Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 20

The Maiden In Love

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 21, 2005 on The CW
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A new student joins Slifer Red and is assigned to Jaden's dormitory. Although friendly enough, the student is surprisingly shy when it comes to undressing in front of the others. As Jaden tries to find out what is troubling his roommate he makes a startling discovery about their true identity.moreless

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  • Okay, when a transfer student named Blair shows up, trouble begins.

    It was okay, I suppose. Not the best or worst episode out there.
  • BLAIR!! Enough said.

    The Good: BLAIR!! jaden is finally genuinely backed into a corner

    The Bad: Blair leaves, Blair loses

    The Good: This episode introduced my personal favourite character in both iterations of Yu-Gi-Oh: BLAIR!! I took an almost instant liking to her when it was revealed that she was indeed a girl. She then proceeds to be the first character to genuinely back Jaden up into a corner: No Mystical space Typhoons, Cyclone Boomerangs or Flame Wingmen will save you this time. It's just a pity he got out of it with more meaningless rules mechanics that would never be implemented into real life. The worst part is: Blair has to leave! :( It's a good thing she comes back. Well, it was great while it lasted, but no more Blair for a whole season! Woe...moreless
  • Jaden gets a fangirl

    A new slifer red student appeares. The new student is shy and Jaden suspects somethings up. The new student Blair goes into Zanes room and looks at his cards. Jaden watches and wonderes what shes doing. Zane and his friends capture Jaden and question him when they find a girls clip holder. Jaden realises that Blair is a girl and they have a crappy duel. Jaden wins gains a fangirl Blair is forced to leave duel academy because shes only 8 like Rebecca. Blah Blah Blah. Also in this episode Blair accuses Alexis that she likes Zane. I think Alexis blushes proving that this show is total crapmoreless
  • n

    a girl dresses up as a boy. she is a new student at duel academy. she is a transferr student so she is placed in slifer red. she deserves to be in obelisk blue i think. her name is blair. she runs a love deck. banner introduces her. later jaden finds her sneaking in to zane's room. zane only catches jaden though. he warns him. then jaden has a duel againest blair. she starts to take control of his monsters. but when burstinatrix comes out the heroes are in big trouble big enough for thw whole deck to hear. can jaden win?moreless
  • Jaden vs Blair.

    A new transfer student comes to duel Academy, and is placed in Slifer Red, Jaden quickly tries to becomes friends with the new student.

    However "he" begins to act very weird around the other guys, and its not until Jaden discovers him sneaking in Zane's dorm, does he find out that he is actually a she.

    Her name is Blair, and in order to keep her secret she and Jaden duel.

    Though Jaden ends up winning the duel but barely, Zane finds out about what she was up to anyway, and says she has to go home.

    While on the ship she declares her love for Jaden, hinting they she will be back.

    one of my favorite season 1 episodes, I like the fact that Jaden almost lost to an 8-year old girl, and that she is now in love with him instead of Zane, and Jaden's reaction to hearing this is priceless.moreless
Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Elemental Hero Avian

Recurring Role

Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson

Elemental Hero Sparkman

Recurring Role

Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz

Maiden In Love, Elemental Hero Burstinatrix

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Avian: My, my lady. Are you alright?
      Maiden In Love: Maybe, maybe not.
      Avian: Mmm.
      Jaden: WHAT?! Come on, Avian. Pull yourself together. You're supposed to be in attack mode, not in love!

    • Blair: I remembered you said that if I train really, really hard I can get into Duel Academia, like you. So I did and now that I'm here, we can get married!!
      Maiden in Love: (appears behind Blair and laughs)
      Zane: (backs away in shock)
      Jaden: Ha! Get married... That's a good one! Your honeymoon can be in the cafeteria; Dr. Crowler can give you away!

    • Zane: When Sy and I were growing up, he used to claim that he was going steady with the Dark Magican Girl.
      Alexis: Is that so? Did she break your heart Sy or did you just decide to see other monsters.

    • Blair: Goodbye Jaden, my sweet prince. I LOVE YOU!

    • (Burst Return has broken the Maiden in Love's effect on the other Elemental Heroes)
      Avian: What was I thinking!? I didn't want to get married!
      Sparkman: Oh, boy! SparkWoman's never going to forgive me!
      Both: Guy pact! This didn't happen, okay?!
      Burstinatrix: How about you 2 guys get over here right now, or I'll tell the entire deck!?!

    • Avian/Sparkman: Guy pact. This didn't happen, got it?

    • (Zane's three friends notice Zane's deck of cards on the floor and accused him for stealing his cards)
      Jaden: Hoo-Boy! Now look.. It's not like that...You see there was this guy , well girl...
      Obelisk Student 1: Save it, Slifer Slacker! (Three of them go after Jaden)
      Jaden: (Knows he's in trouble) All right, then... I'll just be taking of then. Catch you later fellows!
      (But as he tries to climb back to the tree, the three students grab his jacket.)
      Obelisk Student 2: You're not going anyway, buddy-boy...
      Obelisk Student 3:...Except to Dr.Crowler's office!
      Jaden: (cried) No! Anyone but him...
      Obelisk Student 1: Okay! We just have to deal with you ourselves then.
      Jaden: Dr.Crowler! Help! Help!

    • Professor Banner: Settle down people, attention please. Chumley! Stop chewing with your mouth open!!

    • Chumley: I have to stop chewing for a transfer student?
      Syrus: Aw man, he's shorter than me, he wears goofier than me. My sidekick gig is up.
      Jaden: Be nice .
      ( Jaden gets up and a bit of an Intro song plays while Jaden welcomes Blair to their dorm by making weird intro)
      Jaden: Blair, welcome to...S, L , I... F....Something.... Slifer!!!
      (Blair just blurred)

    • Zane: Jaden, she (Blair) has to go home...
      Jaden: Oh, I see what you're doing here, Zane. You're pushing around because she's a good student. Ha! Because she might dethrone you! (Both Jaden and Alexis laugh)
      Zane: She has to go home because she's in second grade.
      Jaden: (Turns white) Say what?!
      Chumley & Syrus: In second grade?!
      Jaden: (panic) So then you're saying that I almost go beat by a girl whose only 8 years old?! (kneels and groans)
      Blair: (stuck out her tongue and copies Jaden's winning pose) 8 1/2, if it makes you feel any better.
      (Jaden wails)
      Jaden: That's why dueling's so great! If you're old enough to draw, you're old enough to win.

    • Blair: (as her ferry departs) Good-bye! I'll be back just as soon as I finish grade school, and middle school, too, but I'll be back, you guys.
      Jaden: Ha-ha! Hear that, Zane?!
      Zane: Oh, please. I'll be long gone by the time she gets here.
      Jaden: That's true. I guess Blair's crush ends right here.
      Zane: I wouldn't be to sure.
      Blair: Goodbye, Jaden...! My sweet prince. I LOVE you!
      (Jaden is shocked to hear it!)
      Jaden: WHAT?!! Wait! She's supposed to like Zane!
      Alexis: She does likes Zane, but apparently, she loves you!
      (she giggles)
      Zane: Good luck.
      (Jaden moans as Zane leaves)
      Syrus: Hey, Chumley, wanna go get some new cards?
      Chumley: Yeah. I got one in mind.
      Alexis: Just do me favor, fellas, and stay away from the girls in MY deck.
      (all but Jaden leave)
      Blair: I'll see you soon! Write me every day! I love you, Jaden, sweetie!
      Jaden: (groans) Wish they made cards... to counter this!
      (he meekly waves as Blair departs, and he groans)

    • Blair: (to Alexis chiding her for her plot) I know what you're trying to do, you're trying to get rid of me so you can have Zane all to yourself!
      Alexis:(Nervous smile) Uh... Zane, a little help here...

    • Sparkman: Oh, boy. SparkWoman's never going to forgive me!

    • Burstinatrix: (angry at Avian and Sparkman) Just get back here before I tell the entire deck!

    • Jaden: (summoning Burstinatrix) If I'm gonna fight love, I'm gonna need a woman's touch!

  • NOTES (13)

    • Japanese Title: The Strong Deck With Beloved Maiden.

    • The person who does the voice of the monster Burstinatrix, is the same person who does the voice of Musa and the witch Icy on Winx Club.

    • This episode gives us a clue that there might be a Sparkwoman in Jaden's deck.

    • This is the only episode so far that shows duel monsters talking to each other.

    • Featured Duel: Jaden vs Blair

    • We fully learn from Zane that Syrus is crazy about the Dark Magician Girl.

    • First appearance of Blair Flannigan, who likes Zane, but in the end she loves Jaden!

    • With the exception of episodes in the Virtual Nightmare Arc where Deckmaster spoke, and the legendary knights from the "Waking The Dragons" saga, this is the first duel in a Yu-Gi-Oh series where the monsters have spoken freely without the aide of magic and/or technology.

    • What was never seen in the English series and only occurred in the Japanese episode are two things:
      1) In Jaden's dorm, there's an extra bed for Blair but was too narrow. Jaden later takes off his shirt while Blair closes his eyes and turn around, embarrassed. Jaden then suggests Blair to take a bath with them but she makes an excuse that she's a bit sick and can't go.
      2)When Jaden's gang were rubbing each other's back, they talk about Blair's looks. But soon Jaden realized that there's a bear in the bath house.

    • First time we see a girl wear a color other than blue.

    • In the original, Blair is in fifth grade. This is a common edit done to little girls dubbed as the "Rebecca Aging Curse", since Rebecca is 12 in the original instead of 8.

    • Two recognizable cards in Blair's hand that she didn't use were "White Magician Pikeru" and "Outstanding Dog Marron".

    • The first time someone accuses Zane and Alexis of being a couple. (but probably not the last)


    • In the original Japanese episode, when Zane and his friends catch Jaden in his room, Zane's friends accuse Jaden of being a spy for North Academy (remember, at this point, Zane is the most likely candidate for Duel Academy's representative).

    • The duel between Jaden and Blair echoes the duel between Yugi and Mai during the Duelist Kingdom saga. Mai also used a card (Shadow of Eyes) that affected male monsters, putting Yugi at a similar disadvantage. But like Jaden, Yugi turned the tables by playing a female monster, the Mystical Elf, to lead to his victory.

    • Jaden: You mean I almost lost to a girl who's eight-years-old?!

      Jaden's situation with Blair, who now has a crush on him, is very similar to Yugi's situation in the original series with his devoted admirer and American Duel Monsters champion, eight-year-old Rebecca Hawkins.

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