Season 1 Episode 18

Arena of Lost Souls (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 23, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Yugi And Joey begin a Tag-Team duel with the Paradox brothers to escape the underground cave. They manage to destroy the Brother's first monster, Shadow Ghoul. But the duel is only just begun...

Joey summons Flame Swordsman and moves him forward four spaces into the maze, along with Axe Raider and Celtic Guardian. Yugi also has his Dark Magician move in with the group. Para plays the card Magical Labyrinth, dividing the group of Yugi and Joey's monsters. Joey has Axe Raider move forward, but it activates Dox's monster, Jirai Gumo. The Axe Raider is destroyed. Worse, the Labyrinth Tank monster is now in range of Flame Swordsman and can attack it next turn! Yugi stops them by playing Mystic Boxes, destroying Jirai Gumo and moving his Dark Magician. The Magician then destroys the tank.

Para then draws Sanga, one of the 3 Trinity Gods. With all of the Gods, the brothers can form the almighty Gate Guardian. Meanwhile, Dox plays Dungeon worm, and uses it to destroy Celtic Guardian. Yugi then plays Magical Hats, hiding the Flame Swordsman and the Dark Magician. Dox also draws the 2nd God, Suigin. They now are lacking only one component. Para plays Monster Tamer, and uses it to power up and control the Dungeon Worm. He attacks a Hat, but it is empty. Joey then has the Flame Swordsman leave the Magical Hats, and equips it with the Salamandra Magic card, destroying the Dungeon worm. Para then draws Kazajin, the final component. The Paradox Brothers then summon the almighty Gate Guardian! This monster is a superpowered combo of the 3 elemental gods: Sanga of Thunder, Suigin of Water, and Kazijin of Wind. The Brothers order their Guardian to attack the Flame Swordsman and eliminate him from the field....