Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

Saturday 11:30 AM on The CW Premiered Oct 15, 2011 In Season



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  • Starts off just okay but gets good at episode 10.

    When this series started out, I just thought it was okay and nothing more. It committed the annoying crime of having side characters who can clearly duel useless when confronted by villains and was just a scenario of the week sort of thing. However, by episode 10, it got much better and more engaging. The story lines got better, it started to have more emotional impact, the duels got better... I still don't care for exceed summoning, but this is a good YGO series. However, I gotta disagree with people when they say it's better than 5D's. 5D's, as far as story goes, was a lot like a mix of Duelist and season 0 in which it was not only serious but a lot of the conversations outside of duels were about a lot more than just strengthening one's deck. Still, at least Zexal doesn't have card games in space like everyone feared it would. I also like the fact that Yuma's actually a noob instead of an expert like every other main character. That's kind of a breath of fresh air from Jaden, who came across to me as an insufferable Gary Stu. All in all, give this one a shot. You may like it.
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