Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 16

The Duel Giant

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 15, 2005 on The CW
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The word's out... There's a monster-sized person going around fighting all the Obelisk blue students. Rumor is, he only appears at Midnight, and he uses the forbidden ante rule... If the Obelisk looses, he must give up his or her best card. Crowler, as you may imagine, is not happy about this. He recruits Jaden to dispose of the Duel Giant, offering a year free of homework. he's actually thinking it would be a good way to kick Jaden out. Who is The Duel Giant? And can Jaden beat him?moreless

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  • Watching Paint Dry is better!

    Dammit I am honestly so sick of filler duels. A huge dueling giant shows up at the academy who targets members of obliesk. Crowler bribes Jaden into dueling this giant so he can yet again try and expel Jaden. Jaden duels the mysterious giant and finds out that hes a Ra yellow student who gets picked on. The duel giant uses some crappy goblin cards. Jaden wins as usually. The best part was there was no annoying female characters that showed up. There were a few crappy jokes. I think that Croweler needs to get a life if hes got nothing better to do than try and expel jadenmoreless
  • Pretty good.

    It seemed like an episode that either aired just for; the life lesson, the cards to be introduced, or for the Jaden/homework comedy. The wearing blue coats to disguise the big guy was cleaver, and it seemed that Kaiba's tournament seemed to have caused problems even in the future. Jaden really owned him, he is kind of like Atem were Atem can control what he draws because his determination is so great. Wait a minute, if giant orc has a union monster, why doesn't goblin attack force? Any ways, it was pretty good. But I hope they stop making filler episodes.moreless
  • j

    obelisk blues keep disppearing. crowler wants syrus and jaden to solve the case. at night thay walk outside the academy. they here a scream finding it came from an obelisk blue boy student. his top of his jacket was suposely taken. jaden chases a giant full of obelisk straps. the catch up to him. then they duel him. if jaden wins the giant must stop. the giant uses cards like giant ork and goblin attack force. during the duel his secret identidie is revealed. it is besuguard with brier still helping. does jaden have what it takes to win. cool!moreless
  • Jaden vs The Amazingly Big Duel Giant.

    Jaden faces off against the ever-so-big Duel Giant. Jaden slacks off, and doesn't do his homework. Slacking is not a good thing when you don't wanna do the work. But, Jaden does the work, and get's rewarded by Giving everybody back there card's. A job well done. Or as Syrus would say "Way to Play, Jay!"
  • Antes are illegal? cough cough... Battle City cough...

    The whole basis of this episode was pretty much bleh, but the duel action, like it always is in GX, was cool! We saw some new cards, and the "Duel Giant" was very spooky. We saw many lessons in this episode, like if you're gonna duel publicly, don't flinch when you're too afraid to activate that trap. That's exactly what this episode was: Emphasis on confidence in the world of Duel Monsters.moreless

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