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Season 5 Episode 8

A Brawl in a Small Town (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 17, 2005 on The WB
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Episode Summary

The final four duelists have been chosen: Zigfried Lloyd, Leon Wilson, Rebecca Hawkins, and Balfry Ginger. As Yugi and the others prepare to cheer Rebecca on in her next duel against Leon, Professor Hawkins appears and informs the group that Yugi's grandpa has disappeared! Arthur heads off to cheer Rebecca on while Yugi and the rest while Yugi and the others go searching for Solomon. They eventually find a map that they think will lead them to him, but Duke suspects a trap. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Leon begin their duel. Rebecca tries to start the same strategy she used against Vivian, but Leon turns out to be too good an opponent to be trapped by that as he foils her attempts to get her strategy started. Then he begins playing many fairy tale monsters against Rebecca. Rebecca is surprised that Leon would have a deck like this, and even more surprised that she is being defeated by it. Meanwhile, Zigfried wins his duel against Balfry Ginger, meaning he gets to be in the finals. Finally, Yugi and the others arrive at the Chinese restaurant where they think Yugi's grandpa is being held.moreless

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  • Leon vs. Rebeca

    Leon finally is revealed his deck cards. Which are fairy tales? I really liked Leons deck. Finally we get to see his cards. I never expected Leon to have a Fairy Tale deck.

    In this episode it proves Fairy Tales are stronger then you think with Leons strategys! He whipping Rebecca!
  • Leon VS Rebbeca

    Rebbeca face Leon on her next round while Zefried win his duel with a weird boy Leon using a fairy tale deck while Rebbeca using a life point deck Leon and Rebbeca duel gets more intesrtesting. While Yugi and his freinds try to find his Grandpa who was missing i8n the hopstil.
Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson


Recurring Role

Kerry Williams

Kerry Williams

Rebecca Hawkins

Recurring Role

Pete Zarustica

Pete Zarustica

Zigfried von Schroeder

Recurring Role

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