Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 37

The Darkness Within

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Jan 31, 2007 on The CW
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Zane returns to Duel Academy for the Genex Tournament and is asked for a duel by his old friend Atticus. Trying to use the shadows to save Zane, Atticus loses control over the shadows and Nightshroud returns for the duel.

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  • The return of Nightshroud/Darkness and the birth of Hell Zane!

    this duel was off da hook! seeing atticus use those red eyes cards was truly impressive though I would've thought he'd be possessed by nightshroud as soon as he summoned his darkness dragon. Zanes new deck is strong but a force to be reckoned with. i actually thought atticus had a chance to fre him but I can't believe Zane chose to be the way he is now! Come on Zane! snap out of it!moreless
  • Atticus dueled Zane to get him out of the darkness. He failed since Zane won and he's still dark.

    I really liked this episode. Mostly because Zane was in it. But it made me sad on the part where Zane those things after he won. Part of me wants Zane to keep on winning. But maybe he needs to lose to show him winning isn't everything and to stop using the deck of the underworld. I don't know who to route for when he duels Johan in season 3. But over all it's a great episode.moreless
  • Great epidode.One of my favorites.Maybe those cards that Hell Zane uses I will try to get in real life.I'll be unstopable.

    The newly "reborn" Zane returns to Duel Academy to participate in the GX Tournament. Atticus, having once been a close friend to Zane, wishes to return Zane to his former self. However, Atticus taps into the power of Nightshroud in an attempt to save Zane. Will Atticus be able to rescue Zane from evil or will Atticus himself be retuned to evil? This was a great duel.Hell Zane's new cards are great and powerfull.Zane is accually strong enough to beat Nightshroud easily.I really thought Hell Zane would return to being Zane.Anyway One of my favorite episodes.moreless
  • Trying to free his best friend from the darkness Fubuki confronts Ryo with Darkness' Deck.

    Trying to free his best friend from the darkness Fubuki confronts Ryo with Darkness' Deck. This was a duel worth watching as Red-Eyes confronts Cyber Darks in a clash to remember. It was great to see Fubuki's serous dueling style that made him the rival of Kaiser at duel Academy. This duel also sets up the stage for the confrentation between Sho and Ryo.
  • One of the most exciting episodes ever!

    I really enjoyed this episode. Atticus duels Zane as a request my Sheppard to try and get Zane back to normal. Zane uses his new 'Underworld Deck' and it is really quite powerful. The Cyberdark cards' ablities really come in handy and when you fuse them, you are sure to win! Atticus/Nightshroud's cards were cool too. His Red Eyes Darkness Dragon was powerful, but Zane overpowered him in the end. Zane wins and says the old Zane is gone for good. Syrus says he will duel Zane himself if he has too and I think he has too! It was a great episode. Overall, I really liked this episode.moreless
Sean Schemmel

Sean Schemmel

Tyrano Hasselberry

Guest Star

David Wills

David Wills

Chancellor Sheppard

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Atticus: You helped bring me back from the shadows. Now its time for me to do the same for you, Zane.

    • Jaden: Sweetness! That means I can get my Zane on!

    • Before the duel
      Atticus: Nightshroud will always be a part of me, but now, I'm in control.
      Zane: What are you suggesting? That I'm not in control? I couldn't disagree with you more. I'm in complete control. But you're about to see that for yourself.
      Both: Game on!

    • Zane: You just managed to pull off a pretty powerful combination there. It makes you think, could you have done that... by yourself? I mean, without Nightshroud's help?
      Atticus: Like I said, he's gone. And I won't be controlled. (notices the dark energy coming from his deck)
      Zane: Something wrong? Just wait!

    • Nightshroud: (in Atticus' mind; laughing) You can't hide from me, Atticus. You and I are one and the same. Embrace the darkness.

    • Jaden: Hold on, see that monster.
      Syrus: Yeah, it's the same one Atticus used. You know, back when he was, well, having issues...

    • Nightshroud: Atticus has left the building, but not to worry- Nightshroud is here.

    • Nightshroud: (when Zane summons Cyber Dark Dragon) Takes more than that to impress me. That thing's too weak.
      Zane: You're forgetting two important words: Special Effect.

    • Zane: (after winning the duel) It's over, Nightshroud! Your shadow magic is nothing compared to my power!
      Atticus: (in their minds) Zane! You did it. You defeated the darkness. Does this mean you're back?
      Zane: No. The Zane you knew is long gone, and he's never coming back!
      Atticus: Hold on? So your mind is still... under the control of the shadows?
      Zane: I'm not being brainwashed! I just figured out the truth, that's all!
      Atticus: Yeah, so what's the truth?
      Zane: All that matters in life... is victory!
      Atticus: Come on! You don't really believe that, Zane, do you?
      Zane: I'm not playing games, Atticus!
      Atticus: (back in the real world) Zane... how did this happen to you?

  • NOTES (8)


    • Summoning Music: When Atticus summoned Red Eyes Darkness Dragon it played the same music as it did when the Egyptian God Cards were summoned in the original show.

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