Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 34

The Fear Factor

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 06, 2006 on The CW
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The Fear Factor
Hoping to relax after his stressful duels, Jaden retreats to a hot spring to unwind. But when you're one of the protectors of the Duel Academy it's hard to get a break, especially when the mysterious Kaibaman appears wanting to duel after Jaden and his friends end up in another dimension's underground cavern during the Spirit Festival. Will Jaden be able to defeat this familiar deck strategy, or is it all too much for him to handle?moreless

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  • This episode is very special in the sense that it brings back many memories of the ultimately-cool-and-always-loved Seto Kaiba from the original series.

    Well, there are both positive and negative aspects when a character like Kaibaman makes appearance on a show like Yugioh GX. The negative is that it reminds you of how much better the original show was, compared to Yugioh GX (at least that's how I feel), and the positive was that you can once again see someone who is very much like Seto Kaiba, which brings back sweet memories. I am glad that they did explain the origin of Kaibaman... Chazz, in the English version, says that Seto Kaiba created it in the image of himself-- which makes me wonder if it was an allusion to the concept of God; after all, Noa Kaiba was famous for referring to himself as the Creator, and the Kaibas are so much alike. Anyway, a little offtopic.

    I am also glad that they let Jaden Yuki lose in this duel. It gives him much more depth than the perpetually confident and simple-minded figure he appeared to be at the beginning of Yugioh GX. And anyway, I'm sure Kaiba fans would be really really mad if Jaden managed to beat Kaibaman

    Another thing I want to say is that this episode kept making me want to laugh. I mean, come on, what was it that Kaibaman said (in the English version)? "This is how a true duelist lives: not afraid of the thought of defeat, but always prepared to accept it. This is the nature of dueling!"

    Okay now. Who was it that always looked down on "losers"? Who was it that just HAD to defeat his rival, despite every and anything? Who was it that almost went nuts when he lost his first duel to a nobody named Yugi in his own duel arena? And now Kaibaman, a copy of the great Seto Kaiba, came to say "you should be able to accept defeat"?

    I just can't help cracking up.

    P.S. Did Seto Kaiba get the idea of giving Kaibaman that really long hair from Dartz? It would be very scary to see Seto Kaiba in that kind of hair.moreless
  • l

    jaden beats camula. 2 shadow riders down 5 to go. but the third doesn't show up fpr a while. so some of the boys decide to hang out in the spa. they play around for a little bit. witch is kind of weird. they are wearing nothing but little towls. anyway everyone goes looking for something but falls down into a weird room. then a bunch of duel spirits show up without masters. jaden, chazz, and chumly also have their spirits out. to bad syrus doesn't have one. a duelist approaches. his name is kiabaman. he duels jaden to save the spirits. will jaden win?moreless
  • Jaden must duel with the mysterious Kaibaman. However he does not realize he is dealing with an opponent that knows a brilliant strategy that was learned from a familiar duelist a while back: The great Seto Kaiba! This episode is awesome to watch.moreless

    This episode is the best one I like so far (seeing Jaden defeat Yugi Moto's deck was kind of dumb to see), but seeing Jaden being defeated by an entity (though it's not him) that has almost the same strategy to Seto Kaiba in some way, is excellent! These next generation characters may be good at dueling, but the original duelists that came before them is EXTREMELY better!
  • Blue eyes is back and nothing can stop him

    When I watch this episode is was wondering what might happen nexted after defead the secound shadow rider, They enter and world of Duel Monsters and Jadan meets SETO KAIBA? nit itsa new card named after him I was happy to see Blue Eyes again after so long but it was more supised taht he brough out Ultimate Dragon, This episode proves that the the series has not forgotten its roots at all, Kaibaman is a great charcter i hope we see more of him considering its voice by the same actor a great monster the Origanl Charcters are still the best I wonder if Kaiba himself will make an appearncemoreless
  • Jaden Vs. Kaibaman

    This episode was absolutely great! Even though it wasn't Kaiba Kaibaman was still an awesome character. I loved how he also use the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, it gave me that feel that it was Yugi Vs. Kaiba all over again. This episode is one that you reeally do not want to miss!
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Eddie Paulson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Chazz wonders why "Burst Stream of Destruction" is a separate card from "Blue Eyes White Dragon", yet he later explains that "Blue Eyes" can't attack when the card is used.

    • "Bubbleman's" effect doesn't allow it to draw cards if it is the only card on the field; the user cannot have anything in either his hand or on the field to use the effect.

    • Jaden, like many other duelists, falls to Seto Kaiba's Deck. Since only Pegasus and Yugi managed to actually defeat his deck, Jaden gets added to the list of duelists who were unable to accomplish this feat.

    • Chazz said that Kaibaman's deck was exactly like Seto Kaiba's but he's wrong. Seto Kaiba had more then just Blue-Eyes cards in his deck.

    • Ironically enough, this is the first time a Monster plays it's Monster card and didn't summon itself to the field.

    • This is the third time a Monster card duels, the first was Jinzo and the second was Gravekeeper's Chief.

  • QUOTES (13)

  • NOTES (22)


    • Syrus: "My Glasses! I can't see without my glasses!"

      This a famous line, done by Velma Dinkley on Scooby Doo. She says this everytime her glasses fall off. To further this gag, when Des Koala handing Syrus back his glasses and being mistaken for Chumley is like when Velma usually gets her glasses back from the "monster" of the episode that she mistakes for one of her friends before putting them back on.

    • In the dub, they change Chazz from saying Burst Stream of Destruction is an equip card specifically for the Blue-Eyes to him wondering about a card that's named after the Blue-Eyes' attack- which makes no sense because he explains soon after that the Blue-Eyes can't attack the turn its played, indicating he must have heard of the card before.

    • This episode title is the same name as the TV reality show, "Fear Factor," where contestants do both physical and mental stunts.

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