Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Shadow Games

TV Tokyo (ended 1998)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie
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    • Friendship - From Legend To Myth
      Zorc forces Yugi and the gang into a corner so he can do his Final Attack. Dark Bakura gets sick of Bakura distracting him through his left hand and shoves it through one of the towers making a big hole in it. Bakura then comes out of Zorc as the White Wizard who's on a high level and helps Yugi and the gang fight Zorc. In a tough battle Zorc starts getting weaker but Yugi and the gang start getting really weak. Then the White Wizard Bakura sacrifices himself to injure Zorc and the gang uses the final blow has Dark Yugi rolls a critical. Dark Yugi rolls another critical so The White Wizard Bakura can be reborn. The next day the evil spirit is gone, Bakura doesn't where the ring, and there all friends as Bakura says that they should go to Monster World again.moreless
    • A Violent Rival! The Greatest Pinch!
      As Yugi and friends are playing the game they need to defeat Zorc. If they don't, they will face punishment from the Dark Game Master.
    • A New Battle! Attack of the Elegant Boy
      Rumors are flying about a new student, Bakura... unsavory rumors that his friends from previous schools have all been sent into mysterious comas. Yugi and his friends, feeling sorry for Bakura, befriend him, and accept his offer to play a game of Bakura's favorite role-playing/board game "Monster World". But little do they suspect that the rumors about Bakura are true, and why: Bakura has a Millennium Item of his own, but his Millennium Ring is inhabited by a malevolent spirit who wants to make Bakura's new playmates into his playthings...moreless
    • Decision Time! A Miracle of Friendship!
      The time has finally come for Yugi to challenge Kaiba to a duel at Death T-5. The only way he can win against Kaiba's three Blue-Eyes White Dragons by summoning the legendary Exodia, a task never before accomplished. Meanwhile, Jounouchi and Miho search to rescue their fallen comrades and Bakura seems to be facing some sort of problem...moreless
    • The Capsule Monster King! The Final Great Battle!
      After finishing the third stage, Yugi must face Mokuba, Kaiba does not think that Mokuba will win but Mokuba is determined.
    • Destroy It! A Cruel Shooting
      Yugi challenged Death-T in Kaibaland. If Yugi wants to rescue his Grandad he must finish first in the last stage.
    • Finished! The Greatest Game Land
      Yugi and his friends go to the amusement park with Ryo Bakura who is his new classmate. Then they found a message from Kaiba saying that if Yugi wanted his Grandad back he would have to go to Kaibaland alone.
    • Come Out! The Last and Strongest Game Master
      Kaiba's mentor named Daimon is near death but he is determined to fight against Yugi as the last of the big four. When he sees Yugi it reminds him of a time when Kaiba was kind.
    • A Fussy Battle! Pop Vote Contest!
      The treasure of the Himekouij fan club spends the whole school's budget on it. He is in love with Milo and wants to prove it.
    • Don't Touch the Forbidden Game
      Sugoroku is concerned about Yugi because he brought home a terrible game than is based on Yin and Yang in China. Yugi claims he borrowed it from his friend, Imori.
    • Last Minute Match! The Invited Model!
      Kaiba calls on the third most powerful duelist to play against Yugi. Her name is Irene Lao, a model in daily life who is an excellent gamer.
    • The Peak! A Danger From White Cloth
      Jonouchi has a sister named Shizuka who has been admitted to hospital. When Yugi and friends went to see her there, Jonouchi is in love with the nurse who's taking care of his sister.
    • Evil Women! Unable To Change Minds!
      Duel Monsters is now very popular with kids. Grandad gave Anzu and Yugi new packs of cards and Anzu gets a rare card which gets her an unexpected enemy.
    • The Worst Date and a Bomb Game
      Anzu starts to notice the difference between Yugi and Yami Yugi, when they go on a date together to the amusement park. Kourano threatens her and Yugi acts differently than she thought.
    • The Aim is a Girl! A Danger of Prediction!
      Recently, Kokurano is so popular because of his power of prophecy. It turns out to be a magic trick though.
    • A Great Lucky Man! An Unbeatable Legend
      Fuwa is one of the chosen ones. Kaiba tempts him with a game.
    • The Opening of a Rumoured Monster Capsule
      One of Yugi's friends called Warabe who is a university student falls in love with Miho at first sight. At first they were penpals but Warabe is giving her gifts and Miho is overjoyed. She thinks she's struck gold.
    • A Beautiful Teacher With Concealed Face
      Ms. Chono is known as a strict teacher among students. When she finds a love note in someone's desk, she goes overboard and Tea goes against her. Ms. Chono then decides that it is time for her to take control.
    • Come On! The Great Yo-Yo Style
      There is a new craze going around the school, the game called Yo-Yo. When Anzu tells everyone that a Yo-Yo gang has formed at school, Jonouchi decides to go investigate. When he is absent from school the next day, Yugi and the others go to find him.
    • The Movement of the Four Game Masters
      Kaiba wants revenge on Yugi, and decides to use the Four Game Masters to do so. At school, after beating Miho in a Duel Monsters game, Yugi is called down to the Nurse's office. The nurse then challenges him to a duel. After school, Yugi is kidnapped and the nurse, who reveals her true identity as a Game Master, challenges him again, in order for Kaiba to get revenge.moreless
    • A Chaotic Background of Digital Pet
      Digital pets are the latest craze at Yugi's school, but it seems a group of kids at school are in possession of special "rare" pets... ones that "feed" on other pets! And these thugs, including the bullying Kujirada, are stealing other kids' digital pets to feed the hungers of their own pets. Can Yugi and his friends bring a stop to this?moreless
    • An Unavoidable Friendship Battle
      The ancient Egyptian called Shadi tested Yugi on whether or not Yugi is deserving of the Millennium puzzle. He manipulates Jonouchi and Anzu in order to trap him but Yugi manages to prove himself.
    • The Secret of Yugi is Revealed!
      Since Yugi's Grandpa's friend is an archaeologist, Yugi and his friends were invited to the museum to look at treasures from Ancient Egypt. Then, the curator begged Yugi for a loan of the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi gives him the puzzle for a day but has trouble when he tries to get it back.moreless
    • The Rare Watch Battle
      In order to impress his crush, Miho, Honda manages to get his hands on a rare "D-Watch" wristwatch, planning to give it to her as a gift. Unfortunately, it gets stolen by an unscrupulous collector who's obsessed with rare timepieces. So it's up to Yugi to get the D-Watch back by turning the collector's obsession with clocks against him in a Shadow Game.moreless
    • It's Come! The Strongest Monster!
      A new student at school, Seto Kaiba, seems to be friendly with Yugi, since they have a common interest: the hot new trading-card game Magic and Wizards. But in reality, Kaiba is just trying to get at a powerful rare card, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, that belongs to Yugi's grandfather. When Kaiba steals the cards, and Yugi's friends Jonouchi and Honda get savagely beaten trying to get it back, Yugi challenges Kaiba to the ultimate game of Duel Monsters: A Shadow Game!moreless
    • An Evil Game Player! The Dangerous Trap!
      Yugi is a little worried about Anzu because she is running off right after school lately. Jonouchi thinks that Anzu may have a little hooker business on the side. Yugi and Jonouchi investigate.
    • A Battle Starts! The Shadow Games
      Yugi is a shy 10th grader who is being bullied by two kids named Jonouchi and Honda, But when the hall monitor Ushio forcibly becomes Yugi's body guard and beats up Jonouchi and Honda then says Yugi owes him money. Ushio beats up Yugi but Jonouchi and Honda help him and is beaten up too. Yugi solves the puzzle and the shadow game begins.moreless