Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 3 Episode 31

Turning The Page (1)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Mar 15, 2008 on The CW
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Jaden, still searching for Jesse, heads to the next base of the Dark World Army, where he comes face to face with the leader, Mad King Bronn! Bronn agrees to reveal Jesse's location if Jaden can beat him. Jaden agrees, but things turn bad when Bronn reveals that he has captured Chazz, Alexis, Hassleberry, and Atticus. As the duel continues Bronn's evil scheme begins to unfold as when Jaden attacks him Chazz disappears and is absorbed into Bronn's book. Now Jaden must somehow fight without sending Alexis, Atticus, and Hassleberry to the stars.moreless

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  • This episode basically focuses on Jaden trying to make the right choices in order to save his friends. He has to duel Brron, Mad King of Dark World. Chazz is then sent to the stars because of Brron's Wicked Cannon Spell Card. Now Jaden must defeat Brronmoreless

    This episode is better than some of the episodes I have watched of this show on Youtube. It's not the best episode I've ever seen, but it does have some of the good elements of the show to make it a nice episode. What I don't get is Brron's Wicked Cannon. He says he needs 5 sacrifices in order to summon Super Polymerization. Anger, Hatred, Anguish, Sadness, and Doubt. So he needed Chazz, Hasselberry, Alexis, Atticus, and Syrus. This information really pushed Jaden off the deep end. Now Jaden has to make some careful choices in order to save his friends. Will he be successful?moreless
  • An avergae episode really.

    Oh, where to begin. I guess I will start with pros and then move onto cons in this episode. One pro is that even though the dub changed most of the dialogue, it was still watchable. Silva and Goldd's voices suited them a lot better than in the original if you ask me. Still funny to see Syrus attempting to ride his Sonic Duck. Brron's voice also suits him. I swere, I think I heard his voice somewhere before. Sadly, there are a lot more cons then pros. First off, what did they do to the markings of hatred, rage, anguish, and sadness. They just look retarded now. Secondly, the dub still uses too many jokes. It will NEVER be as dark as the original. Finally, I look at the card Brron played. It was called Sacred Scriptures of Wickedness. They changed it to Wicked Canon. What is this about? I could understand Wicked Book, or even Wicked Scripture, but Wicked Canon? C'mon! In conclusion, I rate this episode a B-. It was okay, not great.moreless

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    • Jaden: (to himself during his duel with Bronn) There's nothing I can do. If I deal damage to this guy, the others will end up trapped in that book with Chazz. I got them into this, and I know the only way to get them out is to let this guy win. I don't know what'll happen to me, but I've got to be brave enough to find out.
      Bronn: (laughing) Looks to me like you're thinking of giving up. But I feel I should tell you, I'm not letting you out of this duel that easy. You're going to send your friends away, and it will all happen because of the decision you make. These choices will haunt you forever!

    • Bronn: Still your move, so do you risk yourself, or do you let your friends become pages in my book? The choice is yours, but if you plan on kneeling there all day, perhaps you should end your turn now.
      Jaden: Fine. It's your move.

    • Tyranno: (to Jaden) Don't just stand there! You got us into this! Find a way to get us out, or I'll break these chains and turn you into a constellation myself!

  • NOTES (1)

    • The Japanese Kanji that the kids are marked with are changed to mysterious runes for the English version, but the Kanji on each of the corresponding Duel Monsters cards remain unaltered.


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