Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Shadow Games

TV Tokyo (ended 1998)



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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Shadow Games

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Tenth Grader Yugi Mutou solves the legendary Millennium Puzzle and gains a mysterious dark side who is known as the King Of Games. This series shows how Yugi gains his friends and show his many and insane adventures with his new darkside! The series is based off of Volumes 1-7 on the manga and shows adventures that were never dubbed into English.
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  • Kool game for some killers

    this is an awesome games i've ever played
  • Top Shows - Games Galore

    Completed anime and manga (09-13)
  • Why can't we have this version of the show here?

    I managed to find episode of this series online and watched a few. I was shocked at how violent it was, especially since it's aimed at a younger audience. However, this series definitely addresses things that are left unanswered in the English show. It shows how Joey and Tristan used treat Yugi, the origin of the Pharoah, and it actually seemed interesting when they used different games rather than battling monsters. I've always been fond of puzzles and games, and the idea of having your soul and life at stake over one fascinates me. I really wish they would have dubbed this into English and shown it here.moreless
  • YAY! i loved the first volumes of the manga! awesome games and an awesome yami no yuugi to top it off =D

    BEST SERIES EVER! i loved the fact that there weren't card games every episode! i wished they had continued the manga with this sort of story line. Every epie we get to see another crazy dangerous game that yami no yuugi comes up with and completly owns at! he's like 10 times more awesome then the "mou hitori no yuugi" that is in the duelist series! The games go slightly off from the manga (eg. the first game being on the building with the cards instead of the knife and money game) but it still was very interesting! it was fun to watch what kind of game he would come up with and how he always won.

    downsides of the series would be that they wrote miho into the plot =( she annoys me alot and she only appeared for a short few chptrs in the manga. Also the first game played had a crazy sezure inducing light show after yami no yuugi first comes out..... completly skiping on how they got onto the buiding o.0

    despite all of this it is still my current #1 fave series!moreless
  • A teenager shares his body with a milenium spirit that saves him from evil.

    This show is just simply amazing, the plot, and the storyline are really original.

    The colors where bad just like the animation but dialogs and everything else compensate this fact, of course I find amazing the way the characters changed through the series and with the uncut version.

    Of course this show never was famous because of a simple fact, 4kids never got it's paws on it. Anyway I can't imagine what would 4kids do to this fantastic YGO version, perhaps it's too violent.

    It's somewhat a realief to watch YGO characters not playing card games but torturing everyonewho messes with them. MUA HA HA!moreless

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