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The near-future story revolves around Yuma Tukumo, a 13 year-old rookie duelist, and Astral, the mysterious life-form from a parallel world who suddenly appears before Yuma.

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  • Oh well, not a bad idea

    I kinda agree with the fact that this show is the most ruined Yu Gi Oh! ever, however there are some bright sides which cover these faulties, well both stories are tied to each others and give a special flavor to the series, However it is too Colorful in an attempt to make it familiar with kids, which turned most of fans off the series. even though it was an attempt to seduce kids to watch YGO, it is still Way too dark, i mean c'mon How many times Yuma had a Nervous breakdown against Vector upon being deceived? What about Rio? (Mirag), she is the one who got tormented the most by Vector throughout the Second Zexal, how many death casualties has been occured during the second season, (Take a look at Shark's memories) Where did dead people go? to Shadow Realm? Violence and Abuse still exist, (Vector Steps over Shingetsu's head even though he's aware that he is a mere clone of himself), Beating rate, slashing... also it kinda attracts perverts more than Kids if you ask me, The girls' School uniform are way TOO revealing, you can see their butts from their Skirts.

    The show itself starts funny, then it goes Darker and Darker, Dealing with sever issues and problems.

    I actually like the series, and i found them funny.moreless
  • TV show is good but the cards are overpowered

    The tv show is ok but the cards used are very overpowered making the duels kind of stupid. not as half as good as the original Yu-Gi-Oh
  • A Review Then A Tribute

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal is very similar to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX in that it has a lot of humor in the story and does get darker as it goes on, but still maintains some humor such as when Ailito developed a crush on Tori.

    Also as the series starts and Yuma meets Astral, Astral gives Yuma some basic training which is great for beginners of the Trading Card Game.

    The animation is great like every Yu-Gi-Oh! series and is full of likable characters. Also like every incarnation of Yu-Gi-Oh!, the main theme of the series is friendship.

    Now for the tribute.

    As many of you have heard, Vortexx was canceled on September 27, 2014. With the end of Vortexx, the era of Saturday Morning Cartoons is over. While we have streaming now as well as DVD releases of episodes, this is still a sad moment because Saturday Mornings were a big part of most of all our childhoods as well as a big part for animation fans like myself.

    The CW is now putting in a block called One Magnificent Morning, which is full of live-action documentaries aimed at teens. As many have commented, this is one of the poorest ideas and I myself will put in an effort to avoid this. In fact I took the CW off my television because of this.

    Farewell, Vortexx and Saturday Morning Cartoons, you will always be a part of all of us.

  • Mostly bad, but it's not pure meh.

    To me the show has more flaws than it has virtues.

    It is clear that this series is trying to not go out too much from the comfort zone, to the degree of filling itself with parallels with other shows. Be it Yuma's triangle-shaped key necklace, being accompanied by a mysterious spirit with no memory of himself, which also happens to contrast the main character's personality. All of these descriptions could be applied to Yugi.

    In terms of Yuma's personality, I don't think he really "grows" too much throughout most of the series. Yes he has a positive attitude and that's it's greatest asset, but it's not done properly. His "never give up" attitude consists on repeating it with brute force until he can do it, akin to the analogy of a person smacking his head against a wall until it hopefully breaks. Where am I going with this? He doesn't pause to think about what he did wrong, and that's a big fault for a strategy game.

    Yuma also has a bad habit of screaming from the top of his lungs whenever someone else "dies". I'm not gonna go the insensible route of saying he can't cry for fallen comrades, but the scene just happens so damn much that it loses it's effect really soon, especially when some of them (like IV for example) have little to no bonds with Yuma in particular to begin with.

    I also don't consider ZeXal Weapons or Shining Draws to be "growth" since they are essentially cheating mechanics. Atem(Yami) from "Yugioh Duel Monsters" would be able to alter what he would draw every turn by the end of the series, but he still stuck with what he initially build for the Duel. Prove enough lays in how he drew a full hand from Yugi's Card of Sanctity near the end due to the Silent Magician combo, but he still had the balls to recognize he had already given his all and had nothing left. Yuma just pulls out the cheapest Deus Ex Machina devices that he admits to create on the spot for that one time, even when the opponent's effects blatantly go as far as to replace the entirety of his remaining deck with a certain card. Seriously Yuma modifying that one draw completely demerits what is otherwise a legit strategy. This tendency causes many duels to lose excitement due to how no matter how much of a bullshit opposition he has, he'll just create the perfect out for it if needed.

    Let's talk about the cast now. We have a huge amount of characters, but most of them are useless. The people in charge of the show don't seem to know what to do with the first main cast they spent the first 9 episodes assembling. Oh I know! Cheerleaders! Ugh.. They are also not very lively on their own. Those characters' decks never were fledged out enough to really feel personalized, and their interaction is just a few seconds of cliche moments like sudden catfights in the background between Kathy and Kotori. This is a shame because they could have made them very fun, and I think they were during their respective debut episodes.

    Other than that useless bunch, Tron's sons, the Barian Lords, and a few others running around are actually pretty solid characters. The execution given to their spotlight is not as good as it could be, but the characters aren't bad there. Except for Don Thousand, he's one of the most plain villains you could ask for.

    Another problem I have with it is probably more so with the game than with the show itself, but truth be told, I lost the sense of pressure from high ATK stats. Multiple times in the show you'll see monsters with power around 28,000 (yes that many zeros), 100,000...200,000... or eat the very least 4000+ with ease. The pilot episodes show one of Yuma's favorite combos, making a 5000 ATK Utopia out of it. The starting Life is 4000 for god's sake! After a certain mark it doesn't matter how much higher you go.

    Now where I'm going with this?, I'm all for the game evolving, but story-wise, that 5000 ATK Utopia just doesn't feel as big despite the insane digits popping out. I still feel as if an Obelisk was near unreachable in the first series at 4000. They lack skill to make numbers actually feel like they matter. Guess their lucky draws turning it around so badly are partly to blame.

    The good was overall decent and sometimes entertaining, but the bad was downright unwatchable. At the start of ZeXal II, we had a bunch of "brainwashed enemy of the week" episodes that seemed as if they could go on infinitely.

    For my humble opinion, it's probably the worst generation so far. Which is not to say that it doesn't have redeeming qualities, but the other series had more going for them.

    Near the end, the writers seemed to catch up to some of the people's views and at least had the girl actually belong to a kanon shipping. Next time, among many other things, I expect a female lead that's not just a cheerleader.

    Yes I graded it below GX. GX's story sucked but the characters were more defined and so more fun to watch, which made up for it to a degree. Plus, GX was full of fan-service casual decks at the time that the original show didn't use. 5Ds I have a ton of complains about it's second half, but that has no place in this review. DM was more simple than 5Ds or GX, but it had to work from scratch and that gives it a lot of merit compared to the others that just suck on it's parallels.moreless
  • What makes Zexal better than Duel Monsters? Here's what:

    To me now, if you say you don't like Yugioh ZeXal, then I can't be that understanding person with you anymore because this show is cussin amazing. It is near the climax of season II and man a lot has happened. New characters, cards, storylines... deaths, tragic pasts, assholes getting their way when you really just wish they didn't; this is better than even 5ds when it comes to the story line and character development. Man this has been an emotional ride in this last season.

    This series is in SEASON II PEOPLE!!! Don't you get what that means? This show in the first half ended up so good that it was able to get a season II where it would have been able to end at last season. It had a bad first outing and I will admit that, but here's the thing... it, got, better.

    Openings that grow on you, endings that are fun and good listening, animation that fits into the modern times of anime, better cards (as usual), the storyline and character build up just propelled when Kaito came in and showed his stuff in a way Kaiba NEVER did. He actually beats his rival! The storyline looked like it was a redo of the DM series, but it became so much more than that. So much more.

    This show wouldn't be a season II with the ending it had in the season before if this show wasn't good; also those who "wish it was like DM again" remember this that I'm about to say.

    Duel Monsters had what is now bleh animation compared to what it is now, the va was the best thing about it, the best arc was a FILLER ARC (Orichalcos arc) because lets be real here, that Battle City arc lasted way too long for it's own good, Atem was the main character and Yugi was the one who had to be let go, the way they played the game was absolutely horrid and practically everyone cheated, Atem being the most prominent and top decking as shit, they started the wtf hair thing. It was apart of my childhood and I will always care for it, but Iook beyond nostalgia and see this series as not that good compared to this one.moreless

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