Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 2

Welcome to Duel Academy

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 11, 2005 on The CW
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Even though he beat Dr. Crowler, Jaden is still in the Slifer Red section, for drop out students who have no worthwhile future. While everyone else, including his best friend Syrus hates it, Jaden seems to like his environment. When Jaden tries to duel Syrus for practice at night, a boy named Chazz, one of the top players in Obelisk Blue(which is the elite) tells him it's for elite players only, Jaden duels him. Watching the duel is a girl named Alexis also from Obelisk blue, who is interested in Jaden's skills.moreless

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  • Chazz vs Jaden

    In this episode, we get to see how Chazz really duels and it turns out he is no better than Dr. Crowler. Jaden puts up a strong fight against Chazz's cards and almost ends up beating him, but the duel is stopped because they aren't allowed to duel there. I think that's how it went. I haven't seen this episode in over a year, lol. It really wasn't a bad episode for the second episode of the series, though. We got to see more of Jaden's Hero cards too, which is always a plus. Hopefully the series will continue to develop great episodes.moreless
  • Nothing Happened!

    Not much happened in this episode. There are only a few main things. We learn about the dorm structure and we meet a few more lame characters who gives a care about Chumley hes really annoying always saying licious. Its so annoying. Anyways Jaden and Chazz start there rivially and they have a short but really boring duel. That they don't even finish. Also we meet Alexis who everybody likes but doesn't really do anything at all. Anyways I get really pissed when ever Jaden wins. So i'm kind of glad the duel was interepted. Even though i don't like chazz hes also annoying. So overall not a good episode.moreless
  • Great! But i wish the duel was finished. BOO Guard. But still, it was great!!!!!!!!!

    The series is starting to getting good. Just to let you know, chazz's deck at first was a "Hell Deck", a mixture of fiends with destructive effects and Archfiends. Man, Jaden should have quickly played the monster reborn card and ran away. It was confusing why they cut out the part were when they meet chumley, they first thought he was a Koala, it would have been funny! As for the dorms, it is really worth the work for good grades. The better your grades, the better the dorm. I am good enough to go to Blue, although you need to go to a prep school. I wonder what Chazz and Zane would look like in a yellow uniform.moreless
  • y

    they finally arrive at the island. they discover they have a dormmate chumly who was held back. jaden and syrus are slifers, while bastion is yellow, and chazz, alexis, and zane are obelisks. they have class like your average school. after class jaden and syrus wander where they are not supposed to be. the obelisk arema. chazz and his friends kick them out. chazz wants to hav a duel with jaden to prove it was luck that he beat crowler. once jaden gets back to his dorm he gets an email. at midnight he must duel chazz. alexis finds them there. chazz takes on jaden with a chitionian deck. the duel ends in a tie but jaden would have won.moreless
  • We meet Chazz and Alexis in more detail.

    When Jaden arrives at duel addemy he is told not to be to excited, they are then briefed by chancller sheperd. They are assended to dorms, syrus and jaden are together in the silfer red dorm. there new friend bastien is in the raa yellow dorm. They got ot there dorm only to find they are sharing it with chumly who looks a bit like a koala. jaden and syrus go to exlpore the campus and find a dueling arena there they meet chazz princeton, who is a dueling prodegy in prep school also he's an obelisk blue. then we meet alexis rodes who like chazz is an obelisk but a nice one. chazz and jaden decide to duel late at night, alexis and syrus and chazz's gang watch until campus security comes along.moreless
Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson

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David Wills

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