Season 1 Episode 4

The Insector Combo

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The Insector Combo
Yugi and his friends finally arrive at Duelist Kingdom! There, they learn the rules of the tournament, and discover that they'll need 10 star chips in order to get to Pegasus's mansion. Yugi soon meets up with Weevil, and is lead into the forest for a duel. As it turns out, Weevil wanted them to come to the forest, as Pegasus told him that certain monster types get bonuses in certain areas, and in the forest, Weevil's insects have power. Yugi only has one star chip to bet against Weevil because he gave one to Joey, so he puts his deck up for offer. The duel begins. Weevil uses the Killer Needle in hopes that the attack bonus will give him an edge, and Yugi uses the Mammoth Graveyard, which has the same attack. Weevil thinks that he'll be able to win, but Yugi reveals that the Mammoth Graveyard also gets a bonus, as the field is part wasteland, and Weevil's monster is destroyed. But Yugi's in a bit of a bind, as Weevil is able to draw more and more insect monsters and power them up with Spells. Weevil is almost ready for a final attack against Yugi, but Yugi reveals his hidden trap - Mirror Force! Which reflects Weevil's attack back on him and destroys his monsters, as well as lowering his life points by half the total of his monster's attack. Yugi tells Weevil that this game is finished.moreless

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  • l

    these episodes are very good. they should air on 4 sight but they want money if it was not dubbed. it also has a better theme song. maybe if enough people right letters to 4 kids it will e aired. anyway the gang is on the island. weevil lures them into a trap for the second time techinically fourth. yugi duels him. the insect army is powerful but yugi can stand up to it can't he. buy the dvd or watch the dubed version to find out. p s the uncut version is a whole lot better then the dubbed.moreless
  • Hmm... I don't remember the rules of Duelist Kingdom in the American version.

    This even starts out with a more mature angle, because there is almost no dumb Western humor. It's serious all the way through, and we actually are told of the way dueling shall be in the Kingdom this time. No direct attacks, 2000 life points, seems easy to win, right? Wrong. Especially when you're dueling Insector Haga. Haga or Weevil, whatever, has some pretty sweet insect cards, but Yami's tricked out deck is keeping him on the ropes.moreless
Jimmy Zoppi

Jimmy Zoppi

Weevil Haga

Guest Star

Darren Dunstan

Darren Dunstan

Maximillion Pegasus

Recurring Role

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