Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

Saturday 11:30 AM on The CW Premiered Oct 15, 2011 In Season





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  • Though not without flaws, Yugioh Zexal still surpasses Yugioh GX and Yugioh 5Ds.

    Yugioh Zexal, like mentioned above, surpasses Yugioh GX and Yugioh 5Ds, even though it's not as good as the original show. Centering around a 13 year old duelist named Yuma and his friends Brock and Tori, it chronicles his search for cards called "Numbers," while fighting off a bully named Shark. The premise is original enough, as well as the addition of a new concept of cards called XYZ monsters. The characters are somewhat annoying though, Brock being snobbish, Tori not giving enough to the show, and Shark being a stereotypical and generic bully. Yuma, the main character, is easily the best character, and will probably be your favorite character. The best thing about him though, is that he loses duels a lot more often than Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei making him seem actually human and not just some dueling genius. You can actually relate to him. The duels are well choreographed, and the artwork looks very nice.

    Ultimately, Yugioh Zexal is a great show with an original premise, well choreographed duels, and good artwork. The characters, though most of them are somewhat jerkish, won't get in your way of enjoying the show (hopefully), which is a fine show indeed.