Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 39

The Dark Scorpions

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 27, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The seven star keys of Jaden and the others are stolen. A group of 5 people, Dark Scorpion Grave Robber Group, lurks into the school. Chazz who can reveal this incident finally starts a duel against the Dark Scorpions led by Don Zaloog. Although he attacks by leveled up Armed Dragon, it is sealed by 5 people of the Dark Scorpions. By the combination attack of the 5 people in a turn, his LP reduces by 2000 points. If he gets one more hit, he will be defeated. Then, he bets everything on Ojama Trio.moreless

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  • g

    the 4th shadow rider has arrived. but first of course jaden escaped the ocean rider. now a detective arrives at the acdaemy telling all the students that they should hide all of their keys. then 4 other new people appear at the academy. the next day all of the keys appear to be missing. then the detective and 4 other new people reveal themselves. as the next set of shadow riders. the dark scorpions. chazz found out it was them who did it. what they did not know is that they have to be won in a duel. now chazz must duel.moreless
  • In this episode the dark scorpions make a lot of funny bloopers

    This episode contains lots of funny stuff from part of the dark scorpions like their disguises of detective, security guard, nurse, janitor and slifer red student also gorg not knowing what role call is until meanea the thorn told him it's saying your name also when chazz tells jaden he can't hear him because he is wearing ear plugs but jaden still doesn't understand him and keeps talking also w2hen alexis tries to reach her key and the part when the dark scorpion's reveal their identities and nobody ever heard of them and chazz calls them a bunch of losers.moreless
  • A Chazz Episode.

    The Dark Scorpions attack! This episode was awesome because it focus's on CHAZZ! An episode all about CHAZZ! Chazz it up! Chazz it up! Chazz it up! CHAZZ IT UP! CHAZZ It Up! CHAZZ It UP! This episode was great. I loved it alot. Here were some parts I liked:

    Episode about Chazz

    Chazz finally duels instead of Jaden.
  • Jaden takes an break from dueling in this episode.

    As the others prepare for the next shadow riders.Altough the next shadow riders are already there disquise as workers or students in the school ground.So Chazz was an pretty good detective except his clients didn't leave the clues where they were.So Chazz ends up dueling the Dark Scorpion gang! Yeah and believed in this one Jaden takes an nice break from dueling in this episode.Actucally,I really liked this.I mean its nice for an changed that another person duels aganist the shadow rider and win.Usually whenever one or two person lose it always end up with Jaden dueling and winning it.It was pretty funny as well! Even at the end,when Chazz finds out that they all were cards.In the end,it was very funny.When it ends up to be an house party with the card spirits.moreless
  • Chazz's Time to Shine

    Now Chazz needs to duel a Shadow Rider. This episode was great. It was filled with action and comedy. Some funny moments in it. The Dark Scorpions, Don Zaloog, Cliff, Meanae, Chick, and Gorg come to Duel Academy, and Don Zaloog, the Shadow Rider, leads them and they dress up to try not to be seen obviously. But thanks to Chazz's monsters, they get caught, and Chazz duels Don and beats them.moreless
Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)

Cliff the Policeman

Guest Star

Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor

Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn

Recurring Role

David Wills

David Wills

Gorg The janitor

Recurring Role

Darren Dunstan

Darren Dunstan

Don Zaloog

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • (As Chazz wants to find some evidence)
      Alexis: You know, I did see a press-on nail on the floor.
      Meanae: Uh-oh!
      (She reveals that on of her press-on nail on her right hand is missing)
      Chazz: A press-on nail. That sounds like a very promising clue, Lex. So where's the press-on nail now?
      Alexis: (blushed) I, err...Kinda threw it in the garbage.
      Chazz: The Garbage?! Well that's goes that lead.
      Alexis: Yeah, guess I'd goofed.
      Banner: I got one! There was a set of footprints leading right up to the safe.
      (Cliff is shocked as his shoes were filled with mud)
      Chazz: That's perfecr, Professor Banner! What size shoe was it? What was the style of the shoe trend?
      Banner: (Sweat) I kinda vacumn it up.
      Jaden: You know, there was a hole in our room.
      Syrus: It's true.
      Chazz: And let me guess, slacker! You already sealed it back up!
      Jaden: (embarrased) Well, er...kinda!
      Chazz: You guys are really something!
      Jaden: Hey thanks. We do what we can.
      Chazz: (sarcasm) Yeah, you sure do.
      (Chick hids away his drill)

    • (After Chazz reveals the culprits)
      Don: We're the criminal ring known as....(the culprits takes off their disguise) The Dark Scorpions!!
      All Jaden's friends and Banner: Sorry! Never heard of it!

    • (After Don Zaloong uses Mustering of the Dark Scorpion)
      Don: Now Scorpions! Roll Call!!
      Gorg: Rolls? Who got the rolls? Where are the rolls?
      Meanae: He means calling your name, Gorg! I'm Meanae the Thorn!
      Cliff: The name's Cliff the Trap Remover! Guess how I remove them!
      Chick: I'm Chick the Yellow! I'm six foot , when I jump up!
      All the members of the Dark Scorpion: And together we're the Dark Scorpions!!
      Chazz: Losers...

    • (A light shone at Chazz and Chazz sees Jaden and Syrus trying to say something)
      Chazz: Err, Morons! See this little things in my ears? Their earplugs! Now start over!
      Jaden: Your Key! It's Vanished!Look! (points at the broken door)
      Chazz: Wha in the...No! It can't be! (looks at the broken cabinet) It's Gone! How?!
      Jaden: Those things in your ears! They make it so that you can't hear doors being kicked in!


      Chazz: So all your keys are gone too?
      Banner: Yes, I'm afraid so..
      Chazz: See Jaden! And they weren't wearing earplugs!

    • Chazz: (removing his earplugs) Hey, morons, see these things in my ears? They're called earplugs. Now start over.
      Jaden: Your key! It's gone!
      Chazz: (finally noticing the destroyed door to his hiding place) What?! No! But how?
      Jaden: Those things in your ears? They make it so you can't hear doors being kicked in!

    • Chick the Yellow: I'm Chick the Yellow! I'm 6 feet...when I jump!

    • Jaden: Stay tough, Chazz! You can beat these guys!
      Chazz: Of course I can, now be quiet.

    • Chumley: I bet your key'll be safe in there, Professor Banner.
      Chazz: What makes you think that? The fact that it's called a safe?

  • NOTES (15)


    • The way Don Zaloog talks makes him sound like Christopher Walken who has a similar speech problem.

    • The dubbers portray Chazz like the cool, calm, and collected hero in this episode- a far cry from the conceited, annoying fool playing detective in the Japanese.

    • In the actual game, "Level Modulation" is a Spell, not a Trap.

    • A hilarious scene is cut from the dub when Alexis, to reach her key around her neck, has to unbutton her shirt, and Chazz turns his back blushing violently- but he has to force a completely oblivious Jaden to turn around!

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