoenix's dad so called 'disappeared' was revealed that was something else. I hope their are more great episodes like this because by far this was the greatest out of this whole season.
  • Simply put: Revealing.

    This episode was pretty revealing(term may be overused) in terms of the plot and whatnot. We find out that The D took Aster's father and get to see a glimpse of what the ultimate destiny card can do. We also see how Sartorious and The D were infected by the light, or more specifically, by the light hole. It seems that those infected with the light hole have two seperate personalities. That and a lot more was what made this episode really, really, cool. Now, I defenitely can't wait for the next episode nor the one after that and so on.
  • the ultumite d-card is activated, has aster phoneix found the one who took his fathers live, or has he been closer than expected.

    So this is one of those exciting yugioh gx episodes. In this episode it is revealed that the ones who holds the ultumite
    D-card(and murder of aster's father) is none other than D.D.
    aster' legal guardian! It is also revealed that there is more to D.D than meets the eyes. When he obtain the ultumite D-card, D.D obtain a dark personality( much like satorius,
    aster's manager, and both yami's bakura and marik from the
    original show,) that activites whenever he is about to use the D-card.D.D is shown used the card when duels a prisonare type of guy in global T.V. HE defats him by using the D-card and sacraficing 3 monsters and summoning a powerful monster who negates monster effects, and seemengly not affected by traps.The episode ends as D.D. comfronts aster.