Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 19

The King of the Copycats (2)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 18, 2005 on The CW
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The King of the Copycats (2)
Jaden's Life Points are down to 1300, while Dimitri's Life Points are untouched, and he has all three Magician cards on the field. In such a hopeless situation, Jaden begins to lose the confidence he held for so long. His defeat may be inevitable now.

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  • piece of crap

    Twice in this duel jaden should lose but miscalculation allows him to stay in the game when his bubblemans blaster is destroyed by dark magician of chaos his attack returns to 800 yet when a 2300 attack point dark magician girl attacks him he only loses 500 rather than 1500 so his 1300 life points should have all been gone. Then again when jaden is on 1800 points and black luster soldier envoy of the beginnings destroys his avian he only loses 1000 life points instead of the 2000 he should lose its a stupid duel jaden lost and I cant believe more people didn't spot these massive errors.moreless

    When Black Luster Soldier attacked Avion Jaden had 1800 life points the difference between BLS and Avion is 2000 ergo he lost. Skyscraper cant activate as its effect reads When an elemental hero "attacks" it gains a thousand Making YUGI"S DECK VICTORIOUS GO BLS!!!!!!
  • Boo!

    Boo! I take back everything i say this episode is awful. Jaden beats Yugis deck? What on earth? I hate Jaden. I despise Jaden. Hes such a loser. Anyways after this episode everyone says "Jaden is better than Yugi" no hes not. Jaden beat Yugi decks not yugi himmself. Anyways a crappy filler episode. The ending is lame. The duel was lame. As usually yugioh gx craps everything up. They try and make everything hip but they fail horribly. I think that some of the lines are crappy and the whole Syrus X Dark magician girl thing is crappy. Shes a cardmoreless
  • j

    the duel between jaden and dimitri continues. more and more of yugi's old cards are played. even some that yugi never used. the rumor goes out that black luster soldier envoy of the begginig is going to come out. it does and puts jaden in a tight spot. jaden beats dimitri. normally he would be in big trouble with all the academy kids watching the duel. no one will tell onn him because they enjoyed the duel and loved seeing jaden's deck back in action. instead of always being in the show case the whole time. crowler gets really mad for that.moreless
  • The Conclusion to Jaden vs Yu- I mean Yugi look-a-like - I mean Dimitri!

    The King of Games versus the I mean uh, - The um... Dimitri vs Jaden Conclusion! This episode concludes the Jaden vs Dimitri match, and Jaden won! Jaden won against the King of Ga- I mean, the King of Games look-a-like, Dimitri. Dimitri brings out Yugi's Dark Magician, But Jaden beats it! But Dimitri brings out Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of the Beggining! But Jaden beats it! There's one thing I do not get though- How could that be Yugi's deck? It's so weak... Oh wait!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Why did Dimitri attack Bubbleman equipped with Bubbleblaster with Dark Magician of Chaos. If he had attacked with Dark Magician Girl it would have destroyed Bubbleblaster then attack with Dark Magician of Chaos. Not only would Jaden have lost more life points but Bubbleman would have been removed for the remainder of the duel.

    • According to Dimitri, he copies someones deck and uses it. How could he copy Jaden's cards in less then 1 day, showing how many rare cards Jaden has. Including:
      Winged Kuriboh
      Transcendent Wings
      Elemental Hero Flame Wingman
      Elemental Hero Thunder Giant
      Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster

    • Dimitri: By removing one light monster and one dark monster from my Graveyard and remove it from play, I can play this!
      Bastain(shocked): There are only two cards that can be summoned like this!

      There is more then two cards that can be summoned by removing one light and dark monster from your Graveyard from play then just Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of the Beginning and Chaos Dragon- Envoy of the End. Chaos Sorcerer can also be played by removing one light and dark monster from your Graveyard from play.

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  • NOTES (11)

    • Japanese Title: V.S. Yugi's Deck, Part 2.

    • Featured Duel: Jaden vs Dimitri

    • When Skyscraper was out and Dark Magician Girl attacked Bubbleman, and Black Luster Soldier attacked Avian, Jaden lost 1000 less Life Points than he was supposed to. The effect of Skyscraper in the real game only works when the E-Hero attacks and not the opposing monster.

    • YTV airdate:Janurary 23,2006

    • A couple of scenes from the original Japanese involving Dark Magician Girl are left out. Originally, when she is summoned, she winks at Sho (Syrus). Also, when she is destroyed, Sho sadly mutters something that can be translated to "Goodbye" or "Sorry." Syrus's crush on her is revealed in the later episode "Maiden in Love".

    • If you notice shortly after the end of Jaden's duel against Yugi-Dimitri, you'll see someone looking a whole lot like Tristan Taylor, from the original T.V. series, asking Dimitri for help in Spellcaster-Type monsters in a Ra-Yellow uniform.

    • Most of Yugis rarest cards are played:

      Dark Magician
      Dark Magician Girl
      Black Luster Soilder
      Magician Of Chaos

      The ones he didnt play was Sorcerer Of Dark Magic

    • In the orginal Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi never played Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of the Beginning.

    • Did you catch the goof at the end of the episode?

      If you look carefully at Dimitri during the part when he is copying Jaden, you will see that the color of his pants keeps switching back and forth from white to black.

    • This is the first time Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning has ever appeared in the anime, and according to Bastion, it is a much, much, much rarer card than it is in reality. Not to be confused with the one Yugi used, which was a regular Black Luster Soldier.

    • Multiply is finally played like the real card.


    • Chumley: Jaden's about to become one of the few guys that beat [Yugi's deck].

      Yugi's deck was beaten 5 times (twice by cheating) in the original series:
      - in the second episode by Pegasus, who was reading his mind with the Millennium Eye
      - by Seto Kaiba who drove Yugi to surrender by threatening to kill himself if he lost
      - Joey at the end of Battle City; even though the end of the duel was never shown, Joey obviously won his Red-Eyes Black Dragon card back
      - Rafael, one of Dartz's Three Swordsmen in Season 4, Waking the Dragons
      -Rebecca, Yugi surrendered even though he could have easily won. But it is still technically a loss.

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