Season 5 Episode 9

A Brawl in a Small Town (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 24, 2005 on The WB
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As Yugi and his friends enter the restaurant, they find Vivian and Yugi's grandpa. Solomon explains how Vivian helped cure his back pain, but then Vivian undoes what she did earlier, bringing his back pain back. She challenges Yugi to a duel for his grandpa and Yugi accepts. Yugi duels Vivian and wins without much of a struggle. Back at the main duel, Leon and Rebecca continue. Rebecca does manage to get the upper hand on Leon by summoning her Diamond Head Dragon. As Yugi and the others finally arrive at her duel, Leon summons his Thorn Princess card to control Rebecca's dragon and attack her life points directly with it, bringing them down to 0. Though Rebecca loses, she congratulates Leon and wishes him luck in the finals.moreless

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  • Rebecca vs. Leon; Yugi vs. Vivian

    Yugi faces Vivian to help make Vivian fix Yugi\\\'s Grandpa and Yugi used Dark Pladen and beat Vivian while Rebecca faces Leon and the winner is Leon and rebbeca crys that she lost and now Leon now moves to the next round and the duels are good that is all.
Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson


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Kerry Williams

Kerry Williams

Rebecca Hawkins

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Marc Diraison


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Featured Duels:
      Rebecca vs. Leon
      Yugi vs. Vivian

    • Vivian's Dragon Lady gets 1200 more Attack Points after Vivian discards the 4 dragons from her hand that power up Dark Paladin later; that's 300 points per dragon. Yugi had 1800 Life Points, and since Vivian's monster (powered up by Lightning Sabre to 2800 ATK) had 1400 ATK to make a second attack that turn, Vivian only needed to discard 2 dragons to make her Dragon Lady strong enough to wipe out Yugi in one turn. Either she or the writers are really bad at math.

    • Rebecca doesn't reshuffle her deck after selecting Ruby Dragon due to WOTBF's ability.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Téa: (while the boys are pigging out during Yugi's duel with Vivian) Yugi needs us out there!
      Joey: He doesn't need us yelling in his ear to win.

    • After Solomon Muto explain how Vivian helps him with his back
      Solomon: If it weren't for Vivian, I wouldn't be standing here. So I owe her a favour. That's why I let you kids here....
      Tristan:...And turn back on his grandson.
      Solomon: Hey! I Heard That?!

    • Vivian: (challenging Yugi to a duel) If you win, your Grandpa walks. If I win, you and I are going on a date.
      Téa: That's it! I've had just about enough out of you, Toots! Now get it through your head!! Yugi doesn't like you and he never will!!
      Joey: All right... just breathe.

    • Tristan: Look on the bright side. Even if Yugi loses, at least he gets a date.
      Téa: Yugi won't lose. So drop the date thing!

    • Rebecca: Now it's time to turn your carriage into pumpkin pie! (Witch of the Black Forest destroys Leon's Pumpkin Carriage) I guess Cinderella's not going to the ball after all. Poor little princess.

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