Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 43

Tough Love

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 09, 2007 on The CW
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Syrus challenges his broher to a duel, hopefully to bring him back to normal. Zane accepts the challenge and the duel between the brothers begins. Syrus remembers what his brother had taught him about respecting the opponent. However, Zane forgets all he once knew,and taught to his brother, and attacks Syrus using his unique Cyber Tail Deck.moreless

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  • The duel between zane and syrus begins, with syrus dueling to save his opponent, being his brother.

    Syrus lost this duel to his brother even though he was so close to winning. I thought that syrus was going to win and set his broher free but when i saw that diffusion and noticed it was all over i felt sorry for syrus. He got so close with zane down to a very low LP count and then he used that card. When syrus collapsed at the end from all the pain he had endured, it hardly seems worth it for all the trouble he went through. Dark zane is a jerk now and he needs to be beat. Hope it will be syrus who sets him free in the next duel with zane.moreless
  • Syrus is dueling to get his brother back!

    I can't believe Syrus lost! I mean I knew he'd lose but not with powerbond! but this episode just proves that those Cyberdark Monsters of Hell Zanes are truley a force to be reckoned with! seein Zane enjoy that pain was just real freaky. I couldn't stand to see poor syrus get the jolt! He was sooooooo close to winning! he was a nosehair away from beating his brother! If this is what happened to Syrus then a=Imagine If Jaden duels Zane like this! Good thing Syrus has a strong spirit or he'd be a goner! Down with Hell Zane!moreless
  • Syris wanted to dual Zane to turn him back to him old self. Zane acepted syris affer to dual. Zane took out the brackes that turnd him evil. Zane ended up winning the dual and he hurt syris really bad. Syris did not use the card that the old Zane gave himmoreless

    This episode was out of chariter for Zane and syris. Why wold Syris try to dual Zane when he knows that he can't possable win the dual. If he couldn't beat him befor what makes him think that he could do it now. Esplacy with Zane's new underwold deck. Jaden or Sheperd could. Jaden and Sheperd would have a hard time beatting him. How did he even git those braces? Those where the braces that trund him evil. Why did he even have to leave dual acadmy. If he wold have staid there he wold still be good not evil. But you have to admiit that he looks so freacken hot in his Hella Zane alfit.moreless
  • I never saw any of the first season but from what I've gathered from others sources this is way harder to watch then you think!

    I had many reasons for not watching the first season. I mean there is a school to teach kids to play a card game? And its on an island in the middle of nowhere? And they hardly seemed to have a class of any kind. I mean it's like they concentraied way too much on the dueling and not enough on the schooling! This "Game" has become such a way of life its has been pratcly drilled into everyone mind that losing isn't an optioan at all! They constly forget in life you win and lose but if you can't accept losing then you can't win. They also fail to remeber their is more to life then a card game and what is really impornat are the people becasue one day it will all go away and what you gonna do when their is no more duel huh? This game has been taken to such an extream leave it cause a lot more harm then good. It is turning people against each other and make many good souls evil! I mean so what you lose a loasy card game big deal! So try a little harder next time to do better! And what is up with these dorms?! Is Kaibutt still so much an ass he can't let it go after 11 freakin years? It doesn't mater what color you are or what dorm your in. A dorm is merely where you sleep and you could be poka dotted for god sake! The only thing that stops you in life is how far you are willing to go to exseed the limits you've set in your mind and how far your willing to go to surpass your supposed pontiael and make a dream come to life! Like I said early this game has done a lot more harm then good. I don't have a close family but to see how Zane mulitelate is little brother and not care one little bit he might have perment brian damage! That is when has gone too far! The SOL and these hell things! It just too much! A kid needs to be a kid not be force to do this stuff! The biggest reason I didn't watch fist season I love the orgianl too much and it was too painful to see this. It ok but it doesn't even come close to the magic I get from Yugi and Atem! Jaden you have been chosen by fate to save the world so do it already!moreless
  • Syrus duels Zane to try and snap Zane out of thatever spell he is under.

    This was an awesome episode. Syrus duels Zane in an intense duel. Zane puts the electric shockers on both of them, so when they lose Life Points, they get shocked badly. Zane doesn't mind though, and says he is used to the pain and it makes him stronger. The duel is looking good for Syrus. He has his Life Force trap card out, which allows him to pay 400 Life Points to reduce all damage to 0. Zane has one shot left to win because he has no more cards left in his deck and he attacks with Cyberdark Keel, Horn, and Edge. Syrus stops the triple attack by activing Life Force, reducing his Life Points to 400. Zane then plays Instant Fusion to create Cyberdark Dragon, who has 1000 attack points. He then plays a trap card to change every monster in his graveyard to a dragon and then takes Cyber End Dragon and equips it to Cyberdark Dragon, giving all 4000 attack points to his dragon. Then, his Cyberdark Dragon gains an additional 100 attack points for every dragon in his graveyard. The Cyber Dark Dragon now has 8800 attack points! He attacks, but Syrus activates Emergency Provisions to gain 1000 points by giving up a trap card. He then activates Life Force to pay 400 Points to reduce all damage to 0. Just as Syrus thinks he won, Zane plays his facedown card: Defusion. Zane defuses his CyberDark Dragon into Keel, Edge, and Horn and attacks Syrus directly to win the duel. The episode ends with Syrus passed out on the floor and Jaden calling to a doctor. I think is was a really good duel and showed how intense Zane has become. Overall, I really, really liked this episode.moreless
Pete Capella

Pete Capella

Jaden Yuki

Scottie Ray

Scottie Ray

Zane Trusdale

Sean Schemmel

Sean Schemmel

Dr. Vellian Crowler, Tyranno Hassleberry (Season 2+)

Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson

Syrus Truesdale

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