Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

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AIRED ON 6/27/2015

Season 3 : Episode 48

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The near-future story revolves around Yuma Tukumo, a 13 year-old rookie duelist, and Astral, the mysterious life-form from a parallel world who suddenly appears before Yuma.

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  • Another Good Extension!

    I like Zexal, and it gets an unjustified bad wrap.
  • main character lets the show down

    His voice is my main concern, it just angers me so much... his catchphrase is terrible, high-fiving the sky is terrible. That is all, i like astral i like tori, theyre both great characters. But its about yugioh so its okayish
  • the catchphrase...

    I would like to point out, that the new catchphrase honestly sounds like somebody is ejaculating up inside his anus, "I'm feeling the flow", not to mention his voice, in all cartoon shows, nobody enjoys the nasally voice of the background character. what made you think that putting it on the main character was a good idea.
  • Smh To the simpletons

    People that can't accept that their are cards that have effects exist will just hate yu-gi-oh! past gx. GX was horrible hands down the most boring one and least interesting of them all. All GX did was introduce more fusions and normal cards(BORING). But For Everyone Else that can accept the fact yu-gi-oh! is evolving, this one is actually one of the best card AND story wise. It starts off slow like most anime do anyway and ends up going at a really good and intense rate. Leaves you emotionally attached to the main characters while still keeping the rules relevant until the point where- You know... he does the shining draw shenanigans but that's all part of the experience. That's why its anime, to bend the rules! Overall its Up There with 5D's(first part at and DM(shadow games, also known for Yami Yugi).

    And again for the people that are in love with normal cards for the nostalgia of summoning 1 turn then waiting another 2 just to summon a stronger monster maybe with an effect, Sycro's is really good and actually i won't lie are a bit OP but that's the point of sacrificing 2-4 other monsters to get the big beater out.... balances things out and makes sense if u hang over the concept of getting rid of 2 smaller for a bigger. If You plan on watching anime SUBBED is the BEST way to go. Almost every single dubbed sucks and lacks KEY details which the Writers want people to know.moreless
  • Oh well, not a bad idea

    I kinda agree with the fact that this show is the most ruined Yu Gi Oh! ever, however there are some bright sides which cover these faulties, well both stories are tied to each others and give a special flavor to the series, However it is too Colorful in an attempt to make it familiar with kids, which turned most of fans off the series. even though it was an attempt to seduce kids to watch YGO, it is still Way too dark, i mean c'mon How many times Yuma had a Nervous breakdown against Vector upon being deceived? What about Rio? (Mirag), she is the one who got tormented the most by Vector throughout the Second Zexal, how many death casualties has been occured during the second season, (Take a look at Shark's memories) Where did dead people go? to Shadow Realm? Violence and Abuse still exist, (Vector Steps over Shingetsu's head even though he's aware that he is a mere clone of himself), Beating rate, slashing... also it kinda attracts perverts more than Kids if you ask me, The girls' School uniform are way TOO revealing, you can see their butts from their Skirts.

    The show itself starts funny, then it goes Darker and Darker, Dealing with sever issues and problems.

    I actually like the series, and i found them funny.moreless

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