Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 5

The Shadow Duelist (1)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 17, 2005 on The CW
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The Shadow Duelist (1)
Deciding to stay in Slifer Red, Jaden and the others head to the old Obelisk Blue dormitory also known as the Abandoned Dorm, that is claimed to be haunted where they meet Alexis, who says her brother disappeared there. Meanwhile Crowler has hired a duelist called the Shadow Duelist to take out Jaden. With Alexis separated from the others, he captures her easily. Now Jaden must duel to save not only himself, but Alexis as well.moreless

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  • It was Okay

    Jaden goes to a abaonded dorm. They meet Alexis and we learn that she has a brother. Crowler hires some freak to duel and eliminate Jaden. Jaden and the mysterious villain called Titan duel. This duel is a lot like in the original show where Yugi and Panic Duel. Panic uses dark type monsters called archfiends. Sound Familiar? Anyways this episode had a lot of themes from the original show proving even more facts that this show is just a fake copy of the original. I find it strange how Titan got such a fake puzzle yet everybody believes that it is real. I guess they are all stuipidmoreless
  • Again?

    Wow, that is a shocker, I thought that 1000 year puzzle was lost in a fissure! Man, I know it is a fake, but he must go through a lot of trouble to make it look like a real shadow game. HA! LAME. And why didn't they reveal his name? (Titan) I think that is isn't a episode that is needed except for the new character, who comes back to life. There is a big goof, the shadow games are gone due to Atem destroying Zorc the dark one. So this whole shadow rider thing need a whole new power score explanation.moreless
  • m

    the story of the shadow games. the kids are doing scary stories. banner has to do a really scary one. he tells about the abondened dorm. how students were disapparing from there. now the students want to go there they sneak out of there dorm. they find alexis there. crowler hieres an assistant to duel jaden and capture his soul. crowler gets a picture of jaden and syrus at the abonndened dorm. alexis is kidnapped by the person crowler hiered. he duels jaden and if he wins jaden "loses" is soul. he has an archfiend deck and his name is titan.moreless
  • cool. "Yami no Duels" (Duels of Dark) return!

    heres wat happens:

    As nighttime came, Alexis stood in front of an old building where she placed a rose near the front of a statue and said, "Be at peace, wherever you are."

    Jaden, Syrus and Chumley were in their dorm, telling ghost stories using their cards. They would draw a card, the higher the level, the scarier the story. Syrus told one about a swamp monster, then Jaden told them about when he was a kid, he used to hear voices he never recognized coming from his closet. Nothing was ever there but his cards. The strange things was, Jaden had been recently hearing the voices again, referring to Winged Kuriboh. Professor Banner came to join and told them about an abandoned dorm on the edge of the island that had been shut down when many students went disappearing. The rumor was that the kids were getting caught in Shadow Games, duels played using the Millennium Items. Syrus had heard of the dorm before, so Jaden decided they should go the following night and check it out. Crowler overheard them and decided to use it to his advantage in getting rid of Jaden. Meanwhile, in the city, a mysterious duelist had beaten this other weak duelist and stole his soul using a glowing pendant. The mysterious duelist was a tall man with a mask on and a trenchcoat. After winning, he got a call on his cell phone. Someone told him about Duel Academy and he agreed to come.

    The following day, Crowler watched Jaden fall asleep in class again and was thinking about how this class would be his last. That night, Crowler met the mysterious duelist from the city by the lighthouse. His name was Titan, the Shadow Duelist. Crowler hired him to scare Jaden so that he wouldn't be able to come back. Titan said he'll do more then that, he'll send him to the shadow realm. Meanwhile, Jaden, Syrus and Chumley walked to the abandoned dorm where they saw the rose and Alexis. She yelled at them for being there and said they'll be expelled if there caught. Alexis said that the rumors about the disappearing students were true because one of those students was her brother, which explains the rose. Jaden still wanted to see the dorm though so they went inside, but after leaving Alexis was kidnapped by Titan. As the boys searched the dorm, they found most of the walls were covered in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Meanwhile, Alexis woke up and found herself tied up in a coffin. Titan said she was being used as bait for his trap. As she screamed, the boys heard her and ran to find her in a large, cave-room. Titan stood in the center and said the only way to free her was to beat him in a shadow duel. Jaden said those don't exist, but Titan said that's what the others believed. Jaden realized that this guy was behind the disappearances and was willing to duel to get Alexis back. Titan warned him, though, that in a shadow duel, the loser loses his soul. Titan went first and summoned Infernal Queen Archfiend (900 att.) Her special ability gives all monsters including herself 1000 additional attack points with Archfiend in their name, raising her points to 1900. Jaden also knew that the user has to pay life points during each standby phase in order to keep the fiend monsters on the field. Titan then played the field spell, Pandemonium. It created this huge chamber surrounding them. Alexis' coffin was then taken away and Titan explained that with Pandemonium, he doesn't have to pay life points for his Archfiends and when a fiend is destroyed he can add another fiend to his hand. Jaden summoned Avian to the field (1000 att.) and then placed to cards facedown. Titan summoned TerrorKing Archfiend (2000 att.) and thanks to the Queen's ability, his attack rose to 3000. He attacked Avian with TerrorKing, but Jaden played his trap card, Mirror Gate. It switches the positions of both monsters, so Jaden can use TerrorKing as if it were his own. Titan then activated the King's ability. Whenever TerrorKing is targeted by a monster effect, Titan is given a chance to cancel it. 6 balls then floated in the air and as a flame circled to each one, Titan explained that the cards effect will be canceled depending on the number that is landed on. It landed on 2, so the effect was canceled and Avian was destroyed. Although Jaden lost 2000 LP (2000 LP), he triggered his other trap, Hero Signal. It let him summon any hero monster from his deck or hand when another hero is destroyed. So he summoned Clayman in defense mode (800 att., 2000 defense). Titan said that Jaden won't be safe for long.

    Titan used the pendant around his neck to create a black fog to surround the room. Jaden noticed his arm was disappearing and Chumley and Syrus were feeling weakened. Titan explained that this was all because of the power of his Millennium Item. Jaden just smiled and thought this was an awesome challenge. Jaden played Polymerization and fused Clayman with Sparkman to summon Thunder Giant (2400 att.)His effect destroys any monster whose original attack points are less then his own. He attacked TerrorKing but then Titan used the roulette ability again and canceled it. Not only that, but it was reflected and destroyed Thunder Giant. Now Jaden had no monsters on the field and Titan was ready to target Jaden to finish him off...

    To be continuedmoreless
  • Jaden vs Titan.

    The Abandoded Dorm, The place where Alexis Rhodes's brother, Atticus went in and got Kidnapped by these Shadow Thingy's, (which 4kids threw in there randomly for no appaarent reason)Anyways, Alexis is Kidnapped, and Jaden needs to save the damsel in distress, By dueling Titan and defeating him in a "Shadow Duel"
Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Shadow Duelist

Guest Star

Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson

Professor Banner

Recurring Role

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